Top 25 Interesting Golf Sites in 2016

best golf sitesgolf siteGolf can be considered as one of the most popular sport activities in the world. There are many people who are interested in playing golf in their daily life. If you are a fan of this sport, you might want to look for some great information about this interesting sport activity.

You are able to find top 25 sites that are talking about golf on the Internet today. These websites offer lots of information, techniques, tips, and tricks about playing golf. It is a great time for you to visit some of these popular sites, in order to learn more about this exciting sport activity.

Top 25 Golf Sites

1. PJKoenig Golf Photography

pjkoenigWhy you should follow: This website is founded by Patrick Koenig. He is a professional golfer who loves photography. You are able to find any beautiful photos, interesting stories, and exciting experience from Patrick.


2. Andrew Rice Golf

andrewricegolfWhy you should follow: Andrew Rice has more than 25 years of experience as a professional golf coach. You are able to read some useful tips about how you can play golf properly. This website also offers important information about several golf classes or lessons for both beginner and advanced golf players.


3. Paul Lawrie Golf

paullawriegolfWhy you should follow: If you are looking for a great golf website that covers all necessary details about golf, you might want to visit this site. Paul Lawrie covers any important golf tips in both video and article formats. This website is also supported by some professional companies, including Aberdeen Asset Management, Saltire Energy, Farm Foods, and also Simmons & Company.


4. Kris Moe Golf School

krismoegolfschoolWhy you should follow: Kris Moe always wants to offer the best golf experience for all people. You can find some golf lessons, tips, and tricks from this website. There are some beautiful pictures of any golf courses or activities that can be found in this incredible website.


5. Southern California Golf and Travel Blog

soccalgolfblogWhy you should follow: Corey Ross, the writer from this blog, is very well-known as a professional writer in golf category. She is the winner of the 2014 Media Award from SoCal PGA. This achievement can show the overall quality and writing performance from this author. Corey also shows some interesting golf courses that are available in Southern California.


6. The Golf Travel Guru

thegolftravelguruWhy you should follow: Ed Schidt Jr is the full time author from The Golf Travel Guru. He is an independent writer who writes more than 3,000 columns and also articles about golf. His articles are available in any popular publications, such as Golf Magazine, Travel and Leisure Golf, Golf Partners Magazine, Private Clubs Magazine, Stratos Magazine, and any other publications.


7. Golf Escapes

golf-escapesWhy you should follow: This website can be a perfect place for you who want to find some popular golf resorts, golf courses, and also golf destinations. There are lots of interesting places from around the world that you can find from this website. You can also enjoy many beautiful images or photos inside this site.



8. The Golf Chick

thegolfchickWhy you should follow: This is an old website that is talking about golf. There are some interviews, stories, product reviews, events, and any other occasions that are going to be discussed in this site. It can be a great community for you to meet other golf players from around the world.


9. Geoff Shackelford

geoffshackelfordWhy you should follow: This website is recommended for all golf lovers. It is an official partner from Golf Digest, one of the most reputable golf sites on the Internet. Geoff is also a contributor in some popular publications, such as Golf Channel, Golf World, The Golfer, The Los Angeles Times, Links,, and many other popular sites.


10. Hooked on Golf

hookedongolfblogWhy you should follow: Tony Korologos, the author from Hooked on Golf (HOG) website, is a professional golfer who has lots of experience in this sport. This site is going to cover everything that is related with golf, for example golf courses, golf equipment, golf, professional golf courses, and any other important details about this sport.


11. Gearhart Golf Links

gearhartgolflinksWhy you should follow: This website is dedicated for all golfers who live around Gearhart, Oregon. You can find the best golf course that is available in this area by visiting this website. When you visit this website, you can also get access to any details from this golf course, for example packages, rates, membership types, tournaments, and also testimonials from other people.


