The Most Inspiring 25 Cooking Bloggers of 2016

25 Most Inspiring Food BloggersWhether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, you have to admit that one of the best ways to hunt for kitchen inspiration is through a quick online search. But with all the different food sites popping up, sifting through search results for great tips and recipes can prove to be a real challenge.  Sure, you could turn towards bigger names but nothing beats a warm, personal touch to a recipe for some extra flavor to your reading.

To cut you some search time, I’ve compiled a list of amazing websites based on their quality content, beautiful photos, and recipe ideas that will motivate you to don your apron and get cooking! Here’s my list of the best food blogs online.

Cookie + Kate

Cookie and KateSince 2010, Kate, a self-taught photographer and cook, has been blogging about healthy whole food meals alongside her adorable canine companion, Cookie. With a dedication to real, sustainable, and flexible recipes, Kate writes about how you can have fun in the kitchen with delicious and innovative vegetarian recipes.



Golubka Kitchen

Goluba KitchenAnya Kassoff shares her love of cooking through flavorful, nourishing, vegetarian recipes. Each post is accompanied by colorful visuals—all of which were photographed by her eldest daughter, Masha Davydova. Her blog and recipes are also available in French at her site.



Rasa Malaysia

Rasa MalaysiaBee Yinn Low is one of the most popular food bloggers online—and rightfully so! She holds one of the largest collections of Asian recipes online, and her detailed instructions are sure to give you that boost of confidence to conquer any daunting Asian cooking technique.  



Dinner Was Delicious

Dinner was DeliciousContrary to this site’s description, this isn’t just “another f***ing food blog”. Since 2011, Rachel and Lucy, the pen and photographer respectively, have been running their sassy food blog with a young, energetic voice to complement their exciting meals. Dinner Was Delicious is the perfect read if you’re looking for a fun time in the kitchen.



Eat the Love

Eat the LoveSelf-taught baker and graphic designer, Irvin Lin narrates his love for the magic of baking through his writing. With an extensive collection of sweet recipes, his passion truly shines through. This makes his blog an excellent read if you’re looking to gift your loved ones with warm, home-baked goods.



Chef in Disguise

Chef in DiguiseWhile balancing her day job as an orthodontist, Sawsan treats us to a taste of her heritage through her authentic Middle Eastern, Levantine and Arabic recipes. She also provides informative descriptions on Middle Eastern and Arabic spices, to help you build your own flavorful spice collection.  



Family Spice

Family SpiceStay-at-home-mom and award winning cookbook author, Laura Bashar has been running her food blog for the past five years. What started out as a search for exciting recipes to feed her family, grew into a form of creative expression which she showcases through her collection of mouth-watering recipes.



Miss Foodwise

Miss Food WiseTravel back in time with Regula Ysewijn, a Belgian graphic designer obsessed with British culture. She brings wholesome, Old English recipes to our kitchens and tables, enriched by a short history lesson that evokes a sense of discovery and wonder.



The Hungry Australian

The Hungry AustralianIn search of a way to improve her writing, Christina Soong started her blog in 2011. To her surprise, it has allowed her to create an award winning food blog with deeply personal stories, stunning visuals, and an extensive list of well-crafted recipes.



Bright Bird

The Bright BirdSonia Raga is a multi-talented Spanish woman that is a practicing architect, makeup artist and healthy living enthusiast. Through her writing, she narrates her journey to learning as much as she can on the relationship between food and health by educating her readers with simple and easy vegan recipes.



Ladles and Jellyspoons

Ladles and JellyspoonsAs a self-proclaimed “Chef Wrangler”, Lucy Lean keeps herself in the good company of many chefs who have inspired her to keep learning about food. Her blog’s focus is to translate the seemingly complex dishes by these chefs into a language that any cook can easily do at home.



Dolly and Oatmeal

Dolly and OatmealDespite her food sensitivities, Lindsey Love uses her limitations to her advantage by experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her playful writing is an intriguing contrast to her dramatic visuals.  Although she’s not vegan, her recipes are mostly plant based, gluten-free, and dairy-free.



