The Best Utility Knives: Essential For Your Needs

DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife

Over time, the description of a utility knife has changed. Why? The daily uses we have for a knife changes with the times. Today, we spend more time indoors than out, so today´s utility knife has to be helpful within our four walls, to open envelopes, cut boxes, or strip wires. The fierce competition among the dozens of knife brands has resulted in an overabundance of choices for us to consider before making a purchase. That is ironic because there is no utility in spending days researching all the different knives.

For that very reason, we have created the following list of the five best utility knives for your contemporary needs.

1. Irwin Tools 208100 Folding Utility Knife

Best Utility Knife

This Irwin Tools model is a folding, retractable blade knife. It comes with one blue bi-metal, disposable blade. To simplify the process of replacing blades, Irwin Tools created the 45-degree quick-change button. For further convenience, there is an anchored belt clip to easily wear this 8.6 inch, 7-ounce knife for easy accessibility.

The innovative wire stripper notch further increases its utility, while the extended thumb ledge increases its comfort factor. Thanks to a locking system, there is no need to worry about the open knife accidentally shutting on you during use. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a professional quality knife, with its parts covered by lifetime warranty.

2. Dewalt DWHT 10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife

DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife 1

This Dewalt model has a metal body, built to last. It is foldable for a more compact size, but a one-handed opening mechanism allows you to easily open it to its full length.

There is one disposable blade in the main chamber, and space to store three additional blades as well. Whenever you wish to replace the blade with a new one, there is a button for easy, safe blade changes. The blade can be retracted to varying degrees for custom length to suit the job at hand. Dewalt is a well-known brand and backs this knife with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Stanley 10-079 Retractable Blade Utility Knife

Stanley 10-079 Retractable Blade Utility Knife

Stanley 10-079 Retractable Blade Utility Knife This Stanley is the ideal EDC knife due to its affordability and durability. With its aluminum body, it can take some abuse without sabotaging its functionality. It has a 5.4 inch contoured, non-slip handle for ultimate comfort and grip. Although you have to loosen a screw whenever you wish to exchange the disposable blade, once the blade is in place, it can be extracted to three different lengths depending on your needs.

The patented interlock nose keeps the blade firmly in its position, whether extracted or retracted. Made in the U.S.A. and covered by a limited lifetime warranty, this best utility knife is a steal.

4. Milwaukee Fastback II Flip Utility Knife

DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife 1

The Fastback II is for the busy man. With just one hand, you can push the side button and flip the knife into its compact, folded position to store in your pocket or attach to your belt with the provided clip. Once you are ready to get to work, just use the same single-handed system to flip the knife open. The frame lock keeps it firmly in place.

With the strategically shaped handle, you will have a comfortable grip to perform the toughest tasks. The metal body enables you to put this knife to work without worrying about dents and scratches. As an upgrade from the Fastback I, this newer model provides a magnetic blade storage within the handle for one extra blade. The Tool Free Blade Change system makes replacing the blade a breeze. To top it all off, Milwaukee gave it a wire stripper as well as a gut hook for quick cuts while the knife remains closed.

5. Geber GDC Zip Blade (31-001742) Utility Knife3

DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife 1

As its initials indicate, this is Gerber´s version of the ultimate ¨daily carry¨ knife. With its zipper attachment feature, you can have it on your backpack zipper or even your keychain as your EDC. The 1.7 inch closed, 1.3-ounce knife is compact enough so it does not interfere, yet stable enough for all your cutting and prying needs in the office or around the house. The stainless steel body is sturdy as well as rust-resistant. 

Once you unfold the 0.68 inch, fine edge blade, the frame lock safety feature keeps it firmly in the open position while you are putting it to use. The knife’s quick release clip enables you to easily attach it to and detach it from your belt or pocket. With the included manufacturer’s warranty, there really is no reason not to own this little knife.


Utility knives have come a long way. Whereas they used to be geared toward outdoor use for hunting and gathering, the contemporary version is designed to accomplish all kinds of tasks in the office and around the house. Whether you need a small model for everyday carry or a larger one to store in your desk or garage, there is a best utility knife out there for each of you. We have introduced five distinct models to narrow your search. All you have left to do is to take into consideration your personal needs and take a look at the utility knife reviews. Then just match your needs with the right features of the best utility knife for you.

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