12. Golf Dash Blog

golfdashblogWhy you should follow: When you visit this website, you are going to read lots of information related with golf. This Golf Dash Blog also offers free eBook and podcasts for all readers. Doug Farrick and John Diekmann are doing their best to provide complete golf news, tips, tricks, techniques, and also information for all readers.


13. Golf Guru TV

golfgurutvWhy you should follow: Jason Sutton is very happy to help you learn more about golf and other related events. He also writes lots of golf news and information in this website. There are some certifications that he got from some associations, including AimPoint and D-Plane.


14. Mike Pedersen Golf

mikepedersengolfWhy you should follow: Mike, the author from this website, has been in this golf industry for more than 25 years. This fact can show the overall quality from this author. This website can be one of the most popular golf communities on the Internet nowadays. You can also ask for private one-on-one training session with Mike when you visit this website.


15. Golfgal

golfgal-blogWhy you should follow: Gayle writes a lot of useful information for all golfers from around the world. There are some golf course reviews, recommended golf websites, golf tips, golf vacation tips, and any other tips for all users. You can also enjoy beautiful pictures and videos when visiting this website.


16. Rick Sessinghaus Golf Academy

ricksessinghausWhy you should follow: Rick Sessinghaus is a professional golf’s mental coach. He knows how to help all golfers, beginner golf players, and any other people get the best performance everyday. He is also an official instructional editor for Fox Sports Network and Golf Tips magazine.


17. Mike Fay Golf

mikefaygolfWhy you should follow: This website is full of instructions about how you can play golf properly. Mike has more than 20 years of teaching experience in golf industry. He is also known as the best Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor. He also works with some other professional and winning leading golf experts from around the world, in order to write the best content in this website.

18. Dougie Bell Golf Coach

dougiebellgolfcoachingWhy you should follow: Dougie Bell is ready to provide the best golf lessons for any clients. It is considered as one of the most popular golf schools in the world. There are some professional golfers who are working with this school.



19. Alistair Davies Golf

alistairdaviesgolfWhy you should follow: Alistair is a professional golf coach with lots of experience in this industry. He has been in this industry for more than 15 years. He is also certified as TPI golf fitness instructor and also Golf Machine authorized instructor.



20. Paul Foston Golf Academy

paulfostongolfacademyWhy you should follow: Paul Foston, the owner from this site, is an advanced fellow from the PGA. He is considered as one of the top 25 coaches in Golf Monthly. He also produces a lot of instructional books, golf tips videos, and articles about golf.

21. Peter Finch Golf Coaching

peterfinchgolfWhy you should follow: Many people are interested in visiting this website. It can be considered as one of the top golf coaching sites on the Internet nowadays. You can also choose the right package that is suitable for your needs.



22. Peter Dawson Golf Academy

peterdawsongolfWhy you should follow: It is written by professional golf coach, Peter Dawson, who is very famous in this golf industry. He has been working as PGA of Europe Professional, Ryder Cup and World Cup Player, International Coach, and also Master Pro British PGA for a few years.


23. Peter Cowen Golf Academy

petecowenWhy you should follow: There are lots of reasons why you might want to consider this site to follow. Peter Cowen is one of the world’s elite golf experts. He is also a Head Professional at the Ryder Cup venue Lindrick Golf Club. He has been in this industry for almost 20 years. You can get a lot of useful information from this golf site.


24. Fred Griffin Golf

fredgriffingolfWhy you should follow: This academy is recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the top 25 golf schools in the United States. You can interact with Fred, the author from this website. He is responsible for the development of some popular golf instructional programs in America.


25. Trent Wearner Golf

trentwearnergolfWhy you should follow: It is a great place for you to learn about golf. Trent is a famous author of popular book titled Golf Scrimmages. He is considered as the best golf teacher in Colorado in Golf Digest Magazine. Trent and his staff members are able to provide the best service in his top golf coaching facility in Meridian Golf Learning Center at Denver, Colorado.


There are many other great golf related sites that are available out there. You can start by following some of those websites above, in order to get the latest golf news, tips, tricks, and techniques about how to play golf properly.

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