Top 25 Nutrition and Clean Eating Blogs You Must Follow

Not a day passes that we don’t make decisions (good or bad) about the foods that fuel our bodies. This makes informed decisions about nutrition extremely important.

Top 25 Nutrition and Clean Eating Blogs You Must FollowBut when it comes to nutrition and clean food, searching for ‘healthy recipes’ won’t cut it. To really connect and learn from the content, you should look for a personal and informative spin on nutrition and wellbeing that resonates with you. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 nutrition and clean eating bloggers you should be following right now.

1. Yum Universe

YumUniverseIf you’re interested in plant-based nutrition, Heather is the blogger for you! She’s not interested in labels or strict diets, instead she advocates increasing whole food consumption to make you a happier and healthier person.


2. Cookie and Kate

cookieandkateKate and her best friend Cookie make a great team promoting delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes. Cooking with whole foods whenever possible, Kate doesn’t mind the occasional indulgence and encourages people to cook and eat with others so you can embrace the love food brings into our lives.


3. Produce on Parade

produceonparadeKatie’s recipes are a must for anyone intimidated by the vegan lifestyle. Her humor and warmth shines through on every page and she has undoubtedly converted many people to lead healthier and more environmentally friendly lives.


4. The Honour System

thehonoursystemSharon’s blog is an amazing resource for natural and organic home cooking. Her approach to a healthy lifestyle is based on clean and unprocessed foods she knows are safe to consume. Using this base, she goes on to create delicious and nutrition recipes anyone can enjoy!


5. Nutrition Stripped

nutritionstrippedMcKel Hill is a qualified dietitian and this really shows in her recipes and recommendations. She believes in a scientific and natural approach to nutrition that ultimately leads to a more balanced life – both physically and emotionally.


6. Clean Food Dirty Girl

cleanfooddirtygirlMolly has a refreshing and exciting approach to nutrition blogging. This self-professed ‘dirty girl’ is a vegan whose take on the whole-food, plant-based diet is honest, down to earth, interesting and (most importantly) delicious.


7. Thank Heavens

thankheavensWritten by Kristine, a coeliac who’s battled beyond her diagnosis to become a happier and healthier person, this blog is for anyone who needs or chooses to go gluten-free. The recipes are delicious and the advice honest and without compromise.


8. Sharon Palmer

sharonpalmerSharon is a registered dietitian with years of experience in health care (so you know the advice is amazing). Her advocacy for a whole-food plant-based diet is rooted in both personal experience and scientific evidence – an awesome combination.


9. Feed Me Phoebe

feedmephoebePhoebe is a professional chef and writer who advocates for a balanced and healthy lifestyle that involves a lot of good with a little bad. Phoebe does a great job balancing health and indulgence and her recipes are a treat for all.


10. Nutrition Unplugged

nutritionunpluggedJanet is a dietitian and mom who translates scientific jargon into understandable and relatable nutrition advice. She’s a nutrition myth buster on a mission to help people enjoy food while living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


11. Medicinal Nutrition

medicinalnutritionJennifer has a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition. She focuses on multiple aspects of life and ties these perspectives together to develop a nutrition and well-being plan born out of a deeper understanding of individuals’ wellness needs.


12. Nourishing Excellence

nourishingexcellenceHolly is a nutrition expert and mom who blogs about her in-depth knowledge and experience in therapeutic nutrition. Her holistic approach to nutrition and wellness aims to restore and maintain health, even for those with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges.


13. Healthy by Nature

healthybynaturehwcSue is a health professional whose passion for nutrition and wellness was ignited by the desire to do the best for her family. Sue’s holistic health approach means her blog covers various, interesting topics outside and complementary to nutrition.


14. Fannetastic Food

fannetasticfoodAnne is a registered dietitian with a genuine passion for helping people become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Her blog advocates a ‘real’ approach to nutrition that ignores diets and restrictions and focuses on a positive relationship with healthy food that allows for the occasional indulgence.


15. Picky Eater Blog

pickyeaterblogAnjali’s blog is all about creating healthy versions of unhealthy classics. Anjali advocates a diet consisting of simple, easy to prepare, healthy food and the occasional indulgence so you won’t fall off the wagon.


16. Dietitian Cassie

dietitiancassieCassie is a dietitian with an inspirational story. She’s motivated to help others because of the prevalence of nutritional misinformation and sugar addiction. Check her out if you’re sick of going from diet to diet while still obsessed with sugary foods!


17. Purely Twins

purelytwinsTwins Lori and Michelle are advocates for a healthy and balanced lifestyle tailored to your needs. They produce delicious gluten-free, grain-free recipes and short home workouts to empower you towards a healthy, fit and happy life full of self-love.


18. Oh, LadyCakes

ohladycakesOh, LadyCakes is a quirky, dessert-focused (but not exclusive) blog. Ashlae makes and bakes delicious vegan recipes using wholesome, seasonal ingredients. If you’re looking for recipes that allow indulgence with as little guilt as possible, this is the place for you!


19. It’s Not About Nutrition

itsnotaboutnutritionAn interesting inclusion in our list, Dina advocates health is an outcome of good eating habits rather than nutrition. It’s hard to argue with her methods because of the amazing results she gets teaching kids healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


20. Easy Lunchboxes

easylunchboxesKelly is the mom/entrepreneur behind EasyLunchboxes. She teaches healthy eating habits and advocates people of all ages to pack simple, delicious and nutritious meals to go that can be made efficiently on a shoestring budget.


21. Nutrition Starring You

nutritionstarringyouAfter overcoming childhood obesity, Lauren now uses her blog and business to motivate and inspire others to realise their health and fitness goals. She advocates for nutrition based on an individual’s needs with a specific focus on helping children and the less fortunate lead a healthy lifestyle.


22. From Sprout to Supper

fromsproutstosupperEvelyn is interested in organic food grown in a sustainable way. She shares her passion and discoveries on her blog where you’ll find delicious whole-food, plant-based recipes packed full of organic and non-GMO ingredients.


23. Phoenix Helix

phoenixhelixEileen’s blog is an interesting one. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2012, she has been on a journey to uncover the healing power of nutrition and the role a healthy lifestyle plays in determining genetic expression.


24. Healthy Habit Solutions

healthyhabitsolutionsMaya is another blogger on our list whose focus isn’t solely nutrition. Although she advocates for a healthy lifestyle based on sound nutrition, she also focuses on self-worth and the important role it plays in losing weight and effectively maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


25. Vidya Living

vidyalivingClaire has a lived a few lives already and shares her many experiences through her blog. She advocates for a healthy lifestyle born out of a plant-based diet and purposeful cleansing. Her holistic approach also includes wellness and yoga teachings.


Wrap Up

There are a lot of healthy lifestyle blogs online these days. It’s difficult to know which are quality and impossible to follow them all. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to the best 25 right now. So check these blogs out, follow them, and start living a healthier and happier life!


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