Do You Know Magnesium For Anxiety Helps To Reduce It?

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, and it is healthy to have anxiety in some situations. In some individuals, anxiety can become excessive and difficult to control. Anxiety can have some severe negative impact on the daily life of people suffering from it. Almost 18% of the population in the United States suffers from anxiety disorder. And this number is increasing every year (1).

There are many prescription medications available to treat anxiety. Most of them have many serious side effects including a habit-forming risk. Natural treatments have no side effects, and they don't cause dependence either. Some nutrients may also help to reduce anxiety in many people. Of these, magnesium used for anxiety, is the most promising.

The Science Behind Magnesium for Anxiety

According to many scientific studies, magnesium plays a crucial role during anxiety (2), (3). The stores of magnesium in the body are rapidly depleted during anxiety. This finding combined with the severe deficiency of magnesium in almost 75% of the population paints a bleak picture.

So, the question is whether magnesium used for anxiety works? Well, there is enough evidence to believe so. For example, a French study found a positive correlation between magnesium and mental health. The study found that magnesium improved the condition of patients suffering from anxiety (4).

Providing magnesium supplements to individuals suffering from anxiety can help overcome the deficiency. As a result, handling stress can become easier. Also, any symptoms due to magnesium deficiency can be overcome quickly.

What is the Best Magnesium for Anxiety?

So, there is substantial scientific evidence that proves that magnesium is helpful in anxiety. Now, the question is what is the best magnesium used for anxiety?

But before we review the best magnesium supplements, let's talk a bit about their types. Choosing the correct supplement for the best results is crucial.

Magnesium supplements can be difficult to absorb. Especially if they contain magnesium in certain chemical forms.

For example, magnesium citrate for anxiety works great as the body can absorb more magnesium in this form. Some supplements contain magnesium in the form of oxide and stearate. Both these forms are not well absorbed in the body. As a result, such supplements are not quite useful. Another great thing about magnesium is that it has a mild laxative effect at well. If you are suffering from constipation, magnesium can be a great solution. (Read more about magnesium for constipation here).

Here are some of the best magnesium supplements that you can buy for anxiety:

1.  InnoviLabs Advanced Magnesium Tablets


Magnesium is present in these pills in the form of a malate and bi-glycinate compound. The body can absorb magnesium from these tablet forms better. Furthermore, these  magnesium tablets are gentle on your bowels as well. Most customers have only great things to say about this product. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a gentle and yet effective supplement.

2.. IntraNaurals Magnesium Glycinate vegan capsules

agnesium Glycinate 300mg in Vegan Capsules, Better Absorbing than Tablets

The IntraNaturals capsules contain 150 mg of magnesium in the form of a glycinate salt. The vegan capsules don’t use any gelatin or animal products either. The capsules provide you the maximum magnesium with minimal laxative effect. Most customers have found these capsules to be better than the traditional tablets. If magnesium tablets don’t agree with your stomach, give these capsules a try.

3.  Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Drink MixVitality

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Organic, Raspberry Lemon

This is a great alternative product if swallowing tablets or capsules is a problem for you. The Natural Vitality is a magnesium supplement drink mix. It provides the required dosage (400 mg) of magnesium citrate in just one glass. And, it is easy to make as well. All you need to do is add the mix to a glass of water. The product is 100% vegan and does not cause any gastric trouble.

4.  Preferred Supplements Vegetarian
Magnesium Capsules

Preferred Supplements 300mg Magnesium Glycinate

In this supplement, magnesium is present in the form of glycinate chelate. Each dose provides you with 300 mg, highly absorbable magnesium. The capsules are 100% vegetarian and don’t contain any animal products. These capsules are mild on the stomach as well. Most customers seem to be quite content with the performance of these capsules.

5.  Periodic Essentials Magnesium Bisglycinate Supplement

Magnesium Bisglycinate Supplement

The Periodic Essentials magnesium supplement contains a Bi-glycinate salt form of magnesium. This is also an excellent form for absorption. The supplement is gentle on your stomach. They provide the highest quality magnesium that is absorbed to the maximum extent. Although the pills cost a bit more, the extra few bucks are well worth the splurge.

Final Thoughts

Magnesium is a vital nutrient, and a deficiency of magnesium can wreak havoc on the body. If you suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression, magnesium supplements can help you. Give these supplements a try and experience a difference yourself.

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