Nutrition Strategies for Healthy Teeth

Everything you eat will affect your oral and dental health because whatever you consume may also react with the tooth enamel. This is why beyond keeping good brushing and flossing habits, as well as visiting your dentist at MyDental Group Brunswick regularly, you should also keep a nutritious diet.

For example, taking in too much sugar will produce much more plaque than a diet with less sugar. This is why drinking sugar-rich sodas or juices and eating sugary snacks daily will spell trouble for your teeth. A good technique would be to swap these sugar-rich snacks for sugarless ones and drink lots of water to maintain a healthy mouth.

Importance of Nutritious Diet

Not many are aware that lacking key nutrients in the body is dangerous on teeth; in fact, this will be even visible on the status of your oral health. When your body is low on certain nutrients or minerals, cells in the oral tissues will regenerate more slowly or even die.

Periodontal disease, in reality, is connected with low levels of vitamins and minerals in the blood. Protein, for example, is needed to develop mucosal cells and connective tissues. Calcium is also another vital mineral that helps teeth regenerate naturally and quickly. Omega 3 fatty acids are also a huge plus, as they help with inflammatory response.

Oral Health

Foods to Eat For Good Oral Health

Beyond protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, there are other types of food that you should definitely incorporate into your diet in order to maintain healthy teeth.


Probiotics are key to having very strong teeth, as they have ingredients that promote the development of good bacteria. Good sources include yogurt, fermented dairy, and health drinks. Adding this to your diet will bring down the risk of contracting periodontal disease.


Cranberries help with achieving good oral health because they contain a compound called anthocyanins. This may also be found in red cabbage, eggplants, blueberries, raspberries, and black rice. Anthocyanins are helpful in repelling harmful germs in the mouth’s tissues, making it tough for them to multiply. Studies have even shown that to wash or rinse the mouth with products infused with cranberry already bring significant improvements in dental health.

3.Green Tea

If you are looking for the best tea to drink, then you should definitely opt for green tea. The polyphenols in green tea are very beneficial to teeth. Not only do they lessen the bacteria in your mouth, they also abolish the toxic substances they emit. To strengthen enamel, you can also opt for green tea full of fluoride.

4.Pine Bark Chewing Gum

This product is not one that you would have lying around at home but searching and buying it is more than worth every cent. This is an old-fashioned product that has pycnogenol. This ingredient is great for plaque reduction and helps prevent gums from bleeding.

5.Soy Products

This is another great reason to go vegetarian, or at least swap some meat for this healthy alternative. You will not only lessen fat and increase nutrients in your diet, but you will also be able to avoid periodontal disease more. Even if you do not decide to give up meat completely, you can already reap the benefits by simply reducing your meat intake.

6.Garlic and Ginger

By adding these two ingredients in your dishes, not only are you filling your food with wonderful taste and flavor, but you are also making great strides in decreasing the growth of periodontal pathogens. Moreover, you can enjoy a boost of your immune system.

7.Whole Foods

White and refined foods are not just lacking nutritional value, but they also contain more added sugar. You can improve your general and oral health by swapping them with brown, whole grain, or whole wheat versions. There is no need to worry about losing taste. Lastly, whole foods are able to protect your mouth and gums by producing more saliva; in turn, your teeth become more protected.


This mineral is the most popular one when it comes to strong teeth. Basically, it keeps your teeth strong and durable by preventing decalcification of teeth. Decalcification leads to weak teeth that may not even be able to withstand the pressure from chewing or eating. It also helps in absorbing calcium and hastens the demineralization of weakened tooth enamel.


Of course, apart from adding these nutrient-filled items to your diet, you should also reduce habits that are dangerous to teeth. Smoking is one of them, and by quitting your teeth will stay stronger and last longer.

In fact, having a nutritious diet is one of the secret keys to healthy and strong teeth. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth is one of the best ways to ensure good oral health and in turn, perfect overall health.

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