Top 25 Weight Loss Blogs Of The Year (Stories & Healthy Inspo)

With tons of awesome weight loss blogs out there, how can you possibly know which ones are the best? Luckily, I’ve narrowed it down for you and provided you with a list of the top 25 weight loss bloggers of 2016. These are the blogs that will give you intimate insights into weight loss journeys, provide bursts of inspiration for those lows points, give you flashes of humor, delicious recipes, and weight loss tips. These are the blogs I currently recommend to anyone going through their own weight loss journey. I hope you enjoy them!

The top 25 weight loss bloggers of 2016 are…

1. Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog

jackie nagle

The Journey of a Girl Who Has Been Overweight All Her Life…

Why you should follow her: Jackie’s blog provides an inspiring insight into the trials and tribulations of a woman who has suffered from obesity all of her life but is now making an incredible change.

2. No Thanks To Cake

kelly no thanks to cake

Healthy Choices Make Life Sweet

Why you should follow her: Kelly gives you tons of delicious recipes, travel stories, and healthy living adventures. Her story is captivating and she shows you a better way to live.

3. Authentically Emmie

emily ho

Body positive fitness and plus size fashion blog

Why you should follow her: Emily shows you how plus-sized ladies can learn to love themselves and look fabulous in this stunning fashion and fitness blog.

4. Skinny Hollie

skinny hollie

​Inspiring lady.

Why you should follow her: Hollie has one of the greatest weight loss blogs on the internet. She gives you the best tricks and tips to guide you through your weight loss journey. I find her super inspiring.

5. Roni’s Weigh


One Mom’s Journey from Fat to Skinny to Confident

Why you should follow her:If you’re a mom and you need to lose weight, Roni is the one to follow. It’s amazing to see how far she’s come. She started her weight loss journey in 2005 and now she’s 70lbs lighter and an inspiration to all.

6. Yum Yucky


Josie is awesome!

Why you should follow her: Josie is a mom of four who blogs about food, natural health, family, and fun. If you’re looking to lose weight and incorporate healthy eating into your family’s life, follow along with Josie for the best tips on how to do so!

7. Diane Carbonell


Lose weight, live well

Why you should follow her: Diane has maintained a 158lb weight loss for 18 years, has an inspirational book, and has appeared on Dr. Oz to talk about her life. Her posts address all of the issues we go through when losing weight. I think her blog is a must-read!

8. Diary of an Aspiring Loser


Why you should follow her: Michelle has come so far in her weight loss journey and now she has a ton of effective tips for you too. She lives a really interesting life and her blog always provides a burst of motivation right when you need it.

9. Runs for Cookies

katie will run for cookies

Why you should follow her: Katie has gone from 253lbs to 122.5lbs and now has one of the best weight loss blogs in the world. She chronicles her inspiring journey so you can follow along and learn how to keep you and your family healthy.

10. A Merry Life


The struggles of emotional and compulsive eating.

Why you should follow her: If you’ve ever struggled with emotional and compulsive eating, A Merry Life is the blog to follow. It has a wealth of information about fitness, food, body image, motivation, and home life. It’s definitely one of my most recommended blogs.

11. Beautiful Chunk

beautiful chunk

The journey towards beautiful, with less chunk

Why you should follow her: Delicious weight loss recipes, fitness tips, and motivating stories are aplenty at this blog. I think we can all relate to Beautiful Chunk and the difficulties of weight loss.

12. Too Big

jess perreca

Motivational podcasts packed with information.

Why you should follow him: Jess is one of the most inspiring husbands, dads, and professional weight loss bloggers around. He wears his heart on his sleeves and does a great job of motivating us to join his journey. Check out his awesome podcast and videos.

13. Hungry Healthy Happy

danielle martin

Food, Fitness, and Happiness

Why you should follow her: Dannii is always updating her blog with mouth-watering recipes that will keep you on target for your weight loss goals. She’s got a great style and I love her writing voice!

14. Back At Square Zero

abbi back at square zero

Running, racing and motivation.

Why you should follow her: If running and racing is a huge part of your weight loss strategy, you have to check out Abby’s blog. She has some of the best information around when it comes to running, diet, and motivation.

15. FatGirl vs. World

fat girl vs world

One woman’s journey through life and her struggle for her body

Why you should follow her: FatGirl has to be one of my personal favorite bloggers to follow. She gives you such an intimate glimpse into her journey, with pictures and stories that we can all relate to. I highly recommend this blog!

16. Double Chin Diary


Losing weight without losing our sense of humor

Why you should follow her: Alyssa’s blog is a laugh riot! It really speaks to me. Her sense of humor jumps right off the page along with her hilarious choice of gifs and memes. She has a blog that is more fiendishly addictive than sugar!

17. Prior Fat Girl

jen prior fat girl

Sugar Coating Not Included

Why you should follow her: Jen has really started a beautiful community over at Prior Fat Girl. In a world filled with inspiring weight loss stories, Jen’s really stands out as one of the best.

18. Fit2Fat2Fit

fat 2 fit 2 fat

Fat to fit to fat again.

Why you should follow him: You’ve probably already heard of Drew. He’s the personal trainer who gained a bunch of weight just so he could lose it and better understand what his overweight clients were going through. And, boy, does he deliver one heck of an inspiring story. I can’t recommend his blog enough!

19. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

erika nicole kendall

One woman’s quest for health, happiness, and healing

Why you should follow her: Kendall’s blog details the highs and lows of one extremely ambitious black woman’s weight loss journey. Her blog is a treasure trove of advice about beauty, clean eating, culture, fitness, and dating.

20. The World According to Eggface

michelle eggface

A journey after weight loss surgery.

Why you should follow her: Shelly shows you how to live after weight loss surgery, with tons of creative and delicious recipes. She also has loads of great stories and her tone of voice is super fun.

21. Andie Mitchell

andie mitchell

Recipes + inspiration for a feel-good, balanced life

Why you should follow her: Andie has picked up a thing or two over her 10-year journey to lose 135lbs. Not only does her blog look gorgeous, but she also has the most amazing recipes and stories.

22. It Sux To Be Fat

jennifer swafford

Weight loss motivation.

Why you should follow her: Jennifer’s beautiful blog really hits a chord with everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle to lose over 100 pounds. I consider it a must read for any time you are low on motivation.

23. Sassy Pear

jill sassy pear

Ranting and raving amusement.

Why you should follow her: Ranting, raving, and hilariously on point 100% of the time, Sassy Pear is a fantastic resource for anyone who is constantly struggling with weight loss and needs to laugh it off! Always good for when the spirits are low.

24. The Office Diet

Ali Office Diet

Great resource for busy people.

Why you should follow her: Ali understands the challenges that many of us face when trying to balance the fitness habits we know we need with the fact that we're sitting behind a desk for 40+ hours per week. If you're crunched for time, I'd highly recommend checking out the latest at 

25. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

carrots n cake

Inspiration and fitspiration all in one.

Why you should follow her: This is another one of my personal favorites. Tina provides a real shot of inspiration through her wonderful pictures, stories, fitness tips, and recipes. I recommend you make this one a regular read!


You will always be able to find many more blogs than the ones listed above. But I personally think that these are the best place to start. You are sure to find at least one, and probably many, blogs that resonate personally with you. Check them out and enjoy what they have to offer. I promise you’ll love them!

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