Review Of Best Car Camping Tent: The ARB Simpson Series III

The long list of desirable features found with the ARB Series III Rooftop tent earns this tent the best car camping tent category. If you are even remotely considering anything to do with car camping, anything at all, you owe it to yourself to check out what is available for you in this review.

Criteria to find the best car camping tent

There are a number of factors to consider when you start your search for car top tents. One such factor is the weight of the tent when it is all packed up and ready for the trip. As this type of tent tends to be much heavier than other tent styles you need to make sure the rack on your roof can handle the weight. Along the same lines, consider the dimensions of the tent with respect to fitting your roof rack. Other factors to evaluate are the ease of setup and teardown, the spaciousness of the tent and the quality of the materials.

The ARB Simpson Series III brings together an impressive list of features that combined make this tent a top choice. The ARB Simpson Series III is constructed of a high quality blend of polystyrene and cotton. There is a built in rainfly as well as screened windows and doors. Note that the ARB Simpson Series III arrives with a high density foam mattress with removable cover. In addition to all of that, the ARB Simpson Series III even includes a sturdy retractable aluminum ladder. Perhaps the best feature of all with teh ARB Simpson Series III is that it can be deployed on either side of the vehicle.

As far as size and weight are concerned, following is what you need to know about this tent. This tents weighs in at 215 pounds. When fully folded for travel, the tent measures out to 60 x 12 x 53 inches. Most aftermarket car racks can easily accommodate the ARB Simpson Series III. In rare cases, there may be a need for custom configuring your car rack.

Best of all, the feature that clearly resonates with those that are all about convenience is that the ARB Simpson Series III is viewed as a very easy to pick up and go sort of tent to use on a quick getaway. Add to that the fact that simply using car top tents means you don’t have to worry about the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. The ARB Simpson Series III is available at $1490.55.


There are quite a good things to say about the ARB Simpson Series III. This car roof tent can be set up in mere minutes. The nature of the ARB Simpson Series III means that you are sleeping comfortable off the ground, well protected from elements and critters of all sorts. So well protected that of all the possible tent types to consider, the ARB Simpson Series III can handle some of the most violent storms you may encounter with a car camping trip. Moreover, the very nature of a car roof tent means that all of the bedding can and does remain safely tucked away inside the tent during journey. As you might well imagine, that means that the valuable storage space inside the vehicle is not being used for this purpose.


One factor you should be aware of with the ARB Simpson Series III is that at most it can sleep 3 people, with 2 people being a more realistic number. Another factor that some have experienced is that the cover with this tent can sometimes be a challenge to reinstall, most especially in cold weather. One last thing that dissuades some from selecting this tent is the price point. At a price of just under $1,500.00 that may be a bit steep for your budget.


Now that you know a bit more about the ARB Simpson Series III you may well decide this is best car camping tent for you. You can’t deny that the combination of ease of setup and teardown added to the ability to sleep comfortably off the ground has a certain appeal. If you consider all of the features available in this tent you may well decide that the higher price point is not such a big deal after all once you remember all of the hassle with finding a spot and then pitching a traditional tent. With the ARB Simpson Series III you drive to the site you selected and simply set it up.



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