The Top 5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day at Work

When we talk about work shoes, it means, those shoes that we have to wear daily for a longer period of time as opposed to athletic shoes that are occasionally used for a limited time. So, when buying comfortable work shoes, we need to pay special attention to several things so we do not buy shoes that we cannot wear for an extended period of time.

Just because we are looking for comfortable work shoes for standing all day does not mean we need to sacrifice style. You can find some styles and features of work shoes that you would like to wear the whole day comfortably. However, you need to know the requirement of your particular job for selecting the right kind of style and features for the best work shoes for standing all day.

Some of the well known styles :

  • Oxford – Similar to the Loafer in nature but its collar are defined more all round the ankle, and it also has lace-up.
  • Mary Jane – It is considered to be the best work shoes for standing all day for ladies. It is equipped with a heel of 1 or more inches along with a strap around the ankle.
  • Dress Shoes – These shoes are considered good for office, unless you research your options they have a tendency to be uncomfortable.
  • Clogs – These shoes are also known as slip on shoes, and they are equipped with closed toe. They come with or without open heal.
Top 5 Standing Shoes For work:

1. Alfa Men’s M1799 Lace Up Comfortable Walking Work Oxford Shoes

Alfa oxford

These Oxford shoes are for men, and they look stylish. These casual wear shoes have been equipped with a cushioned collar and padded insole, so they are comfortable for your feet, and you should be able to wear them for a whole day without any problem.

These comfortable work shoes for standing all day have thick rubber soles, so these shoes should feel comfortable when you walk or stand for lengthy periods of time. These shoes offer both comfort and durability. These designer inspired shoes were available in different sizes so that you can get one pair for yourself easily whatever be your size.

2. ZRO  F8990 Leather Business Dress Shoes 

ZRO f8990 shoes

These shoes also come with rubber soles which makes them very comfortable. These are among the best shoes for standing all day at work and have been made from latex insole, pigskin lining, and imported embryo calfskin. These stunning shoes are anti-slip, are  lace-up, and have a pointed toe. Square toes are out of style. For style, you will notice and appreciate the paisley pattern and metal. ZRO is a company known for high quality of products.

Almost all the products from the ZRO are made from genuine leather and are hand crafted. They are known for their unique and stylish patterns.

3. Dr. Martens Gibson 1461 Vegan Oxford

Dr Martens Gibson

Dr. Marten shoes have a rich history and are highly rated by their users. These are traditional Gibson shoes that have a traditional Dr. Marten look. They have a smooth leather upper and  they have been equipped with 3 pierced eyelets. For additional comfort, they have been equipped with  padded ankle collars, so all things considered these are good standing shoes for work.

The leather of the shoes has been bordered through stitching accents. The leather linings are comfortable and durable as well. The sole is also very comfortable. Synthetic has been used for lining. The sole is also synthetic, and the outer is made from leather.

4. Hans Men’s WA13034 Comfort Walking Uniform Work Slip On Shoes

Hans comfort shoes

These beautiful shoes have a synthetic outer. They have been equipped with a padded thick rubber sole, and cushioned collar so you can wear them the entire day and walk without any uneasiness due to the padded inner sole. As they have a thick rubber sole they are durable as well. These casual wear shoes are perfect for a walk or standing for a long period of time.

These designer inspired shoes come in different custom sizes so whatever your size, big or small, you can find your perfect size of shoes. They are also slip on, so you can put them on and take them off easily.

5. ZRO Men’s F5203 Pointed Toe Leather Business Dress Shoes and Zipper

ZRO business shoes

These dashing and stylish shoes are made from 40% rubber and 60% calfskin. The first layer of this shoe has been made of calfskin, pigskin is used for lining and for the insole. These shoes are equipped with a zipper, and have a  floral paisley pattern. These shoes are good for daily casual wear, and can also be used with formal business wear, while standing for long periods of time. These shoes offer you both durability and comfort. These shoes come with rubber wave style sole, so they make you feel comfortable when you walk.


It is very important you know what kind of shoes you want. To help with this, you should write down all the features you want on paper. This is important because you are going to buy shoes that you will wear for around 10 hours or more every day. If you select the wrong kind of shoes it could easily affect your comfort level. So, you need to make a decision very carefully. Wrongly chosen shoes can be harmful to your toes and back.

I hope this guide has been helpful, we also have a very specific guide for people who spend most of their day standing on concrete. Lastly, please consider buying two pairs of shoes so that you can alternate them if needed.

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