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almased reviews

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Almased is a healthy powder product that can be mixed with milk or water to form a shake, usually for the purpose of increasing muscle growth and providing the body with extra protein. The convenience of protein powders and shakes has made Almased and products like it increasingly popular in recent years.

These products aren’t just limited to straight protein content alone, however. Many of them now include various nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and some are even dairy and gluten-free. In this review we’ll show you Almased’s key features, how the product measures up to the competition, and help you decide if Almased is the right tool for helping you meet your goals.

Criteria For a Great Protein Powder

almased reviews

Protein powders come in various forms. The top three forms are whey, soy, and casein, with whey being most common. Frequent reasons for use of protein powder are general growth, starting a new exercise program, amping up workouts, recovering from an injury, and going vegan (protein powder is used to make up for the protein you previously would have gotten from animal products).

Additionally, many people use protein powders as a supplement or meal replacement to keep them from eating high-calorie foods and help them lose weight.

Generally, people look for as many grams of protein as possible combined with a great taste. They also look for various other vitamins and minerals, and some consumers look for products that are gluten or dairy-free. For some, the most important qualities of protein powders are taste (or lack thereof) and how easily they can be digested. And, of course, like other products many people consider price a driving factor.

Product Overview

Almased Multi Protein Powder features a mix of soy, honey, and yogurt and has extremely low glycemic load and index. It can support weight loss, promote optimal health and give maximum energy. It’s all-natural, gluten-free, safe for vegetarians, diabetic-friendly, and non-GMO, so just about anyone can consume this product without dietary concerns.

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You can use this protein powder to make an Almased shake with your own flavoring which is convenient, quick to put together, and easy to drink on the go. Almased speeds up and improves your metabolism, contributing to weight loss. It is also meant to be an ideal supplement for people who aren’t necessarily wanting muscle growth, but want to be healthier in general.

The Almased Turbo Diet, which incorporates other food into the diet along with protein powder in the form of a shake, can help stop your yo-yo dieting while boosting energy and preserving muscle mass.


almased reviews

In Almased reviews on Amazon, most customers were very satisfied with the product. It scores 4 out of 5 stars, with 57% of reviewers giving it five stars. Reading through the Almased reviews shows that the majority of customers lost weight on Almased and were able to deal with or improve upon the lack of added flavoring.

It’s important to note that Almased offers a great option to many people whose diets are limited and might not be able to consume protein powder otherwise (such as diabetic people, gluten-intolerant people, etc).


In comparison to other protein powders, Almased tends to be on the more expensive end. While several reviewers stated that although it worked well in terms of weight loss, they were turned off by the plain flavor. Almased has no specific flavor added and purchasers must find a way to give it flavor themselves by mixing in other ingredients, while other protein powders come in various pre-mixed flavors. However, if you’re just adding the powder to another shake or smoothie you don’t have to worry about this.

While top rated weight loss shake does contain vitamins and minerals, the overall counts are lower than some of its competitors.  If you don't think Almased fits your needs, read our SlimQuick review and see if it better meets your needs.


Almased is a solid product that can deliver the results you’re looking for, but if you’re not one to deal with an unflavored product or are looking for more of a muscle-building protein powder, this may not be the product for you. In contrast, if you’re looking to simply be healthier or to cut back on calories, this is a very viable option, especially if you choose to take on the Almased Turbo Diet that many people swear by. However, if you’re on a tight budget and trying to pinch some pennies, there are other options on the market that work well and cost less. At the end of day Almased is a straightforward product designed to provide an extra boost of protein without added sugar or fat that delivers exactly what it claims to.

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