The Best 25 Bloggers for Inspired Gluten Free Living

Best 25 Gluten Free BloggersLiving gluten free doesn’t mean a life of deprivation.  In fact, it can be quite the opposite.  Today there are so many great products, resources and communities available to help anyone who follows a gluten free diet.  To get you started, below is a list of top gluten free bloggers for food and living inspiration.

Elana’s Pantry

ElenaFocusing on simple, healthy recipes and lifestyle advice, Elana is living inspiration on how important food and diet choices are for improving health.  She gave up grains in 2001 and has since developed a huge range of mouthwatering recipes on her blog plus 3 cookbooks.  Not only does Elana cover gluten free, but also many other special diets including paleo, dairy free, vegan and low carb.

Dolly and Oatmeal


Lindsey’s blog is worth visiting for the gorgeous photos alone.  You will soon be drooling over the assortment of recipes and inspired to head into the kitchen and get cooking.  Catering to her own dietary requirements, Lindsey’s recipes are all gluten and dairy free.


With Food and Love

SherrieSharing vegetarian, seasonally inspired and all gluten free recipes, Sherrie focuses on using everyday pantry items to create new flavours and ideas.  A blog that seriously delivers inspiration from breakfast through to cocktail time.


Angela’s Kitchen

AngelaNot only will you find a comprehensive list of gluten free recipes on Angela’s blog, but it is also a great resource for gluten free menu plans.  As a Master Preserver, Angela shares canning, preserving and fermenting advice to help stock the pantry.   You will also find slow cooker and freezer recipes plus loads of other gluten free resources.


Gluten Free Mom

JamieA great collection of family friendly recipes plus a useful roundup of gluten free resources and products.  There is even advice on how to tackle eating gluten free when out and about.  If you are starting a gluten free journey, this is a great place to start.


Canelle et Vanille

AranThis is gluten free in real style.  The blog is understated but beautiful, as are all the recipes.  Aran offers up a wonderful mix of gluten free recipes that you can select by season, course or ingredient.



Gluten Free School

JenniferThe place to go to learn all about living gluten free.  Jennifer shares all you need to know about shopping, cooking and eating gluten free.  She also has a podcast sharing useable information to simplify your gluten free life.


I’m A Celiac

PamMom to 3 kids and a Pastor’s wife, Pam’s family live life gluten free.  Here you will find recipes, meal menus and product ideas that are family approved.


Snixy Kitchen

SarahAll recipes from May 2013 are gluten free on Sarah’s blog – this was when she cut out gluten for good.  Focusing on homemade recipes cooked from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients, this blog is a visual delight.


Gluten Free On A Shoestring

NicoleIf it can be made with gluten, there is a way to make it without.  Nicole gives recipes, resources and tips on how to make gluten free not only enjoyable, but affordable.  Includes a great article on all you need to know on Gluten Free Flour Blends.


Gluten Free Girl

Shauna and DanielFeaturing simple, good food that even the kids will love is what you will find here.  Shauna and Daniel serve up an extensive index of recipes covering all types of meals and occasions.  They have also reinvented American classics to gluten free versions in their latest cookbook.


Poor and Gluten Free

DanielleLiving gluten free and on a budget is what Danielle shares on her blog.  Not only does she cook gluten free, but she writes romance novels and ‘sometimes’ drives a moving stunt van.  And if you want to know more about gluten free beer, this is the place to go.


Best Life Gluten Free

AnnetteGluten free food with lots of flavour but little stress is dished up here.  There are both ‘from scratch’ and ‘semi homemade’ recipes to cater for those times when to get the job done, we need to use some ready made products.  This is a practical blog that also includes lots of cooking hints.


What The Fork Food Blog

SharonAiming to make gluten free baking and cooking as easy as possible, Sharon shares loads of great family friendly recipes.  From healthy to indulgent and sweet to savory, you will find all you need to get inspired.  Make sure to check out her How To Tutorials for time and money saving tips.


Allergy Awesomeness

MeganSharing recipes that make life a little more awesome, Megan’s blog caters to a range of limited diets and food allergies, including gluten free.  A great resource if you are catering for any friends or family with allergies and still want to dish up tasty food.


A Clean Bake

NoraWhile gluten free, sugar free, paleo friendly treats are the focus of this blog, there are plenty of other tasty choices as well.  The recipes are well categorised making it easy to choose by ingredient, meal or by diet.  Of course, the baked treats are worth the visit alone.


Gluten Free Frenzy

ChandiceAnd a frenzy it is!  Chandice features recipes to make sure that being gluten free doesn’t mean missing out on any of your favourite foods.  Loads of yummy and popular foods plus plenty of giveaways.



Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

SarahSimple, delicious gluten, dairy and egg free recipes are the cornerstone of Sarah’s blog.  If you love to bake, this is definitely the blog to visit.  You will be truly inspired to bake all sorts of mouthwatering treats.


The Healthy Apple

AmieWant to detox and get on with your life?  Amie covers all types of reasons why your food could be making you sick.  The blog features plenty of recipes along with resources and guides to improve wellness.


The Savvy Celiac

AmyAll about empowering smart people to become savvy celiacs, Amy uses her journalistic skills to report on all things gluten free.  Bringing a practical, objective perspective along with helpful advice, this blog is a great resource to stay current on all things gluten free.


Gluten Free Fitness

Gluten Free Fitness 150pxCombining diet with exercise is natural and this blog brings the two together.  Featuring gluten free recipes along with fitness and health advice, it adds an important dimension to the celiac journey.



Gluten Free Globetrotter

ErinTravelling can be present problems for celiacs, but Erin is here to help.  Her blog is the ultimate gluten-free travel resource and can help you prepare to navigate the globe safely.



The Gluten Dude

Gluten DudeNot just a blog, this website is a community and a great resource filled with articles, how to guides, coupons and more.  A site that is aimed to making living gluten free easier, even if in the face of fear and loathing.  Plus, it’s by a dude!


Flippin Delicious

BriannaWith a taste tester husband, Brianna creates delicious gluten free recipes that don’t ‘taste’ gluten free.  She believes “Yes! Gluten free can be that good”.  Visit her blog and you’ll be convinced too.


King Gluten Free

JordanFinishing with Jordan, the “King” is appropriate.  This blog focuses a lot on supporting and talking about celiac disease while tackling its ups and downs.  You will find recipes along with food reviews plus practical advice on living with celiac disease.


Regardless of where you are in your gluten free journey – newly diagnosed or a long time veteran – these blogs can offer great ideas and resources to help.  Now it’s time to get on and enjoy an inspired (not deprived) gluten free life!

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