Learning to Walk: Our Picks for the Best Toddler Shoes

When your child is learning how to walk its imperative to get him or her the best pair of shoes which not only aid him or her in the learning to walk process but also offer maximum support and ankle protection.  People don't want to entrust their baby's feet to just any brand making baby shoes.

Parents want the best walking shoes for babies learning to walk. I've scoured the internet for the best toddler shoes. The fruit of my labor is this lovingly researched list of baby’s first walking shoes. 

Toddler Shoes Comparison Table

1. Crocs Kids’ Croclights Star Wars X-Wing Light up Clog

Crocs Kids’ Croclights Star Wars X-Wing Light up Clog

For those of us who have grown up with and love the Star Wars saga, we can now share the force of this collective cultural treasure via Crocs' new toddler shoe for your little Skywalker.

Their new X-Wing Light-up Clogs are made from high quality synthetic material. The sole is also made from synthetic rubber material and is slip resistant. The ventilation also guards against moisture build up.

His imagination will soar lock-step with his new star-ship themed shoes.

2. Robeez Stylish Steve Crib Shoe

Robeez Stylish Steve Crib Shoe (Infant)

Robeez is a leader in the infant/toddler shoe space. The Robeez Stylish Steve Crib Shoes are arguably the best baby shoes for early walkers as they offer maximum support to the feet.

To prevent baby from slipping when walking the designers smartly incorporated a slip-resistant leather sole. The interiors are padded to protect the toddler’s developing muscles and joints from extraneous pressure by distributing weight evenly thus forcefully supporting balance. Not to mention they are quite stylish.

3. Carter's Every Step Christy Stage 2 Stand Walking Shoe (Infant/Toddler)

Carter's Every Step Christy Stage 2 Stand Walking Shoe (Infant/Toddler)

This shoe is made by Carter's every step and is one of their top rated.

The Christy Stage 2 is cute, slip resistant, breathable, reducing sweating and has extra cushioning. It has the right amount of support being both flexible and rigid. I also appreciate that this shoe is designed to stay on baby girl's feet. So no slipping out of this shoe.

This toddler walking shoe besides being a great shoe is probably the cutest on the market. Carter also has a masculine analogue of this shoe called the Bobby Stage 2. 

4. Tom's Tiny Pink Glitters

Toms Tiny Classic Glitter Shoes Pink 007013D11-PINK

Tom's is a company that I love so much.  I just had to include them and not just because they make a quality shoe. And they do indeed. Whats more is that Tom's is a company that gives back. For every pair of shoes they sell, Tom's donates a pair to needy infants and toddlers around the world. Just wow!

Tom's makes great shoes with a huge range of lines and are some of the best walking shoes for babies out there. Their shoes are top quality, very design forward.

This glittering beauty  ranks as the one of the best baby walking shoes on the market due to its very light weight and providing excellent balance and stability. The rubber sole is sturdy and slip-resistant. 

5. Salt Water Hoy Shoe Sweetheart Sandal

Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe Sweetheart Sandal

My pick for one of the best toddler sandals is the Salt Water Toddler Sandals. Salt Water makes a solid sandal and they're use of classic sandal design but always up to date color options keeps their shoes always fresh.

The sandal has a sturdy synthetic sole that is tailored to give toddlers a strong footing as they walk. It is also slip resistant.  The upper is made from high quality water resistant leather material. For maximum comfort and protection all Salt Water Sandals feature extra soft padded foot-beds.


These are my top five best toddler shoes/brands. There is one shoe that did not make this top 5 list but you should definitely give it a look. Its the last shoe on this list. But whether its Carter's Every Step, Tom's or Salt Water Sandals, each one of these shoe makers have superior manufacturing and design. So you can rest easy. Your little one's feet are in good hands with any of these shoes or any of these company's products. And please visit our top ten picks for Mommies.

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