Top 30 Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs in 2016

Top 30 Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs

If your health, fitness and weight loss journey has been anything like mine, it’s a bit of a roller coaster. It can be hit or miss trying to find a good resource for an exercise regime that can get your body where you want and will also fit in with your day-to-day life. It can sometimes be exhausting just trying all the different health and fitness gurus out there.

Several top health and fitness entrepreneurs had a passion that lead them to help people feel better about themselves. I’ve done a bit of research and compiled a “goto” list below of the 30 top health the fitness entrepreneurs that you should definitely check out. I’ve included a little about each one so you can zero in on the one that fits you best.

The Top 30 Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs in 2016

Kayla Itsines

Key focus: Bikini Body Confident

Why you should check her out: Kayla wanted to help women solve their issues with hating their inner thighs or wanting a flat stomach. Her program includes workouts with cardio mixed with nutrition planning.

Key focus: No Matter What, Sweat Every Day

Why you should check her out: Natalie is part of a group of elite fitness trainers and works with athletes of all abilities. She has a relentless focus on form, function and control in all her disciplines.

 Joe Cross

3. Joe Cross

Key focus: Reboot with Joe, Juicing for Weight Loss

Why you should check him out: Joe founded his Reboot program after the success of his film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. His program is meant to inspire health and weight loss through plant-based eating and juicing.

Key focus: Real Information, Real People, Real Results

Why you should check him out: His Born Fitness site includes an endorsement from Arnold Schwarzenegger, for starters. He began his company to simplify the search for health and fitness while amplifying the payoff and life benefits.

Clark Shao

5. Clark Shao

Key focus: Ripped Body. Six Pack Abs. Fast.

Why you should check him out: Clark began his Six Pack Shortcuts program after he himself changed his life and went from overweight to ripped. His program is all about optimizing your fat burning hormones and easy steps to six pack abs.

Kimberly Snyder

Key focus: Beauty Detox Solution

Why you should check her out: Kimberly first struggled with her own body issues including weight gain and low energy. Her solutions focus on “inside-out” thinking using foods, thoughts, and her Glowing Green Smoothie to detox the body.

Kris Carr

7. Kris Carr

Key focus: Crazy. Sexy. Healthy.

Why you should check her out: Kris is a cancer survivor whose journey made her want to experience life and be healthy more than ever. Her program includes plant-based nutrition, good diet, juices and smoothies for energy and vitality.

Neghar Fonooni

8. Neghar Fonooni

Key focus: Your Life is An Extraordinary Adventure

Why you should check her out: Her “Wholehearted Coaching” is designed to help you step into your power. This USAF veteran teaches women to love their bodies and empower their lives.

9. Robb Wolf

Key focus: Revolutionary Solutions to Modern Life

Why you should check him out: Robb, a former research biochemist, is all about eating real food and the Paleo solution. His program is based on eating foods humans were meant to eat, fitness and gluten free diets.

Harley Pasternak

10. Harley Pasternak

Key focus: Power Metabolism, Blast Fat, Shed Pounds

Why you should check him out: Harley is a celebrity fitness and nutrition specialist, training stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. His books are based upon a combination of diet and exercise, including rapid weight loss tips and body reset through diet.

Katie, the “Wellness Mama”

11. Katie, the "Wellness Mama"

Key focus: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Be Healthy

Why you should check her out: This mom of six knows what it’s like to take care of a family and try to take care of yourself too. Her mission is to provide practical tips and recipes for healthier families and natural beauty.

Gunnar Peterson

12. Gunnar Peterson

Key focus: It’s All About the Training, With a Little Levity to Get You Through It

Why you should check him out: Gunner is a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, helping both celebs and everyday folks like us. He has a dynamic workout approach which includes both boundless energy and humor.


13. Jen Sinkler

Key focus: Thrival Guide - Getting Strong, Healthy, Sexy, and Fulfilled

Why you should check her out: Jen is all about doing it the “real” way - no fads to melt 10 pounds of fat in 10 days. She’s about maintaining a healthy weight and energy level from the long run to enhance your life through strength training.


14. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Key focus: Being Fitter, Stronger, Faster, and Healthier

Why you should check her out: Camille is also known as “The Fittest Woman on Earth” as winner of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. She works to inspire other women through her strength training progressive workouts.

Adriene Mishler

15. Adriene Mishler

Key focus: It’s All About Yoga

Why you should check her out: Adriene is an actress and yoga enthusiast. Her series includes yoga for the feet, yoga for beginning, and getting toned through yoga.

