How To Protect Teens From Alcohol & Internet Addictions

Drug and internet addictions are becoming increasingly popular among teens nowadays, and the major reason behind this is the easy availability of the addictive substances and drugs. When you are at a young age, you definitely have this feeling to explore and experiment new things, especially those which are believed to be harmful to you such as alcohol. Teens have enormous energy and they always want to use it in an adventurous way, which is why they keep doing things which are generally prohibited.

Same applies to the use of other kinds of drugs (such as cocaine, nicotine and cannabinoids etc.,) and the internet. There is no denying the fact that, even after knowing that drugs like alcohol are dangerous for human health when taken in excessive quantities, they are sold in the markets legally. And when you can buy something easily from the shops, who can stop you from consuming them, of course, no one can do that.

The use of alcohol is quite common in a variety of countries, wherein the entire family enjoys a drink at the dinner table. Though it’s true that if you consume alcohol in a limited amount it won’t be dangerous for your health, however when you exceed that limit which is generally considered as normal, you end up putting yourself in trouble from which you can’t come out easily.

Let’s Take A Brief Look At Alcohol Addiction First

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Before we start discussing what exactly is alcohol addiction, let throw some light on alcohol itself. Well, alcohol is an addictive beverage, which is known as ethanol, and if taken in excessive quantities it can prove to be highly harmful to your body. It can have a very damaging impact on your brain, so it’s better to stay away from it.

Alcohol addiction can be considered as an impulse control disorder, which results from regular consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol for a long time. If you keep on consuming alcohol for a long time, you won’t realise that you have become addicted to it.

Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

If you keep on drinking alcohol on a daily basis and feel unhappy when you do not get it, it means you are slowly getting addicted to it. In addition to that, when you feel that have been consuming it in excessive quantities but are unable to stop your urge, it shows that you have become an alcohol addict now. Individuals suffering from alcohol have this habit of lying from their families that they are consuming this substance in more quantities.

Even after knowing that consumption of alcohol in large quantities can affect your health, alcohol addicts are unable to stop their urge. As their it keeps on increasing with the passage of time, they start locking themselves in lonely rooms. This is because it allows them to drink alcohol whenever they want. In addition to that, they like spending their time alone because they want to hide their behaviour from their family members.

Impact of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol starts intoxicating your body which affects you in a variety of ways. You can’t hide things from your family members for a long time as they keep on observing your behaviour. One of the most significant effects of alcohol on you is it starts deteriorating your personal relationships. You fail to maintain that bond of love with your family members because of your drinking habits.

As you need to spend more time alone, you keep your personal relationships at stake for that. Not just that, you also end up having problems with your close friends and relatives because you are unable to give them time.

Your addiction keeps on enhancing problem for you at all the places. Teens face a lot of issues with their teachers and friends at school. In other words, they fail to maintain that a healthy relationship with their friends and teachers in the school, because they start bunking the classes and fail to give proper response during the classes. At a time when you have to be extremely accurate at your work, you fail to give an average performance, which is just not acceptable.

Now Let’s discuss briefly how alcohol affects your body.

In the first stage, which is generally described as “Happy’ teens feel really energetic and they start talking too much. In addition to that, their capacity to control their behaviour becomes less, which means even if they do not want to behave in a certain way, they end up doing so. In the next stage, they become very excited, wherein they start behaving in a wired manner.

However, they start feeling as if they are lacking the energy to behave in a certain way. In the third stage, they become confused, wherein they also experience mood swings and slurred speech etc. In the next stage, which is known as ‘Stuporous’ teens who have consumed excessive alcohol feel like as if they need some sort of support in walking. In fact, they are unable to maintain their consciousness. After that stage comes to a stage called “Comatose” wherein they lose their consciousness completely.

Alcohol addiction can lead to a variety of problem such as it can cause damage to your brain and also result in different kinds of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, liver damage, and glandular problems etc. In addition to that, it may also cause suicidal tendencies among teenagers. Yes, it can cause a variety of problems such as anxiety, and depression when you are unable to satisfy your urge or when you are unable to handle the pressure which comes upon you because of your dependency.

Now Let’s Take A Brief Look At Internet Addiction

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Internet addition, is again an impulse control disorder, wherein individuals can’t control their urge to use the internet on their high-tech devices such as their cell phones and laptops. It is found more among teens and it can create a lot of problems for them. Their habit of making friends online, keep them busy entire day and entire night, which starts reflecting in their day to day behaviour.

Proper Treatment – Visit A Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre

It is very important to seek good treatment if your child is suffering from alcohol and internet addictions. Drug and alcohol rehab centres like are the best places to treat teens suffering from alcohol and internet addictions. A reliable drug and alcohol treatment centre provides a variety of treatment options, which help addicts to recover from their problems.

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