Top 25 Blogs for Air Fryer Fanatics

Top 25 Blogs for AirfryersThe air fryer hype is getting bigger as more and more people get into healthy lifestyles. Air frying can substitute traditional deep-frying methods and uses a lot less oil, making it a healthy alternative without compromising on taste. Here are the top 25 blog pages dedicated to air fryer fanatics that you should visit.

Passionate About Baking

DeebaThis blog focuses on baking but the owner of the blog, Deeba, experiments with the air fryer for toppings on bread and it turned out wonderful. This blog goes to show that air frying isn’t just about French fries and potato chips, but can also be used for a zesty addition to any meal.



Hot Air Frying

RandalThis blog is solely dedicated to the wonders of air frying. If you are someone who just hopped in on the healthy train and want to recreate a lot of deep fried food using the air fryer, Randal teaches you how, calorie count included!



Recipe This

DominicThe Milners create mouthwatering recipes for air fryer cooking that makes baking sound like a chore. From tarts to doughnuts, breads to eclairs, they have it! This blog is the ultimate sweet-tooth haven for people who want to start air-frying desserts.



Jillian Harris

JillianThis website contains air fryer love and a fish taco recipe that is superb. If Mexican food appeals to your palate, then this website should steer you in the right direction when using your air fryer to create Mexican dishes.



Scene Stealer

LissaLissa is maintaining a balance between enjoying her food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a gym buff and loves keeping herself fit, but she also loves eating delicious food and doesn’t want to compromise the taste, so she uses an air fryer. For the fitness buffs out there, here’s some inspiration to get you cooking more dishes using the air fryer.



Budget Pantry

ChrisThis blog has some seriously good recipes using an air fryer, and it estimates the total cost, too. Budgeting for food will be easier when basing the weekly menu on this site. Chris runs the blog, and her air fry cooking abilities range from breakfast food to pastry puffs.



Love is All We Need

LizLiz features a lot of simple recipes in her blog using an air fryer. She also outlined the pros and cons of using an air fryer, but it leans so much on the pro side so if you’re trying to get someone you love to start converting to air frying, recommend this page to them and see them make the switch in no time!



Spoon Stix

MishaSpoon Stix is a charming website by Misha who uses an air fryer to cook some delicious meals. If you’re looking for a different take on some familiar meals, head over to her page where the recipes are all outlined neatly.



The Dallas Socials

BetsyBetsy has fallen in love with her air fryer and is now sharing over a hundred recipes in this blog. You got that right, a hundred! That’s enough to fill in a month’s menu using just an air fryer! Her recipes are categorized into entrees, side dishes, appetizers, and desserts, making this site the go-to for any air-fryer meal.



Cuisine Paradise

EllenQuick meals have never been easier using the air fryer. Recipes are outlined in Cuisine Paradise, run by Ellena Guan, whose blog features a lot of cooking tips, tricks, and a few product reviews. One of these is the air fryer, and it shows you how to set it up and use it.



Absolutely Ade

AdelineNot a fan of frying but a big fan of meat? Adeline shows you how to air fry ribs in this blog, with the entire recipe inside. Ribs in an air fryer, life can’t get much better than that. She also talks about how having an air fryer changes the frying game.



Saffron Trail

NanditaNandita shares a lot of recipes and snacks that can be prepared in an air fryer. She is a doctor specializing in nutrition, and answers a lot of questions related to air frying and nutritional values of food cooked in it. Reading her blog is a great way to get informed about what happens to air fried food compared to other frying methods.




SanSandra shares a few recipes on her blog that she usually cooks using the air fryer. It describes how her meals are prepared and how the air fryer locks in the flavor while maintaining crispiness outside. The best part is, her recipes are child-friendly, so air-frying moms should definitely pin this blog.



Steamy Kitchen

JadenJaden, the owner of the Steamy Kitchen blog, is a tv chef, cookbook author and recipe developer who tried her hand in air frying. Her blog features a video and a review on the air fryer, and how easy it is to use.



Rachna Cooks

RachnaIn her blog, Rachna uses the air fryer and gives some tips on how to adjust the cooking and what to expect with different types of dishes. It provides good information on what and what not to cook using an air fryer as well.



The Hedgehog Knows

JanetThis blog provides a detailed description on how to make several dishes using the air fryer, and provides the recipes as well. The recipes aren’t just limited to dishes, but also cakes and buns. This is a great blog to pin when wanting good instructional recipes for air frying.




MelissaCakes-lovers are welcome to read the blog as Melicacy gives out a recipe for a sticky prune cake using the air fryer, substituting it for the convection oven that was required for the original recipe.





blogaddaBlogadda is the perfect website to visit for vegetarians who want to try their hand at air frying. The site features several traditional Indian vegetarian dishes that are air-fried to perfection.




A Perfect Pantry

APerfectPantryRecipes for several healthy treats are available at Kylie’s post about the air fryer. The blog encourages people to eat healthier and opt for homemade dishes and snacks rather than unhealthy alternatives.




A Happy Mum

SummerSummer is the happy mum who uses the air fryer (and lets her kid use it, too!) to make different kinds of snacks and meals. It emphasizes on the ease of use of the fryer, as well as the fast cooking time. It’s a great read for moms who want their kids involved in the kitchen under supervision.



Kelly Siew Cooks

KellyBreakfast, dinner, snacks, Kelly Siew does it all in an air fryer. She answers several FAQs on air fryers, and this blog is also a good read for those who aren’t exactly sure how to use an air fryer.





KitchTipThe Kitchtip blog gives a lot of advice on the air fryer, and will be a good resource when wanting to learn how to maintain an air fryer. It gives the pros and cons of different air fryers, and will be great when trying to research on what air fryer will suit you the most.



Williams-Sonoma Taste

WilliamsThe blog features a lot of air-fried recipes of the old favorites: chicken wings, potato wedges, bacon croquettes, you name it. Air frying using these recipes really gives these originally oily dishes a refreshing twist!



The Musings of Mother Kao

ElizabethThis interesting blog post shows how the air fryer can be a very handy tool in the kitchen, especially when guests are coming over. Elizabeth shares some tips on how the air fryer can lessen your prep time, save space, and cook tasty treats without all the messes that come with regular cooking.



Alice Walker’s Blog

AliceInformation about the benefits of purchasing an air fryer can be found in this blog page. Alice understands the need to experience fried foods yet cut back on all the oil, spills, cleanup and cholesterol that frying food in oil brings. It’s a great read to open your eyes to the wonders of air frying!



Bonus: Air Fryer Reviewed


Alexa started her blog airfryerreviewed to cover all the aspects of air fryers. Along with her team, they provide honest air fryer reviews, recipes, tips and tricks and many other suggestions. Airfryerreviewed is a great resource for anyone looking for buying his/her air fryer.



Whether you’ve already tried and loved air fryers or are just looking to buy one, these 26 top air fryer blogs will make the difference in your kitchen through introducing you to new and fun ways to make your meals healthier and faster!

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