The Top 25 Diet Bloggers To Follow in 2016

At a time when there seems to be as many diet programs—from Atkins to Paleo to Keto and many more besides— as there are conflicting advice and disagreement about acceptable foods, it’s refreshing to remember that the ultimate goal is to get healthy while losing weight.

Top 25 Diet Blog - HealthlistedThere are generally three factors in each stage: First, it takes willpower to get started and do the actual regimen. Then the second factor is training endurance to spend all those months continuing and dutifully seeing it through towards your desired outcome. And finally, the third factor of fortitude, to keep complacency out of your system and maintaining the progress you have made without regressing; and if you do fall off the wagon, to get back in as quickly as you can.

As such, one of the best methods for getting motivation as well as staying the course on your dieting, exercise, low-carb or weight loss journey, is taking inspiration from the advice, travails and progress of bloggers all over the world.

Here are 25 of our favorites, and they will serve to inform, inspire and melt that weight away.

A Journey to Thin

Alissa - A Journey to ThinAlissa wanted to be fit so she can be healthy enough to warrant a baby, and after losing over 90 pounds, she got to a point when she could run 5Ks and oscillate back and forth in weight until finally getting her ultimate prize of a bouncing baby girl. Her blog shares her story, advice for living on a budget, her recipes and reviews.

Beth’s Journey

Beth - Beth's JourneyWhether it’s war or weight loss, hitting your objective is half the battle, because the other half is keeping it. Beth Klein knows this first-hand with her a struggle between losing weight and regaining it. Her blog is an inspirational source about the constant struggle of a common yet not often discussed recurrence.

Diary of an Aspiring Loser

Michelle - Diary of an Aspiring LoserMichelle is a licensed therapist whose practice feeds her diet and weight loss undertakings. Her blog chronicles an almost-decade long adventure in losing weight to serve as an anchor for keeping her weight-honest and to serve as an inspiration to readers everywhere.

Glitter + Lazers

Anna - Glitter + LazersAnna - Glitter and LazersAnna is a fearless blogger and this is her fun loudspeaker! Her eclectic tastes bloom into a cornucopia of wild posts that capture her colorful personality, particularly those of the message of love and life on your terms without regard for the naysayers.

Grace Got Healthy

Grace - Grace Got HealthyGrace is proof that everyone has their own rhythm, whether it’s sleeping patterns, dancing, or weight loss. Deciding dieting in itself wasn’t doing her any good, she found her balance in the simple concept of small changes and wins that snowballed into the leaner, happier blogger whose chronicles and diet recipes keep many healthy returns for readers.

Gretchen in Between

Gretchen - Gretchen in BetweenGretchen isn’t just unique because she calls herself a whasian (mixed Caucasian and Asian), but because she’s a colorful soul happily forever trapped between childhood and adulthood and a dichotomy that applies across various junctures in her life. Her blog was intended to keep her accountable, and in that she has succeeded. But after life and pounds happening, she happily tells the tale of her journey back to her ideal weight.

Healthful Pursuit

Leanne - Healthful PursuitLeanne is a Holistic Nutritionist with a mission to help her readers gain control of their overpowering food habits and wrestling back control of it. Following a Keto lifestyle, she bestows them with tools and a healthy dose of charm, healthy advice, low carbs and a fair amount of happy dietary fat.

Just a One Girl Revolution

Mindy - Just a One Girl RevolutionMindy writes about how getting big, then determining to lose that heft, enabled her to discover lessons and a personal side she didn’t realize existed: that of appreciating her life in the glory of her diet and weight loss. Doing things she didn’t use to, the certified health coach and avowed hater of running eventually ran her first 5K in 2007 and never looked back as she bagged dozens of races more since.

Meals and Miles

meghann at mealsandmilesIt is common for people to realize how age slows your metabolism and your eating habits– that may not have much of an impact when you were a teenager– easily makes one fat in later years. Meghann knows this firsthand after finding herself working at a desk job all day and watching those pounds arrive. She started her blog to document how she balances her life in a way that helps others do the same.

My Bizzy Kitchen

Biz - My Bizzy KitchenBiz navigates the testy waters of diabetes with a blog that inspires while providing a trustworthy source of healthy food and habits, especially to whose health depends on it, and a rich source of healthy recipes that find their way in the kitchens and favorite lists of the Internets

No Bun Please

Dominic - No Bun PleaseWhat started as major digestive problems turned into a journey of discovery for a man who would not be controlled by his ailments and instead took control of life on his terms. This led to Dominic experimenting with various diet plans before finally arriving at a Keto diet that has transitioned into a “Paleo Plus” one that includes a a Paleo diet filled with dairy, potatoes, rice, and relised with a blog that sparks with Keto wisdom.

Non Nom Paleo

Michelle - Nom Nom PaleoMichelle Tam wanted to be the Dr. Frankenfood of your gastronomic desire and majored in nutrition and food science at Berkeley, allowing her to concoct magical marvels in the kitchen laboratory before earning a doctorate in clinical pharmacy at UCSF. Her blog takes her culinary adventure from the standpoint of someone with a technical and experimental beat, and a love affair with food adventures.


