Top 10 Health Benefits of Hunting – Everything You Need to Know


Health benefits of hunting

Hunting has been practiced by men since ancient times. During the early times, it was a way of providing ourselves with food. However, as we developed agriculture and learned to raise and domesticate animals, the purpose of hunting as a means of sustenance has disappeared and hunting has evolved to be a sport. Many question the purpose of hunting during these times. But for us hunters who still practice and enjoy this delightful activity, it is just right that we know and share its benefits to others. Responsible hunting helps in wildlife conservation, economy boost, and ecosystem balance. Do you know that hunting even has health benefits? Yes, aside from that heart-racing thrill and burning enthusiasm that we get from hunting, it also gives us health benefits. Let me share you the top 10 health benefits of hunting.

#1 – Gives You Good Exercise

Hunting requires a lot of physical activity. Whether you are hunting a big game animal like deer, bear, or boar or a small game animal like rabbit, squirrel, or grouse, there will surely be a time that you will be in motion. You may be walking scouting for good hunting areas or running trying to catch your prey or following your hunting dog as he leads you to your prey, regardless,these physical activities are both good ways to exercise your body and cardio especially that hunting usually takes a lot of time. Another exercise that you can get from hunting is muscle exercise that you can get by just lifting your heavy rifle guns for hours or pulling and steadying your bow. The former is a workout in itself while the latter is a bicep and forearm exercise. Preparations for hunting like setting your traps or even training your dog also involves physical exercise.


Gives You Good Exercise

#2 –Appeals to Your Emotional Health

Hunting gives you the feeling of thrill and enjoyment which is a good emotional state. With the busy and stressful routines of the everyday life, hunters get a therapeutic and relaxing feeling from hunting. It allows you to relieve your stress and focus on your task at hand. As a matter of fact, outdoor activities like hunting help in decreasing tension, confusion, anger and depression.To add to that, the challenges in hunting like temperature, type of terrainand inclement weather gives us emotional hype.


Appeals to Your Emotional Health

#3 –Brings You to Socialize with People


Brings You to Socialize with People

Knowing someone you spend a fair amount of time while walking in the forest will be fairly easy. As hunting gives you a lot of instances like this, you will surely have good opportunity to forge new friendships and bond with people. Also, it allows us to spend quality time with our family or friends. We even meet new people in hunting.

#4 – Increases Mental Discipline


Increases Mental Discipline

Hunting is never easy. It involves a lot of preparation not only for the materials or tools that we will need but also for our physical and mental state. Hunters who wanted to be good on their sport must learn a very important mental state – patience. This may sound easy but it is not. Usually, it is a virtue which is developed over a period of time of hunting. Imagine yourself sitting silently for hours waiting for your catch. For some, this may sound miserable, but for hunters who loves hunting and has already developed the virtue of patience, this is just a part of their enjoyable hunting experience. Hunting requires a lot of mental discipline from getting ready for the hunting season until the actual hunting period.  Shooting either with a gun, a rifle, or a bow requires concentration, timing and strategy. Also, hunting involves activities which require problem solving, logic, and creative thinking.

#5 – Gives You Physical Balance

One of the core activities in hunting, especially in big game hunts, is shooting. Whatever your weapon may be – be it a handgun, a rifle, or a bow and arrow – you will need to develop a proper stance in order to shoot cleanly and hit your target. Most of the time, hunting requires you to be still so as not to allow your prey to sense you. Also, while aiming on your target, you will need to remain perfectly still in a proper stance before shooting your target. This exercises your core muscles and allows you to have proper posture. It strengthens your abdominal muscles allowing your weight to be distributed in the front and back and improving your balance.


Gives You Physical Balance

#6 – Provides Good Nutrition


Provides Good Nutrition

After a long day of hunting, the greatest achievement you can have is to be able to bring home game meat and enjoy the taste of your reward. The meat that you get from hunting, compared to meat from domesticated animals that you buy in groceries, does not go through chemical-related processes. Thus, they are better for your health. Also, the meat that you obtain from wild game animals provide lean protein which is healthier compared to domesticated meat since they consume natural food. The food that they eat also contains a variety of vitamins which will be stored in their body. To add to that, meat from wild animals contain less fat as they spend most of their time moving and running around.

#7 – Gives You Mental Relaxation


Gives You Mental Relaxation

Aside from improving your physical health, hunting also helps in developing your mental health. Hunting allows you to connect with nature. Being in the wilderness of nature allows you to relax your mind from the stress of your everyday life. There is no schedule, no appointments, no rush, no traffic, and no chaos.  It gives you time to think and reflect as you enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the forest.  It also helps you clear your mind from confusion, tension, or anger. Whether you are just enjoying the very beautiful view of nature, pondering through life, or having a spiritual connection with nature, hunting gives you a great opportunity for mental relaxation.

#8 – Gives Your Body Adrenaline Boost


Gives Your Body Adrenaline Boost

While hunting, we often experience that feeling of excitement as we think of catching a big game and bringing home our trophy. When we spot our prey we feel thrilled. When we hold a weapon, aim it to our prey, and fire it, we feel elated. When shooting a prey, you need to have a lot of guts and concentration. The mere holding of a gun gives us a feeling of exhilaration which causes our adrenaline to increase causing energy to rush in our blood. As adrenaline levels in our blood rises, our body signals our liver to break down glycogen. Glycogen provides our muscles with glucose which is our body’s primary source of energy. Piling up of glycogen in our body is not good as it leads to unwanted health conditions like increased blood pressure and diabetes.

#9 – Allows Naturopathic Healing

Hunting is ideally done in the forests or places close to nature where air is less or even not polluted, thus we are able to breathe fresh air. One important aspect for naturopathic healing is being able to be frequently exposed to fresh air. Also, with all the physical activities involved in hunting, hunters are forced to drink a lot of water and develop a good drinking habit which is good for the health. To add to that, some hunters are even able to bring herbs and even honey which have great medicinal values.


Allows Naturopathic Healing

#10 – Improves Your Well-being


Improves Your Well-being

Unknowingly, hunting brings us to change our lifestyle and living habits. The preparation before hunting and the actual hunting itself helps us to develop our attitude towards physical activities, to build our strategy and logic, and to make our body into better shape. Also, it allows us to eat healthier food and meat rather than eating in fast foods. Not only that, hunting sessions helps us boost our self esteem especially at times that we successfully catch our game.


Hunting is a game of sport that many enjoy. Aside from being an enjoyable and exciting sport, it also has a lot of benefits including conservation of wildlife, balancing the ecosystem, boosting the economy, and improving our health. However, many people are not very aware of the health benefits that hunting can bring. To give you more knowledge and enlightenment of the health benefits of hunting, here is a list of the top 10 health benefits of hunting.

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