Strong Moves That Will Knock Out Restless Legs Syndrome

Among the mysteries of life, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is probably one of the quirkiest of them all. This neurological disorder that is poorly understood by everyone has no cure. The syndrome involves twitching, burning, crawling, tingling, and can even trigger pain and other various uncomfortable sensations in the legs during the night.

The unpleasant feeling makes the sufferer have the urge to move their legs. This syndrome is indeed a bane and can sabotage a person’s sleep then life in general. Here are some remedies to fight back RLS:

Hot and Cold. Massage and Relax.

Strong Moves That Will Knock Out Restless Legs Syndrome


Applying warm and cold packs to the muscles is one of the best home remedies for RLS. It is also a significant move before going to bed.

Some people sees good results when they are alternating both heat and cold. Also, they can feel that their legs are at ease due to the process. It is also a good idea for people to soak their feet in a whirlpool or warm bath, it helps in relaxing the muscles. After soaking the legs, giving it a little massage is also advisable.

Keep in Check with Iron and Folate Levels

Anemia causes leg cramps and restless legs. People that are having difficulties in sleeping because of RLS must have their iron and folate levels in check. If the patient is insufficient of both, the doctor will prescribe a B-complex or iron supplement

Increasing the intake of folic acid can help aid a good night sleep. Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps in the building of red blood cells that helps in oxygenating the body. Having enough folate and iron is important because there is an association of low oxygen in RLS.

Lifestyle Changes

Strong Moves That Will Knock Out Restless Legs Syndrome


There is no precise explanation for the causes of RLS. However, the researcher believes that there is underlying link between lifestyle and RLS. Here are some lifestyle changes that will help ease some of RLS symptoms.


Eating healthy and maintaining a good diet helps in promoting good sleep. There should be a limit to both alcohol and caffeine consumption. Also, avoidance of drinking such drinks before bedtime is highly advisable. People must also want to avoid certain foods that will keep them awake all night.

Include food that is rich in folic acids such as orange juice, leafy green vegetables, and beans. Also, iron-rich food is also good, such as liver, wheat germ, and lean beef.


Smoking can have an enormous impact on a person’s sleep. It can also give the body some jitters. Quitting or cutting down the nicotine can help have less RLS symptoms and can also promote good sleep.


Some medications may be terrible for the muscles and having strenuous muscles can keep you up all night. Such occurrence may lead to insomnia. Before taking any medication, make sure to check it with a doctor and ask if it contributes to the current condition.

Sleep Habits

Sometimes, sleep patterns are one of the reasons that trigger insomnia. Since the body clock gets confused, such confusion will make a person have a hard time in sleeping during the night.


People should take 800 to 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 500 milligrams of magnesium and 800 to 1,000 milligrams of potassium each day. Any shortage of the mentioned minerals can cause discomfort to the legs. Drinking a high in magnesium mineral water is great to refuel the body with the required minerals every day.


Strong Moves That Will Knock Out Restless Legs Syndrome


Though there is no scientific evidence behind this speculation, it is undeniable that changing the bed’s arrangement can create a difference. The tightly tucked covers and mattress can trigger cramps and contractions to the calf muscles. Make sure to keep the bedding loose, to allow the feet to rest and relax in a natural position. Also, leveling the feet higher than the torso can also aid in preventing symptoms.

Bar of Soap

Strong Moves That Will Knock Out Restless Legs Syndrome


Some people might take this remedy as a joke, but it surely is effective. There is no more ridiculous solution than putting a bar of soap under the sheets. Some say that holding the soap near or between the legs can reduce nocturnal leg cramps. According to another study, the oils and chemical contents of soap help in dilating the blood vessels that soon results in easing RLS symptoms.


There is no more irritating than having restless legs in time for bed. Suffering from RLS doesn’t only interrupt the sleep but can also affect the life of the sufferer. The things listed above are only a few natural remedies that can give a person a better sleep.

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