Tina - PaleomazingTo say that Tina is an avid foodie would be a gross understatement. She combines the best of multiple fields into the fusion that is her blog by way of living the Paleo lifestyle, developing her own recipes, collecting cookbooks, peppering her blog with glossy-media level food photography, writing, teaching and consulting.

Paleo / NonPaleo

Alison - Paleo on PaleoPaleo or not Paleo, that is the question. Alison gets social media, and became an author of an Amazon bestselling guide to the Paleo diet after getting a wellspring of responses when she asked her Facebook page what they were struggling with. Her blog focuses on the Paleo lifestyle and all the strange conditions that go with it.

Paleo Parents

Matthew and Stacy - PaleoParentsStacy and Matt are living the life of Paleo enthusiasts whose blog complements their top-rated syndicated podcast and authoring several bestselling cookbooks. Their recipes are regularly featured in various national media and keeps it together in a happy chronicling of the challenge and nonlinear path from obesity towards weight targets and a healthy, happy life.


Cat - Breakfast to Bed and ReaderEaterA reformed heavytarian, Cat chronicles her battle with weight swings and who has now settled on her ideal weight and body that makes her the happy person she always dreamed of back when she turned 310 lbs into the much lower happy weight she now sports, and encourages others in doing the same.

Run, Eat, Repeat

Monica - Run Eat RepeatThey say running is good for your cardio and overall health but shouldn’t be misconstrued as a method for losing weight. Monica fixes that by running and eating her way into that goal (while getting faster) with her blog that documents her diet, recipes, weight loss and training.

Simply Taralynn

Taralynn - Simply TaralynnTaralynn wears many hats, figuratively (with a variety of activities at any given time and blogging just about anything), as well as literally, being an avid fashion lover who showcases her own collection and operates a clothing boutique online. She loves food and she loves fitness, and she takes as much joy in the energy of her readers as they do of her from her blog.

Skinny Jeans Dreams

Krystle - My Skinny Jeans and DreamsHer blog’s name says it all. Krystle discusses health and fitness from the point of view of a clear objective, and hopes to inspire while getting inspired on the way, recognizing after losing more than 100 pounds that the other challenge is maintaining it.

The Domestic Man

Russ - The Domestic ManRuss is a bestselling author of multiple books who made his chops as an authority contributor to various large media outlets and created a website that shares his recipes that uniquely focus on variations on classic international dishes that have a story behind them based on a historical and cultural point of view. As such, he focuses on the Paleo diet and his blog is his attempt to connect humans to its roots via a gastronomical journey fit for the history books.

The Valentine RD

Melissa - The Valentine RDMelissa Burton’s blog has an “RD” in the end that is a play on “neRD” but is actually because she is a registered dietician who is a native New Yorker that swung left to the other coast in California, and an avid 80’s fan who is big on diet, food, fitness and family. Though she disclaims that her blog should not be misconstrued as official diagnoses (she can be contacted separately for an appointment), it is still is an unofficial source of insight from the mind of a certified authority on nutrition, diets, diabetes and Duran Duran.

The Wonky Spatula

Nicola - The Wonky SpatulaNicola realized that it isn’t just knowing what or what not to eat that stops people from succeeding, but the difficulty in mustering that willpower and endurance to do so. She uses this to great effect along with whatever alternatives are available to ease the practice. She’s made this her mission, and her blog is the guide to how to realistically eat healthy 100% of the time.

Too Hottie for That Body

Nina - Too Hottie for That BodyA former athlete who tackled weight gains that were stubborn to the extreme, Nina enjoins her readers to invoke their inner “hottie” and keep that in mind whenever they fall off the wagon or are simply wanting that little extra push on their toil towards the better mood and mind that follows hitting a weight objective successfully.

Weight Wars

Rebecca - Weight WarsBecca undergoes much of the same struggle many dieters have, including the depression after regaining weight and having to stop blogging because of this. Her formula for weight loss and dieting is simple even if it isn’t easy: finding value not in pounds lost but the willingness to keep going. She shares her struggle and favorite recipes in the neat little package that is her blog.

Yum Yucky

Josie - Yum YuckyJosiel is a self-confessed green tea freak who exercises 5 days a week and likes to take on the kind of foods that would make other dieters run for the hills, like pizza, cakes and pies. Yet she still managed to go from 186 lbs to 143 lbs in the process of birthing her kids. She blogs about fitness, healthy diets and natural health– juicing, alternative medicine, natural beauty products and the like in all their goodness.


There are many diet plans, and there are as many arguments for or against each one. But there is one truth that matters the most: The diet you take works, but only if you do it, and that you keep at it, knowing it’s a lifelong commitment. In this way, what sacrifices and routines you make– whether you enjoy them or not– rewards you in health, and the happiness that follows it.

Our top choices of 2016’s diet bloggers above not only live by this commitment, but are an inspiration not just for the recipes, tips, techniques and stories they share, but in their own struggles and foibles, and how they overcome them; showing you how it’s also their imperfections that make them perfect choices, because they are like us, and we can enjoy them like old friends who want to help and propel you on  your dietary journey.

So get your diet going if you haven’t already, and remember this paraphrasing of an old proverb: The best time to start your diet was 10 years ago. The second best, is today.

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