Tadoba Wildlife Safari Essentials – Hiking, Camping and Tadoba Accommodation

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the largest and oldest National Park of Maharashtra. Situated approximately 150 km away from Nagpur in the Chandrapur district, it occupies a humongous 1,727 sq.km that is home to a dazzling variety of flora and fauna. The deciduous forest has fine examples of teak, tendu, semai, dhauda, bamboo, ain, arjun, salai trees to name just a few. While the most popular tourist attraction is the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, you can also get to see an assortment of leopards, jungle cats, sloth bears, small Indian civets, marsh crocodile, as well as a variety of deer such as gaur, nilgai, chital, barking deer, sambar, etc.

The best way of enjoying the delights of Tadoba besides taking the mandatory jeep safari is to go hiking and camping. These activities are very much preferred by the adventurous wildlife enthusiasts as they not only enjoy the beauty of the terrain and the wealth of the wildlife by daytime but also see the jungle come alive in the evenings and nights with an unmatched variety of creatures, big and small. Some tips that will make your Tadoba trip more enjoyable:

Get Accommodation That Is Easy to Access

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is accessible by no less than 12 gates and there are numerous Tadoba hotels where you can stay. Since each gate is separated by a fairly long distance, accommodation at one gate and plans of entry through another can make you look foolish because it would be impossible to enjoy both the safaris in the day. Therefore, you should pick your accommodation carefully.


Inform Others Your Schedule and Location

As any experienced wildlife enthusiast will tell you, National Parks and reserves are a distant cry from the life in cities and towns and can be completely unpredictable in terms of the terrain, weather, natural events, and wildlife. Since you will be out on your own, it is best to keep others informed of your movements and the general area that you will be hiking in. If due to any unforeseen incident, you are trapped or injured, and not able to get back, the information will be vital to search and rescue missions.

Always Be Alert

Unlike a zoo, where animals are kept in enclosures for better viewing opportunities, the tiger reserve is a large area where the animals make it a point to avoid contact with human beings. The only way you will be able to spot the elusive wildlife is by being extremely alert to their presence. Remember wild animals can be extremely dangerous and can be very aggressive if they perceive threats; therefore, you should never be so engrossed that you miss out the looming threats that may cost you your life. If you are out at night, you must be extra cautious as animal movements usually increase after sundown and it may not be possible to see the threats until it is too late.


Keep Your Campsite Clean

Check beforehand what the rules are for setting up camp in the area you are visiting. It is absolutely essential that you keep your camp neat and clean taking care not to litter. Whatever garbage your camping activities generate should be carefully packed and taken back to a place where you can safely dispose it. Apart from ensuring that you leave the jungles pristine, camp hygiene ensures that the wild animals do not choke on food wrappers or other non-biodegradable stuff. Also, keeping the campsite clean ensures that the animals are not attracted to the lure of easy food and end up posing a threat to the camping party.


Tadoba National Park has a lot to offer to the wildlife and nature enthusiast. The attractions of the park are best enjoyed by going on safaris or hiking with an experienced guide. Doing your homework before making your bookings, and keeping in mind sensible wildlife spotting practices, will ensure that you have a really memorable yet least environmentally disruptive trip.

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