Cooker and a Looker

Cooker and A LookerNamed after a joke on her wedding day, Amanda Smyth’s food blog is “dedicated to home cooking and the joy that sharing good food brings.” Amanda brings life to her fresh, easy, and family friendly recipes with her personal anecdotes and charming sense of humor.




The First Mess

The First MessAn advocate of veganism and sustainable eating, Laura Wright charms her readers through her passionate writing, helpful tips, beautiful photos, and creative recipes. She works with natural and plant-based foods, and loves sharing wholesome meals with her loved ones and community.



The Broken Bread

The Broken BreadInspired by the seasons, Kristan Raines—a baker, writer and photographer, explores creative executions to fresh, quality ingredients to bring out the best of their flavor. Her recipes are categorized by the season, captivatingly photographed, and emulate a nostalgic yet comforting tone.



Marla Meredith

Marla MeridithMarla Meredith is an adventurous mother of two on a constant quest for a healthy and delicious life. Her wholesome recipes are easy, healthy and family friendly—with the occasional indulgences on the side. She also writes about her travels, fashion and beauty tips, and her two adorable dogs.



Adventures in Cooking

Adventures in CookingBlogger and photographer, Eva Kosmas Flores shares her stories from her garden and kitchen, then complements them alongside stunningly dramatic photography. With a strong passion for home-grown food, her blog features delicious farm-to-table recipes, gardening tips, and her dreams of rustic living.  



The Roaming Kitchen

The Roaming KitchenFounded in 2011, The Roaming Kitchen is the brainchild of Christina Sciarra—a food blog of seasonal recipes, stories and vibrant photography inspired by her love of farmers’ markets and honest food. She believes that regardless of your background, “a little culinary knowledge and fresh ingredients make good meals possible”.  



Steele House Kitchen

Steele House KitchenProfessional recipe developer, food writer and photographer, Meredith Steele started her blog after the birth of her first daughter in 2008. Originally known as, Steele House Kitchen has grown into a vibrant collection of recipes and stories in celebration of “creative fresh foods that bring family and friends together”.



Behind the Food Carts

Behind the Food CartsUnlike other entries to this list, KIM+PHIL’s blog is all about hunting for the best, innovative food trucks around, and recipe guides on how to cook what these trucks serve. The duo charms their audience through engaging stories, well-conducted interviews, and captivating photos.



Two Peas & Their Pod

Two Peas and their PodFor the past seven years, the husband and wife duo, Maria and Josh have been inviting readers into their home through their simple, fresh, and family friendly recipes. Along with an impressive count of around 200 cookie recipes, their blog features all kinds of dishes that are perfect for any meal and occasion.



Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered KatieHealthier living doesn’t mean you have to banish your sweet tooth. Chocolate Covered Katie’s writer has chocolate every day! In search for healthier alternatives to balance her meals, Katie writes easy and delicious dessert recipes that can accommodate any kind of dietary restriction.



A Spicy Perspective

A Spicy Perspective‘Spicy’ is the perfect way to capture Sommer Collier’s character. Her posts are written with witty humor and playful anecdotes of her kids and family life.  A professional food writer, photographer, stylist and recipe developer, Sommer creates easy American comfort food recipes with a gourmet edge.



Two Red Bowls

Two Red BowlsOriginally looking for an avenue to showcase photos of what she cooks, Cynthia has managed to turn Two Red Bowls into a collection of striking photographs and innovative recipes. Living in Brooklyn, she combines Asian and American culinary styles to create dishes that are perfect for the city life.



Belleau Kitchen

Belleau KitchenBelleau, Lincolnshire based Dominic Franks is a cook and food writer who shares his rustic, seasonal recipes featuring the best of his local produce.  He draws inspiration from his mother and Delia Smith’s cooking to recreate classic recipes with a touch of his personal charm.



In Conclusion

Of course, there will always be more blogs out there to bring out the best of your cooking, but I feel that these 25 food bloggers are sure to inspire your hidden culinary genius. Happy reading!

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