Top 10 Healthy Sports That Can Help You Keep A Check On Heart Attack

It is disastrous to know that how people are becoming slaves to obesity and lethargy in present times. Senior citizens, adults and kids, all pose a serious risk of heart attacks. Kids are mostly occupied in indoor games which make them sluggish at home. Their brain activity is endorsed by indoor games but what about the overall physical development?

Have you ever faced a heart attack scare? Well, certainly not but your research on healthy sports and a heart attack has to lead you to a correct article. You may have had minor health scares in the form of a chest pain or an acidity problem or the frequent gastric trouble you have been facing on and off.  No matter what the age, what the gender, everyone must keep a check on their physical fitness. More significant is to keep a check on the health of the heart!

Keeping A Check On Heart Attack

Healthy Sports for your Heart


In a recent study, the American Heart Association found out that about two thousand two hundred people die in America due to a heart attack which means one death in every forty seconds on an average. This is an alarming figure. The good news is that heart attacks can be prevented!

Yes you read it right; it is absolutely in your hands to prevent this cardiovascular disease. We have researched on all forms of sports that can help prevent a heart failure and created a list of top 10 sports that can help your heart beat the attack.

For a healthy heart and a healthier lifestyle, practice these forms of sports that will give you freedom from indoor games. This is not a complicated list but following any one of these regularly will give you a healthy living.Last but not the least, playing sports is an excellent stress buster that would make you get going all the day long.

The List Of Top 10 Healthy Sports

1.Rowing is the simplest way to beat the heart blues. The benefit of rowing is many, low risk of any injuries, an increase in muscle strength and weight loss. Rowing can be helpful as an indoor game while practicing on a rowing machine and is a great outdoor sport too.

2.Cycling is a sports form that is beneficial for all age groups. Kids will enjoy this most as an indoor game as well as an outdoor sport.This is one of the most common sports played across geographies and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

One can participate in the cycling marathons that usually takes place in the month of May and June. It is the most low-impact method to shed calories and pump up the blood circulation in your body.

Healthy Sports for your Heart

3.Fishing, strange but true it indeed is becoming a form of sports these days. Do you know that fishing can burns an average of 200 calories an hour, depending on the kind of fishing which you like to do.

This popular outdoor sport can add a few more happy and healthy years in your life. Gear for the fishing trip as it is going to activate the happy cells in your brain. Going outdoors regularly for fishing helps in creating a fit and a happy lifestyle.

4.Swimming is the most beneficial sport for the heart. It is a low-stress form of sport that can be done indoors and outdoors. Swimming helps in maintaining a healthy BMI. In addition to burning calories, it also helps to keep a check on body weight, burns calories faster and improves the lung health. Just like aerobics and yoga, you can practice swimming alone and avail a calm and smooth mind.

Healthy Sports for your Heart

5.Tennis helps in burning 600 – 700 calories in a session of one hour. Not one but all your body parts benefit from this sport. All the slams, serves, pivots and hits encourage muscle strength. Your serves may be short, but the powerful bursts and sways that it gives to your body are pivotal for a healthy heart.

6.Squash is an indoor game/sport that helps in burning quick calories. Just like tennis it improves flexibility, develops muscle strength and energizes the body.

7.Basketball is a form of an indoor game and is an outdoor sports activity too. It helps in circulating blood at a faster pace therefore improving the blood flow to the heart. One hour session of basketball can help you burn up to 900 calories a day.

Besides offering you a good body height, Basketball can help you remove all the additional fat from your body. Jumping, running, footwork, stretching, and a focused mind are few of the core activities of Basketball.

8.Gymnastics encourages athletes to become flexible, gain strength and stay in great shape. This activity requires a blend of mental and physical abilities. A gymnast benefits from this form of sport as it is considered an indoor game and does not require practicing it in outdoor setup. This indoor game helps to increase mental focus and at the same time improves imaginative skills.

Healthy Sports for your Heart

9.Running is a sport for everyone. People who run regularly will experience good bone health. It even tones up the muscles and is imperative for overall physiological fitness. There are many research of scientific evidence that you should do regular exercise. You can do it per week. It is about five time per week with 30 minutes per time . Running has benefit that can help prevent obesity, heart desease, some cancers.

Healthy Sports for your Heart

10.Volleyball played at a beach or at the backside of your courtyard, it will help in increasing metabolic rate and boosting confidence. It is in our list for healthiest sports because it increases metabolic rate, builds agility and is very healthy for strengthening muscles.

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