Jennifer Cohen

16. Jennifer Cohen

Key focus: Strong is the New Sexy

Why you should check her out: Jennifer is a leading fitness personality, appearing regularly on NBC’s today show. Her No Gym Required brand of products and services is meant to give you the flexibility to workout anywhere.


17. Mark Fisher

Key focus: Ridiculous Humans. Serious Fitness.

Why you should check him out: Mark’s fitness community is a loving and supportive place, taking a beginner up to “Workout Ninja” status. They welcome people that hate gyms, because they do too!

Darya Rose

18. Darya Rose

Key focus: For the Love of Food

Why you should check her out: Darya is a neuroscience Ph.D. who created the site Summer Tomato. Her site is focused on teaching you how to get healthy and lose weight without dieting, but instead working on balance and moderation.

 Anna Victoria

19. Anna Victoria

Key focus: FGB - Fit Body Guide

Why you should check her out: Anna’s fitness regime is built around a thriving community of women that encourage and motivate each other. Her philosophy is designed around high intensity workouts and healthy eating.

Tony Robbins

20. Tony Robbins

Key focus: Get Ready! Your Breakthrough Awaits

Why you should check him out: Tony Robbins is a motivational master and incredibly well-known and respected. His “Breakthrough University” app series is focused on health and vitality.

Alan Aragon

21. Alan Aragon

Key focus: Strength and Health through Science

Why you should check him out: Alan has over 20 years of success in the fitness field. If you’re science minded, you’ll enjoy the many articles he’s written on sports training and diet in his monthly Research Review.

John Berardi

22. Precision Nutrition

Key focus: Coaching, Mentorship, and Support

Why you should check them out: Precision Nutrition was founded by Dr. John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio in 2003. It is designed to provide a tailored health and fitness program based upon the individual needs of the client or the trainer.

Kathryn Budig

23. Kathryn Budig

Key focus: Aim True

Why you should check her out: Kathryn is a yoga teacher and inspirational speaker who teaches people to love their body and eat without fear. Her health and wellness regime is a balance of yoga, purification, and meditation.

Bethenny Frankel

24. Bethenny Frankel

Key focus: Be In the Moment

Why you should check her out: Bethenny first became famous in The Real Housewives of New York. Since she then, she has branched out into the Skinny Girl line of foods and cocktails. Her site has recipes, health tips and more.

Shaun T

25. Shaun T.

Key focus: Trust and Believe

Why you should check him out: Shaun not only has a BS in sports science but has also shared the stage with Val Kilmer and Adam Lambert. He combined combined his passion for dance and fitness to share programs to build confidence and inspire.

Sarah Wilson

26. Sarah Wilson

Key focus: Sugar Free & Auto-Immune Disease

Why you should check her out: Sarah is a media personality and spent four “very fun and pink-filled” years as Editor for Cosmo. She swears by traditional Chinese medicine, and is an expert at going sugar free, auto-immune, and all things bike related.

Sohee Lee

27. Sohee Lee

Key focus: Eat. Life. Thrive.

Why you should check her out: Sohee is a health coach and fitness writer. She specializes in helping women have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Her regime includes prioritizing compound movements and lifting.

Steve Kamb

28. Steve Kamb

Key focus: I’m a Nerd. I Deadlift.

Why you should check him out: Steve is a nerd at heart, but knew that didn’t mean he couldn’t also be fit. His philosophy includes exercising because it’s fun, the importance of diet, and having the right mindset.

Adam Rosante

29. Adam Rosante

Key focus: You Are Stronger Than You Think

Why you should check him out: Adam has a passion for helping people live a strong, balanced, and healthy life - without losing the fun. His routines include mediation, waking up with gratitude, and the “Sh*t, I’m Late for Work, Workout.”

Amanda Bisk

30. Amanda Bisk

Key focus: Fresh Body Fit Mind

Why you should check her out: Amanda is a former track athlete who had to come back from injuries and chronic fatigue. Her philosophy is based upon the fact that your workout doesn’t have to break you, and that doing a little bit every day is key.

Summing It All Up

You aren’t on your own when it comes to finding the right health, wellness and fitness program to keep you feeling great. As you can see from the list of 30 above, there is a program to fit everyone’s lifestyle, whether you’re into intense workouts or yoga and meditation. The most important thing is the just take that first step to try it out.

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