The Life Changing Magic of Planning Your Meals in Advance

We need to eat to survive. This fact hasn’t changed over the course of history, but our eating habits have. We tend to stress eat, and this causes us to make poor decisions when it comes to food.

By purchasing a 2018 diary that cleverly includes a weekly meal planner, you’re ready to take a step into the world of planned nutrition. This means planning your meals. Once you get a handle of your meals, you’ll be able to get a handle on much more in your life. Here are some reasons that meal planning will change your life for the better.

Save Money

One of the best things that comes from meal planning is the money saving aspect of it all. Who doesn’t like saving a dollar here and there? We, of course, don’t mean shaving costs by eating fast food. Having a real food diet doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, a meal from a fast food place for your family can cost more than a trip to the grocery store – if you know what to buy. Buying frozen, buying in bulk, and buying on sale will ensure that you are eating right while keeping a tight budget.

Eat Healthier

Of course eating healthier is a huge reason to plan your meals in advance. When you stick to planning your meals week to week, you are able to choose the foods you need in order to put healthy options on the table each night. Your shopping list is made well before heading to the market. Making the choice to eat healthy means planning ahead, and a meal plan set in stone the week before will make your new lifestyle much easier to maintain.

Portion Control

If you are weaning yourself off of eating at restaurants, this change will be quite eye-opening. Usually, a restaurant will give you way more food than you actually need. More often than not, the restaurant will serve you enough that you will attempt to force-feed yourself until the plate’s clean. This teaches your stomach and brain to assume that you need to eat until you’re stuffed. This is the wrong message.

With a proper meal plan, you’ll be able to portion the food into containers. This way, you’ll get the exact amount of nutrition you need per meal. These actions create good behaviours.

meal prep

Less Stress

If you’re getting home after a long day, after some gym time, or are on a time crunch, your first move will be towards food. For lots of Australians, they tend to think “well what is there to eat?” and “I need food now.” Unfortunately, if you don’t have food on hand, you’ll be tempted to scramble to find nourishment by any means necessary.

With a proper meal plan set into place, you can get rid of any stress when it comes to food. You can come home after your gym session, dig out a meal, and eat away – knowing full well that you’ll get all the sustenance you need without crashing and searching for the nearest takeaway menu.

Save Time

This is a great reason to build meal prepping into your life You’re building a new you, and we think that one of the things on your checklist should be to make more time for yourself. Meal prepping can do just that. You don’t save time by just having food in your fridge. You save time by not having to get into cooking/cleaning mode to make a meal. That process can take a lot of time. Meal prep takes the waiting and watching out of eating.

Eat Smarter

It’s been said that willpower is like a muscle. This is because the more you use it, the more tired it becomes. This is especially true after a gruelling day at the office, when you come home and realise that “oh no, now I have to cook?” Where’s the pizza menu, right?

Instead of having that dire thought, and giving up on the diet for an evening because of a lack of will, prep your meals ahead of time. By doing this, you don’t have to make a choice or worry about what you’ll have to make or order. You’re sparing your mental strength for other activities by prepping your meals beforehand.

Prep Your Meals and Live Free

By taking the reins and building the meals you want to eat well in advance (taking a day to make everything) you can avoid a lot of wellness pitfalls. Recording your meals and making a meal plan will set you on a path of success by organising a part of your life that was previously out of control. Meal prepping gives you the freedom you deserve, so embrace it!

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