Oral Sedation Dentistry: Which one is right for you?

Many people are scared of visiting the dentist. This results in them putting off appointments and potentially damaging their teeth when they could have been easily repaired.

oral sedation dentistry

The worst part of this is that many of the procedures that dentists use are painless. A visit can be completed in minutes; you simply need to choose a reputable dentist such as rickarddental.com.au.

Understanding Oral Sedation

There is a way to help people deal with these fears; this is referred to as oral sedation.

While you may have assumed that sedation is only available when an invasive procedure is being performed, this is not always the case.

In fact there are several levels of oral sedation which can help any patient to deal with any dental based issue:

  • Minimal

This is a very mild sedative that allows you to relax. You will still be fully aware of what is happening and able to move in a normal manner.

However, you will feel much more relaxed. This should ensure you are comfortable with the dental procedure.

In many cases this only needs to be used for 2 or 3 visits to remove the fear of the dentist!

  • Moderate

This is a slightly deeper form of sedation. You will certainly be relaxed and are unlikely to have full control of your body. This will be reflected by slurred speech and you would be unlikely to be able to stand unaided.

You will also not remember much of your visit to the dentist! This can be great for those really afraid to visit and for simply procedures that won’t cause much pan.

  • Deep

Take it up another level and you’ll be effectively asleep but can be awoken in a moment. This is a deep sensation where you’ll have no control over your body and very little, if any sensations.

But, you will be almost awake; the dentist can awake you very quickly if necessary.

  • General Anesthesia

Finally you’ve probably already come across general anesthesia where you are effectively knocked out.

You are in the same state as though you have been knocked unconscious but it is controlled. You will gradually come out of it naturally or drugs can be administered to speed up the process; if necessary.

The Oral Element

In general a dentist will administer the sedation through a mask. This will allow you to breathe normally as the gas takes effect and you relax.

Oral sedation is very effective for minimal and moderate stages of sedation dentistry.

However, if you need anything more intense then the dentist will have to administer it via injection.

Of course this can give rise to a whole other set of issues if you have a phobia of needles.

It is worth noting that sedation will work alongside the customary local anesthetic. This can be administered once you are relaxed and will numb the specific area where the dentist needs to work; allowing them to complete the procedure and you to look after your teeth!

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