What Migraines Feel Like and How to Get Instant Relief

If you’ve never had a migraine before, consider yourself lucky. If you have had a migraine before, then you know better than anyone how painful and frustrating they can be. The pain they bring far surpasses the discomfort of a regular headache; migraines have been described by those who suffer from them to be worse than childbirth!

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Migraines can affect anyone at any time. The BBC says that migraines affect one in seven people around the world, and migraines are three times more common in women than men. If you’re not sure what a migraine feels like, or you think you might be experiencing one, it’s important to read up on the symptoms you may experience and remedies you can try to help relieve the pain, so you can get back to your normal life.

Signs and Symptoms of a Migraine

Part of what makes migraines so much worse than regular headaches is the additional discomfort that people experience alongside the head pain. Many people can sense when they’re about to get a migraine before they actually do. According to Wikipedia, this is called an aura, and between 15 and 30 percent of patients experiencing migraines get them. Auras are felt differently by everyone who gets them, but more common reports of auras include feeling confused, seeing strange lights, smelling unpleasant odors or even hallucinating. This may sound frightening, but for many people, it’s just a reality.

Not everyone experiences auras; some people are hit with the symptoms of their migraine right away. Traditionally, most migraines are accompanied by solid, throbbing head pain that ranges from moderate to extremely severe.  Sometimes, this pain will travel bilaterally and affect the neck as well.

In addition to the pain, migraines also frequently bring nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, odor sensitivity, poor mood, light headedness or confusion. Less commonly, migraines can bring blurred vision, congestion, diarrhea, sweating and increased urination.

Rarely, some people experience an aura of a migraine without any subsequent symptoms. How lucky they are to miss out on some of those symptoms!

The Aftermath of a Migraine

Even once your migraine passes, you may still experience discomfort. Many people report feeling weak or fatigued, like they just ran a marathon or had a hard day at work, even if all they were doing was lying in bed with the lights off. For a few unfortunate people, some report continuing head pain or soreness. However, if you’re lucky, you may even experience a refreshed feeling. Each person experiences migraines differently.

Migraine Treatment

You can deal with migraines on your own. A lot of people deal with them by hiding in their room, turning the lights off, wearing a sleep mask, popping over the counter pills or trying to fall asleep. While these treatments can work, there is a much better way. By working with a pharmacy who understands the pain you are going through, you can be opened up to many more options for treatment. The Independent Pharmacy is a pharmacy that can help you find the migraine treatment that is right for you. Check out their selection of options and contact them today for more help.

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