Top 5 Ways We Are Damaging Our Hair

Never before have there been so many beauty products on the market, as is evidenced by just how large cosmetics departments have grown in all our pharmacies, supermarkets, and department stores. In fact, there are so many products on the shelves that it’s almost impossible to pick and choose between them.

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Unfortunately, the major difference is going to be the packaging. If you read the labels, one is almost exactly formulated as another and many are the ultimate cause of the damage we are seeing on our once lustrous hair. Most women (and indeed some men) can’t believe that they are doing the damage themselves.

How Your Hair Grows

In order to understand how we are damaging our own hair, it is first necessary to look at how your hair grows. Although your hair is technically dead keratin by the time it leaves the follicle on your scalp, it can still remain strikingly shiny and silky smooth if you care for it appropriately. In essence, hair is tightly bound fibers held together by the outer layers, the cuticle. If either the cuticle or the follicle is damaged, you will notice a breakdown of the shaft.

This is where damage occurs and in order to keep it healthy, you need a product which is specially formulated to penetrate the cuticle to rejuvenate the inner fibers of your hair. Yes, that’s extremely basic, but in essence, this is what you need to know if you want to understand how you are damaging your hair.

Some Damage Is Not of Our Doing

Of course, everyone knows that there are things which we must do if we want to stay alive. One of those things is chemotherapy and that is one of the leading causes of temporary hair loss. Chemo significantly tightens the follicle, causing our hair to be literally cut off at the scalp. There’s nothing you can do about that other than to refuse treatment, and few people in their right minds would do that. You want to live, after all, don’t you?

Damage We Do in Our Quest for Beauty

There are so many ways in which we unwittingly destroy our own hair. Most often it is due to styling techniques we employ, but other times it is the lifestyle choices we make. In our quest for beauty, we often choose to:

  1. Expose ourselves to an overabundance of UV rays from the sun when tanning.
  2. Bleach our hair – especially as a prerequisite for applying neon colors.
  3. Use chemical colors, perms, straighteners or relaxers.
  4. Shampoo our hair too often or with overly strong (clarifying) shampoos.
  5. Use ties, barrettes, and other adornments that break the hair at oddly varying lengths.

So, you can see that it is actually possible to prevent much of the damage we do but that isn’t realistic. We need to keep up with hairstyling trends, especially if we spend a lot of time in the public.

If you want to care for your hair, make every effort not to use strong chemicals like bleach, stay out of direct UV rays as much as possible, and use products specifically developed with penetrating power. Leave in conditioners are often your best choice, but even then, your choice of product makes all the difference in the world

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