Top 25 Women Adventure Bloggers You Should Follow in 2016

In the recent years, adventure traveling has become one of the most popular trends on the Internet. A lot of women have turned to traveling for various reasons, often centered on the concept of self-reflection in discovering new places. Here are 25 women bloggers who can inspire you to take traveling to a whole new level.


This charming blog by Jen and Alannahthe Dynamic Duo: Jen and Alannah contains interviews, gear reviews and tips on how to make outdoor activities even more fun. I like this page because it provides reviews on books that are focused on the topics of traveling and the great outdoors, all the while allowing you to introspect. They also feature other outdoorsy correspondents on their page.

Peace. Love. Quinoa

ChristaThis blog is a gem for foodies and travelers. This website tells interesting tales from the life of Crista, a hiker, camper and traveler who loves to blog about her adventures in places from all over. She also promotes healthy living through the blog by posting about gardening, fitness and yoga, and cooking her organic produce.


Bearfoot Theory

KristenKristen’s blog is very informative and will really help a lot of people who want to experience adventure to take their first step. She posts a lot of travel tips, hotel reviews, and helpful advice on getting your adventure gear on. The website is very organized and has its own pages for travel guides and activities. This is a perfect blog for those who want everything planned out well before a trip.


Adventure Inspired

Katie LevyKatie Levy is the author of this amazing blog, which shares a lot of tips on various outdoor activities. There are articles on camping, places to hike, and great ideas on how to make outdoor trips more convenient and enjoyable. She also posts gear reviews on a wide variety of products that may interest fellow outdoor enthusiasts, making this site a good read especially when planning your gear for your next trip.


Just A Colorado Gal

HeatherFor snow enthusiasts, this blog would be a haven of information waiting to be discovered. Heather is your Colorado gal who loves her frequent doses of adventure through outdoor activities like skiing. She talks not only about her fun experiences but also about her life as someone who loves exploring.



The Girl Outdoors

SianSian is the girl behind this awesome website, and she is a journalist and writer, as well as a video producer who loves outdoor adventures. This blog gives a breath of fresh air for those whose traveling ideals are stuck in a rut. The blog features a lot of outdoor activities including climbing, skiing, hiking, surfing and cycling, so basically there’s enough adventure for any type of outdoor person.


Kayak Adventures

GinniWhether you’re a kayak enthusiast or just someone who wants to start taking up the hobby, you can look no further than Kayak Adventures, a blog dedicated to the activity. The sea kayak guide Ginni shares kayaking adventures from different places all around the world, and the website features great kayaking photos and views.


Pure Cottongrass

IngeborgPure Cottongrass is the blog of Ingeborg Swart and is more of a nature blog than anything. It advocates sustainability and gardening, as well as the love for nature. It really inspires me how enthusiastic she is about celebrating and taking care of nature while eating clean at the same time and taking care of the self.


Camping With Style

ShellIf you’re the type of outdoorsy person who doesn’t want to compromise your fashion, then Shell’s Camping With Style is the blog for you. The site offers gear reviews on outdoor products that are useful and cute, and offers tips on how to go glamping! Follow it to read up on the helpful camping tips and make sure that you are well prepared for your next trip.


Fiona Outdoors

FionaFiona is a writer and outdoor enthusiast who pours her knowledge and acquired expertise of the great Scotland outdoors into her blog. The website features walking, running and cycling trips, as well as reviews on gears related to these activities.



So Many Places

KimKim, a traveler-writer who, with her husband, quit her job in 2012 to travel around the world, owns this inspiring blog. People who dream of seeing the world yet are stuck in a 9-5 job would be amazed at how they did it.



Free Candie

CandiceCandice is a freelance writer who travels around the world. One of the best perks of freelance writing is that you can take your job with you wherever you go, and immerse yourself in different cultures all the while keeping your job the same. Read on her adventures and be tempted to dive into the freelancing life.



