Top 25 Most Credible Foot Health Websites To Follow in 2016

top 25 foot health websitesTaking care of your feet is an important part of any hygienic and health routine. There are a number of important things you can do to make sure that your feet are healthy, strong and odor free. But where can you find information on the subject?

We have listed the top 25 foot care websites on the web. Instead of wasting your time looking through pointless websites without any quality information, check any one of these top websites to gain access to quality information about how to best care for your feet.

Top 25 Foot Care Websites to follow right now

Nick1. Dr. Nicks Running Blog

What they offer: For those who are active runners, this website will offer you a wealth of information about how to care for your feet while on the track or doing your cross country routine. From gear reviews to the best running shoes for your long term foot health, they have you covered.

Josef2.  Healing Feet

What they offer: This website is a great resource for anyone suffering from chronic foot pain troubles. They offer information on the newest technologies and procedures available to help you deal with foot pain.

Anthony3. Dr. Anthony Weinert

What they offer: Dr. Antony Weinert is a surgeon specializing in correcting problems related to feet. His website also offers a free e-book called “Stop Feet Pain Fast.”

Tim4. Soft Star Shoes

What they offer: This amazing website posts weekly articles on a variety of foot care and foot health topics. They also offer gear reviews for the best products available to help you deal with a variety of foot health issues.

Lawrence5. Family Podiatry Center

What they offer: The doctors have been treating ankle pain and foot pain for decades. Doctors Lawrence Kosova and Marlene Reid are utilizing the newest techniques for treating flatfeet and heel pain.

Jo6. Care for Feet UK

What they offer: This blog based in the UK answers your most basic questions such as “Why do my feet hurt?” and “What is podiatry?” They also recommend quality foot care clinics across the UK.

Lyndon7. Total Foot Health

What they offer: This great website of a renowned podiatry clinic in the UK has fantastic informational articles regarding care for feet of diabetics and surgery options for serious foot health problems.

Brenna8. My New Feet

What they offer: This blog offers a wealth of information on different foot topics and also includes in depth interviews with podiatrists and podiatry students.

Jenny9. Dr. Shoe Reviews

What they offer: If you´re into cycling or hiking, you´ll want a quality pair of shoes to keep your feet healthy. This website has got you covered with great reviews on shoes for cycling, hiking and every other type of activity.

Richard10. Dr. Blake´s Healing Sole

What they offer: This blog belongs to Dr. Richard Blake, a famous podiatrist in the San Francisco area and offers practical information for caring for your feet and ankles.

Andrew11. Tanglewood Foot Specialists

What they offer: This Houston, Texas based podiatry clinic has a great section of frequently asked questions and answers as well as pages related to patient education.

Nicola12. Active Feet Podiatry

What they offer: This UK based clinic has great information for potential podiatry patients and even offers home visits for those based in the UK.

Jairo13. The Tampa Podiatrist

What they offer: This great website has a blog where they post weekly articles related to the state of the art information related to foot care. One of the most recent articles was related to shockwave therapy as a potential treatment for heel pain.

Jason14. Perform Podiatry

What they offer: This blog is unique in that it offers information related to orthotics, insoles and other different technologies to treat foot care problems.

Scott15. Posture Podiatry

What they offer: This website has great information on children´s podiatry and also a great page on “What you need to know.”


16. My NY Podiatrist

What they offer: This webpage run by Adler Foot Care of the greater New York area has basic information for foot care patients as well as a variety of helpful links.

Heidi17. Foot Sense

What they offer: This New Zealand based clinic offer information about the services they offer as well as a great blog with up to date news in the foot care world.

Guido18. Achilles Foot Clinic

What they offer: This blog is based in Calgary, Canada and offers fantastic information on who needs to see a podiatrist.

Maasi19. Dr. Maasi

What they offer: Dr. Maasi is both a doctor, a published author with a book on caring for your feet, and a well known TV personality. His website is filled with practical information on how to care for your feet.

Jeff20. Dr. Jeff Lamour

What they offer: This website has very important articles ranging from operations on bunions to heel pain while sleeping and everything in between. It is a very comprehensive source for quality information.

feet and beauty

21. Feet and Beauty

What they offer: This website considers itself a place where “beauty meets science.” It is a great resource for people wanting to care for the aesthetics of their feet.


22. Complete Foot Care LLC

What they offer: When you visit this website, you´ll be greeted by tabs that lead you to great information on bunions, diabetic care, heel pain, orthotics, and neuroma.

Donald23. KC Foot Doctors

What they offer: This Kansas City based podiatry clinic offers great information on a variety of foot health issues as well as reviews on foot care products.

Judith24. Beta Feet Podiatry

What they offer: This website specializes in offering information related to foot and nail care and has great resources for those dealing with nail fungus.

Philip25. Washington Foot Doctor

What they offer: This website offers a free download of the eBook called “Got Feet” written by Dr. Phillip Pinsker who also runs the website.

Final Thoughts:

Whatever foot problems you may be dealing with, one of these top 25 websites will surely give you great information about how you can deal with your foot issues today.

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