2017 Best Latex Pillows (Only Need To Consider These Top 5)

The purpose of pillows is pretty simple: to keep your neck and head aligned as you sleep. Just like a mattress, the pillow you use is a personal choice. Some might purchase a pillow based on the price, while others might invest a little more money for a pillow that provides both comfort and support. The pillow you use is a personal choice, but the pillow you choose ultimately impacts your overall comfort and health.

When faced with neck pain, most people are quick to blame their mattress. However, the pain you are feeling most likely has nothing to do with your mattress and everything to do with your choice of pillow. Everyone has heard the benefits of a memory foam pillow, but many do not realize that a natural latex foam pillow can also help you reduce uncomfortable neck pain. 

Much like memory foam, there are dozens of latex foam options for individuals to choose from. While there are lots of choices, we have created latex pillow reviews of the top 5 options around so that you can easily narrow your search and find the best latex pillow for you!





All Natural Latex Pillow with the Organic Cotton Outer Covering
Relaxed Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow
  • ​100% natural latex
  • ​Renewable eco-friendly 
  • ​Hypo allergenic and anti-microbial
  • ​Dust mite and mill dew resistant
Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow
Simmons Beautyrest Authentic Talalay Latex Foam Firm Support Pillow
The Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow
  • ​100% cotton removable cover
  • ​Anti-microbial
  • ​Soft 300-thread count
Z by Malouf 100 Percent Natural Talalays Latex Zoned Pillow
Sleep Innovation Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • ​100% pure natural Talalay Latex
  • ​​Naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant
  • ​​Made from a rayon from bamboo blend
Talatech Latex Pillow
Boomerang shaped Gel Memory Foam Pillow
  • ​Latex 
  • ​​100-percent cotton with zipper closure
  • ​​Sterile hygienic material does not require washing
Charter Club 200tc Latex Pillow
Charter Club Latex Foam Pillow
Sleep Right Side Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow
  • ​100% Latex foam
  • ​​200 Thread Count
  • ​​Cover machine washable
best latex pillow

This all-natural latex pillow is normally made from the sap that’s obtained from tropical rubber trees. The sapling provides these pillows with endurance, support and comfort.

As the title suggests, the outer covering of this pillow has been made from 100% pure organic cotton. 

This pillow not only provides you with comfort, but it is also extremely durable. The organic cotton cover is easily washed and anti-microbial which helps prevent bacteria from growing inside the latex foam.

This natural latex pillow is free of any synthetic additives that are used by companies to reduce manufacturing cost and comprise the quality of the pillow to make you buy pillows more often. 

The latex foam provides a comfortable cradling of the neck, while simultaneously supporting much needed back support. Its improved air circulation also enables the latex pillow to remain sweat free and provide the user with a relaxing, cool night sleep.

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

The Simmons Latex Foam Pillow is a great standard sized pillow that provides extra neck support to help increase comfort and promote a good night sleep.

The pillow has a white cover that has been created using 100% cotton, while also containing talalay latex foam that increases the overall support of the pillow.

Due to its unique material makeup, you can wash this pillow in the washing machine, providing the user with both convenience and comfort. 

Latex foam pillows are perfect for people who suffer from certain allergies since they are completely natural. The Simmons Latex Foam Pillow has been proven to be resistant to mold, fungus, bacteria, and the dreaded dust mite.

The pin-hole design of this pillow improves air circulation and helps regulate the temperature by bringing it down to a comfortable level. This latex foam pillow is also known to cradle the head and neck, increasing relaxation.

Z Natural Talalay Latex

The Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow is created through a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly. The pillow makes use of latex that is derived from sustainable rubber trees. 

This natural latex pillow is made through extracting the milky sap from rubber trees, pouring this sap into a mold before chilling it and finally heating it so as to achieve the consistency of the foam. It is available in a wide range of sizes as well as densities.

The unique zoned technology that is incorporated in this natural latex pillow allows for comfort, as well as support via the pin-core design. This design cradles the head, while providing the neck and shoulders with firm support.

This type of support ultimately helps reduce neck and shoulder pain that can be detrimental to your overall health. It further keeps on adjusting according to the body movements so as to ensure maximum comfort while still being resilient enough not to require consistent fluffing.

Latex Foam Firm Density

Talatech latex pillow has the most consistent and uniform feel, while providing a perfect balance of comfort and support. Talatech has a long track record in the pillow production industry and it is widely known to be one of the most durable pillows.

For a long time, Talatech has managed to help thousands of consumers achieve a restorative and deep sleep. These latex pillows are made with the Talatech foam that has been encased in the 100 percent cotton zipper cover.

The pillow has medium firmness, providing you with support and comfort that a flat or hard pillow may not. This latex pillow is available in queen, king, and standard sizes.

Charter Club 200tc Latex Pillow

Providing just the perfect amount of support for the side sleepers, the Charter Club’s Latex pillow offers a new solution for comfortable sleeping. This latex foam pillow features a removable 200-thread cotton cover for an extra layer of softness, thus making it one of the best latex pillows.

With the latex outer shell and the inner latex foam structure, the pillow provides just the right amount of support for your neck and head.

The pillow will always give you the support that you need regardless of the sleeping position that you choose. So if you are a stomach sleeper, this latex foam pillow is right for you!

The materials of the pillow also prohibit the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew, making this pillow both anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping is imperative to our lives, and when we do not get enough comfortable rest our overall health is affected. Human beings can afford to live without many things, but sleep is not one of them. Without enough rest, our bodies cannot function properly and our entire life is impacted.

Furthermore, sleep helps us to recuperate and it also gives us a physical and mental boost so as to face our day-to-day challenges. And to get a good night's sleep, a good pillow is mandatory. The latex pillow reviews above provide you with information on natural latex foam pillows that provide support and comfort.

Once you've tried these pillows and reap the benefits of latex foam, you're sure to fall in love with your pillow and will probably look into getting a latex mattress, too!

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