Outdoor Chics

MargauxOutdoor Chics is a great blog dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts who share the love of adventure across all terrains: snow, water, rocky mountains, trails, and pretty much everything else. Margaux writes about it all. It’s the perfect site to follow if you want a new outlet for your thirst for adventure.



Savannah GraceThe site belongs to Savannah, a 25 year-old travel author who takes amazing pictures of all the places she has been to. If you’re looking for a website that will visually inspire you to travel, then look no further than Sihpromatum, where your senses will be overwhelmed with the beauty of the world.



Hole in the Donut

BarbaraBarbara is another amazing person who decided to give up the normal routine of working a 9-5, paying bills and staying in one place to discover the great outdoors, write and take pictures of her experiences. There are also a lot of pretty sweet photos and travel tips in her website worth checking out.


Mommy Hiker

JenniferMommy Hiker is a popular site founded by Jennifer Fontaine for families to share outdoor experiences on, and aims to make mother nature a great tool for teaching kids how to love life outside the comforts of the house. It encourages families to do outdoor activities, and turns kids into outdoor enthusiasts at an early age.



Hiking Lady

Hiking LadyThe Hiking Lady by Carol Roberts is a one-stop blog for all your hiking needs. Even if you’ve never tried hiking before, just read through this website and you’ll come out someone new. If you’re an avid hiker, then you’re going to want to check out her gear reviews and tips during hiking to make your next hiking adventure a more pleasant one.


Traveling Mom

Kim OrlandoPlanning out travel destinations has never been more fun (and easy). Stop by Traveling Mom’s website and learn a lot about cruises, deals, and activities that Kim Orlando has gathered up for you so that you can enjoy with the whole family!



Carpe Travel

ElaineCarpe Travel is an excellent traveling site dedicated to seizing the day and not waiting for that certain “someday” to make things happen. Elaine, the blog owner, is a journalist who gives her readers a lot of tips and travel deals to make their next travel planning session a walk in the park.



Almost Fearless

ChristineChristine and her husband is a work-at-home traveling couple, and plan to raise their kids as multilingual global citizens. The blog features different articles on food, travel and parenting, which are three things that Christine balances so well in her life. The couple is the 2014 National Geographic’s Travelers of the year.



Mapping Megan

MegMegan’s website is enjoyable to navigate, since it makes use of a big scrollable world map to allow you to choose where you want to go using pins. Every place with a pin has a story, which for me is an amazing way to make a blog. Travel tips, pictures and advice are also provided for your convenience.



Solo Mom Takes Flight

SarahFor moms who want to take their kids out with them on adventure trips but don’t know how to handle it, Sarah’s Solo Mom Takes Flight is the site for you. It is well organized and features tips on how to keep kids busy while teaching them about the great outdoors. It also gives information on travel tips for moms as well as reviews on different useful products.


Clever Dever Wherever

JulianaThis site contains a lot of amazing photos. Juliana is a traveler who loves to immerse herself in different cultures. CleverDever Wherever has a lot of interesting reads, and is a perfect site to wind down to at night, while planning your next destination, of course.



The World Wanderer

ErinThe website is owned by Erin, a traveler who has been to many places across the globe. Her blog catches the hearts of the people who come across it because it tells stories of people she meets while on her journey. She tries to break down barriers of social cultures while having fun discovering her inner self.



Outdoor Afro

Rue MapRue Mapp, founder of the Outdoor Afro, is an inspiration to women of color. Since starting the blog in 2009, Rue has trained many women and men in 28 states who are part of the Outdoor Afro family. She has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Backpacker Magazine; has visited the White House; and currently serves on the board of the American Camp Association.


Love in a Tent

Michelle Michelle’s blog features some cool camping gear that would make you want to go out into the wilderness a lot more often that you already do. She also authored a book called Sex in a Tent, and her blog lets you discover a lot of great places to hike and backpack. This blog can become a treasure to campers and backpackers alike.


If you dream of traveling across the globe or taking on outdoor adventures but don’t think it’s possible, remember that these blogs are the lives of some people who are living their travel dreams. Don’t you think it’s time that you start planning a life outside your comfort zone?

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