How to Keep Your Beard Looking and Feeling Healthy

While we often think of women’s fashion, makeup, and hairstyles as constantly changing, it’s not just the women who follow fashion trends. Men’s styles and looks are also constantly evolving and there seems to be some new trend each and every season. When it comes to men’s trends at the moment, it looks like beards are enjoying a real revival in fashion.


Today, you can’t flip a page in a fashion magazine without catching a glimpse of one of the many cool beard styles that men are rocking. These styles are also showing up on the runways, and even in film and television.

So, if you’re feeling like you want to rock a stylish beard yourself, or perhaps you’ve already been working on growing one, there are a few tips that you can use that will help ensure your beard stays looking and feeling healthy. Let’s take a closer look.

Try to Ignore the Itchiness

For those who are just starting to grow their beard out, it can be a very slow and often uncomfortable experience. The first couple of weeks tend to be rather itchy, to say the least. This is when most men give up on growing a beard, and just shave it off. You want to do your best to fight through this stage, as the itch will disappear as it gets longer.

The reason your skin is so itchy is that it’s getting used to the hair touching it. It’s natural and it will pass. To help control the itch, be sure wash your beard every other day with a shampoo that is made for beards.

You will also want to use a beard conditioner in it, and even a high-quality beard balm or beard oil. Each of these steps will help to cut down on the itch factor.

As a side note, these are steps you’ll want to keep up even once the itchiness has subsided. Taking good care of your beard is really the cornerstone of helping it grow to its full potential without the annoyances of itchiness or acne.

Make Sure There is Enough Length Before Trimming

As you grow in your beard, it’s only natural to feel anxious to trim it and start to groom it into the style you want. The problem is that many men end up doing this too early, and then it will take months to grow out the mistakes.

Most experts agree that you should wait until your beard reaches about one inch in length before you start giving it a shape and style. Until then, you may want to admire other long, full beards for inspiration to keep you from shaving it off.

Groom it Regularly

It doesn’t matter if you are still trying to reach your desired beard length or you are already there, regular grooming is key to keeping your beard looking great. This means brushing it daily to smooth out its texture, and trimming it on a regular basis.

Once you’ve achieved the facial hair you want, guys may want to consider looking into a cool hairstyle to pair with their beard.

A Stylish Statement

Each of these tips will help you achieve that full and stylish beard that you’ve been dreaming of. The tips will also help ensure that your beard stays looking and feeling healthy for as long as you decide to keep it.

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