The Great Slumber: Benefits of Having a Good Night Sleep

Sleep portrays a vital part in optimum health and well-being throughout your lifetime. With adequate sleep at correct times, you can guard your mental and physical health against harm. Also, having a lot of high quality sleep maintains the quality of life and promotes safety.

The damage from not getting enough sleep can occur instantly such as falling asleep while driving which results in a car crash. Your resting periods affect how well you think, learn, react, work, and interact with others.

Here are some pieces of information on why you should have a good night sleep.

Maintains a Healthy Heart

There are sudden attacks that happen during sleep. These attacks are strokes and heart attacks which may be a reaction with the blood vessels. Inadequate sleep associates with the exacerbation of cholesterol and blood pressure which are factors for stroke and heart disease. Having seven to nine hours of sleep regularly at night makes your heart healthier.

Helps Reduce your Risk of Depression

Sleep influences the production of serotonin in our body which we call our happy hormone. People who lack serotonin are likely to go through depression. Making sure you sleep between seven and 9 hours each night can help prevent depression.

Minimizes Stress Levels

benefits of sleeping

Stress happens when your body seeks more rest periods. The body’s operations kick on high alert which generates the production of stress hormones and elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure boosts your risk for myocardial infarction, heart attack, and stroke.

The increased production of stress hormone makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and imagery can help resist the adverse effects of stress to help a person fall asleep quicker.

Diminishes Inflammation Production

Lack of sleep increases stress hormones which elevate the level of inflammation in your body as a result. This reaction constitutes a higher risk for cardiac-related conditions, as well as diabetes and lethal cancer. The continuous inflammation is said to be the cause of the deterioration of our body as we age.

Enhances Brain Function

benefits of sleeping

Sleep plays a vital role in our brain which is memory consolidation. It is a process where our brain modifies our short-term memories into long-term memories. While you are sleeping, your body may look like it is inactive, but your mind is actively establishing connections between happenings, feelings, sensory input, and memories.

The deep sleep phase is an essential time for your brain to generate links and memories. Also, getting more valuable sleep will help you recall better and operate things a lot easier.

Sharpens your Perception

Having an adequate good night sleep makes you feel invigorated and alert the following day. The feeling of being active and engaged is great which also boosts your chances for another great sleep.

When you wake up, and you feel rejuvenated, make use of that positive energy to do active things and be involved with the world. With series of positive practice, you will be able to sleep better again which will also increase your day to day energy levels.

Support the Body to Restore itself

The cause of your worn-out and damaged body is stress, and sleeping is the only time for your body to relax and heal the damage it caused. Your body cells increase the production of protein while asleep, and these molecular proteins are building blocks of cells which grants them to repair injuries.

Helps you Lose Weight

If you are planning to maintain or lose weight, do not forget that having adequate rest periods on a day to day basis play a massive part on it.

The hormone Leptin is responsible for decreasing your appetite, and the hormone Ghrelin is liable for the increase in your appetite, and both hormones will get disrupted due to lack of sleep. Inadequate sleep by significant affects the hormonal balance in the body that impacts appetite.

A Nap Makes you Productive

Taking a nap during the day is an impressive substitute to caffeine. Napping improves mood, memory, and cognitive functions and people who take a nap at work shows positive employment outlook. Also, it can help maintain your overall health to make you more productive.


In conclusion, we always want to live our life to the fullest by being active most of the time that we may forget to rest which results in elevated stress levels. Stress triggers most of the body’s fatal diseases and having an adequate sleep can help your body combat stress naturally.



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