Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious health issue. If not treated properly and timely, it can lead to a range of life-threatening health problems including stroke and heart disease. Many people however are either not aware about this disease beyond a basic limit or their knowledge is at best primitive and full of bias. In fact, misconceptions and myths abound about hypertension creating a lot of problems for health-weary people. Some have got their information about high blood pressure all botched up and they need to be corrected.

High Blood Pressure

Here are some of common misconceptions that people have about hypertension –

1st Misconception – hypertension is not a disease to worry about

It’s a huge mistake to assume that hypertension is not a disease to fret over or worry about. It can kill you, yes, if not treated in a timely manner! The worst part, it can lead to damage heart, kidneys or other organs in the body and may also cause stroke and heart disease. Given so many serious complications to be caused by hypertension, it’d foolish if anyone cared to ignore it. You have to take hypertension seriously as it can be life-threatening with virtually no symptoms to know about.

2nd Misconception – Hypertension is un-preventable 

It’s a myth that high blood pressure is un-preventable. Despite many risk factors, people can take right steps to prevent this disease and lead a healthy life. First of all, you should have an automatic blood pressure monitor handy at home to check the levels of blood pressure. You also need to keep your weight at a healthy level and follow a healthy diet plan. Further, you have to cut back on smoking, drinking and salt intake together with doing physical activity or exercise on a regular basis. All this will help you keep the risks from hypertension minimized.

3rd Misconception – No treatment plan can suit people 

Doctors will recommend a specific treatment plan based on the severity and intensity of the problem. This plan suits people as it exists for that reason itself. Even for doctors, it will take some time to know what plan suits you the best after analyzing your blood pressure readings and understanding family history and so on. Finally, a right treatment plan will be devise that works best for a patient and helps him/her control hypertension gradually. The plan often centers on fats type for diet, cutting on alcohol, smoking, losing weight and right medications.

4th Misconception – Treatment plans are not effective 

Many people think that the treatment plans for hypertension don’t work effectively. They are wrong as these plans are devised keeping in mind the health conditions and body needs of patients and they will always help to minimize the risks to the disease. It won’t work only in cases when patients don’t follow them as told. Obviously, these plans will fail if somebody can’t control the urge to smoking, drinking and eating too much salt. Else, it’s wrong to think that treatment plans for hypertension won’t help.

5th Misconception – No need to check blood pressure till you reach age 40

Many people live with the misconception that checking blood pressure is not required till they reach age 40. Obviously, this is a wrong line of thinking as doctors recommend checking the blood pressure from as early as at age 18. Some even suggest doing it sooner, and it suggests that the illusion of starting late is worth not living with. You should understand that age, changes in body and hormonal things have a big role in play in determining the blood pressure in the body.

6th Misconception – I don’t have symptoms, so no worry at all

Many people think that not having any symptoms means they are away from the risks of high blood pressure. They are wrong as hypertension generally does not have symptoms. In most cases, nothing seems odd till very advance stage of the disease. So, rather than being deluded, it would be better you if take the simple test and check the readings. After all, it’s always better safe than sorry!

7th Misconception – Blood pressure readings are fine, so skip the medication   

The last readings were fine and you now have decided to skip the medication. You find it extremely OK to not even consult the doctor and skip the treatment at all. Never do that, and always carry in taking the medicines prescribed even if you feel better. Not adhering to the doctor’s advice can be fatal so come out of the delusion and remain healthy.

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