Top 25 Longboard Blogs of 2016

Is longboarding your thing? Or would like you like to learn more about the sport? If you do you you're certainly not alone. There are some fantastic blogs and websites out there with significant resources from how to build your very own board to some social groups from around the World to get you inspired. But how do you determine which of these blogs to follow?

To help you out, I decided to compile a list of the Top 25 Longboard Bloggers and websites – They provide informative, tricks, and are so interesting to read that you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

Top 25 Longboard Blogs 

1. This is Longboarding

A real visual treat with great animations, images, and information. There is some real action short videos from some serious downhill actions plus an ask me anything section for those looking for more information.

2. Longboard Nation

Jason over at Longboard nation has great buyers guide not just for boards but for parts too. Looking for trucks, bearings or wheels, take a look at his guides. There's also some excellent video footage of some downhill action.

3. Longboarding

A huge collection of longboard imagery and animations, you can get lost for hours on this site. Enough to keep any longboarder busy. The site also has an ask me anything section too for all of those burning longboard questions you want answered.

4. Skate Culture

Skate Culture seeks to provide information, news, and commentary on the culture of skateboarding, as particularly, but not exclusively, in the Dogtown years, the 1980's and the early 1990's, as well as the influence of the same into the modern era of skateboarding

5. Longboard Brands

A blog with an excellent longboard beginners buying guide. Plus an easy to read longboard brands rating chart making choosing the right brand for you super easy.

6. Kam Loops Longboarding

A club and meet up and skaters Pros, beginners, kids and adults are all welcome to come shred. If you want to get into the sport, just ask or come to one of our many sessions that we post on a weekly basis.

7. F-Town Longboards

The sickest long board shop in the world ever period. These guys and girls started after discovering the longboard stoke while in southern California. Check them out.8. Pacific DriftersA blog with downhill event updates, Shred TV with some excellent footage plus a cool product updates area.

9. Central Park Longboard

Live in NY? Check out Central Park Longboard. These guys give instruction for those wanting to learn to board plus those who like the idea of a longboard commute. A nice looking informational site.

10. Skate Girls Tribe

Skate Girls Tribe invites girls of all ages & all abilities to come together and skate with other girls in a big fun group. Skate Girls Tribe was created to empower young women through action sports.

11. Blog board

Longboarding is a sport but its also an art form, for some its a lifestyle and a culture.  Kids and adults have been doing it for decades, and it has now even become an extreme sport. 

12. Hyper Outdoors

A sweet blog with a guide to mastering the art of longboarding. With board guides safety advice and tips to master techniques. Well worth a look.

13. Beginner Longboarding

One of the most compregensive guides on the net for ongboarding with detailed information about technique plus an excellent guide to deciding if its better to get an entire board or build your own.

14. Longboard Girls Crew

Longboard Girls Crew started in Madrid in 2010. At that time, the main idea was to get more girls into the sport. We did it through the tools we had at that time and new stuff that was coming up.

15. Boys Life

Ok while this is not strictly a longboard specific blog it does have a great post with a download PDF to build your own longboard from scratch which we thought was really cool

16. My Long Boards

Some great information, such as what not to do when longboarding plus one of the finest longboard videos out there on this blog.

17. Loaded Boards

Product development at Loaded is and always has been about working with great people to grow ideas and bring them to fruition. Our in-house crew and a global team of ambassadors have collaborated to bring many great products to life over the years.

18. Review Longboards

A nice blog with longboard information about mountain boards, plus a nice wrap up of the best longboard parts in 2016.

19. The Long Board Blog

A blog and site dedicated to longboarding images, pictures, videos on technique and other related media with a cool video on how to create a custom longboard graphic.

20. Longboard For Love

Longboard for Love is a team of longboarders who wanted to go on an adventure. An adventure that could help change the world. On April 29, 2013 they rode their boards over 650 miles along the coast of California.

21. Bustin

Shop of the week, board of the day. Plus some great custom longboard photos and a cool longboard customeriser to choose your weapon of choice.

22. Daddies Board Shop

The latest happenings and goings-on in the World of longboarding with videos, guides, and interviews. These guys also run a shop with everything you could ever need for your board.

23. Slick Willies

UK based skate shop with one of the most comprehensive beginners guides we've read. The blog archive goes way back to 2012. Check them out. 

24. Best Longboard Brands Guide

Detailed guides for everything longboard. Trucks, wheels, bearings, safety gear and all other accessories you could think of.

25. Best Longboard Reviews​

Looking for your next new board or just want to see whats out there right now. Best Longboard Reviews covers everything. Whether you are  a beginner, intermediate or experienced downhiller. Find the detailed and informative product information you need.

Wrapping Up!

So there you have it some of the best longboard blogs of 2016. There are many more blogs that describe boarding here to check out one more!

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