Quickly! How A Single Step Inspires Your Blissful Life

Quickly! How A Single Step Inspires Your Blissful Lifeinfographinfograph

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1)..  These Shoes Were Made For Walking…

Did you know you  release good feeling endorphins with a brisk 30 to 45 minute walk a few times per week to naturally decrease anxiety and depression?

Recent studies conclude regular exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants, along with the added bonus of no side effects.

2).. Live Your Life For Longer

Women who practice self care by walking on a regular basis, experience a decreased chance of suffering life altering illnesses .

3).. Walking To Lose Weight

Walking is the most cost effective and fun way to lose weight and tone up. Choose to walk on your own, or start a women’s walking group for added fun. Enjoy a well deserved coffee afterwards.

4).. Stop The Mid-Day Tiredness

Stop those mid-day comas! A short 10 to 15 minute walk can turbo boost your energy levels to power through the rest of the day.

5).. Stay Fit And Strong

How many times have you heard the words your physical strength decreases as you age? It’s true it does, only because we are less active due to whatever may be taking place in our lives which has more importance.  A healthy and strong body as we  gracefully age offers the benefits of:

  • Greater balance and coordination
  • Increased energy and physical strength
  • Improved self-confidence

6).. Relax Your Mind

Relax your Mind and Body. Absorb the health giving properties of our natural world. The rich green of trees and the joyful colors of flowers can relax your mind and is soul enriching…

7).. Bring Out Your Inner Siren

Being out in our natural world offers an instant wellness boost. Bless your walking shoes for your own healthy, good feeling and relaxed mind and body.

8).. Happiness!

Everyone loves being around a kind and happy person. Commit to going for 2 short walks each day on your own and let your Happiness shine out! Shine on.

9).. Make New Friends

Meet and make new friends by chance when you get out and walk. You never know.. An inspiring new friendship may open up new directions and possibilities.

10)… Be Heart Centered…

And last, but not least. Those comfortable walking shoes in fun colors are calling you to be proactive in your Life. Think with your Heart and Shine on.



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