Top Outdoor Adventure Bloggers You Must Follow for 2016

2016 Top Outdoor Adventure Bloggers

It seems like everybody is blogging these days. And there are so many outdoor blogs out there, it's hard to know who to follow! On the other hand, most outdoor magazines offer little more than thinly veiled advertisements for the latest gadgets or fitness fad. 

So to help you find your outdoor information and inspiration, we've compiled a list of our favorite outdoor blogs of 2016. These blogs cover nearly everything: from surfing while pregnant, to traveling the world as a pensioner. We're confident this list will give you some inspiration to head outside on your next adventure!



From one of the most uniquely beautiful settings in Europe comes this in – depth Kayaking guide covering all things Paddlesports in and around the Isle of Man. For those brave enough to paddle out onto the brisk northern waters, let Kayak.im be your guide.

​2. Holly Beck

Holly Beck

Holly Beck is a surfing nomad turned eco-conscious super mom based in Northern Nicaragua with her husband and young daughter. She writes about her adventures, parenting and living sustainably with her photogenic family.

3. Cool Adventures

Kim and Greg Cool Adventures

Kim and Greg left their 9 – 5 lifestyles to pursue the dream – constant adventure. This Lake Tahoe based couple show that it is never too late to travel the world. Their in-depth travel guides will take you to world class cities and exotic landscapes in comfort and style.

4. Have Media Will Travel​

Shelli Johnson

Entrepreneurs and marketers with a penchant for adventure take notice – Shelli Johnson shows you how to combine outdoor, professional, and family pursuits in her blog Have Media Will Travel. Living in remote Wyoming, Shelli proves you can have it all on the edge of the world.

​5. Over the Dune

Over the Dune

If you are new to surfing, Over the Dune is a great resource for surfing culture, riding tips, and general inspiration. Sam, the author, offers unpretentious advice and stories from his own mission to “get surfing.”

​6. Go Sea Kayak

Go Sea Kayak Explore Sardinia

Go Sea Kayaking offers guided kayaking trips around the Italian coastline – and document their adventures in their blog. Their website is full of adventure porn from around Italy – a must see if you are interested in exploring the Mediterranean by sea.

7. Faster Skier

Faster Skiier

Believe it or not, some skiers enjoy going up mountains, not just down. If competitive Nordic Skiing is your sport, then head over to Faster Skier to keep up with all things ski racing in the US. Exhaustive race reports and training tips will keep you informed and in-shape!

​8. Colorado Snow

Devin and Rachel

It's hard to dispute Colorado's place as the heart of Ski culture in the US. Colorado Snow is your source for snow conditions and news from all of the Colorado resorts, from Aspen to Wolf Creek.

9. The Wisconsin Skier​

Mark Wisconsin Skiier

Mark Framness over at The Wisconsin Skier reminds us that Colorado isn't the only place to hit the slopes in the US. If you are looking for insider knowledge about Skiing the Badger State, check out this blog. The fun doesn't stop in Spring – there are many articles about biking, hiking and other adventures in Wisco as well.

​10. Snow.Guide


Europhiles and Aussies will especially love Snow.Guide, a well designed blog covering European and Southern Hemisphere Ski culture. In addition to travel guides and resort reports, check out their well researched gear reviews for the latest swag.

​11. Hiking the Trail

Adam Hiking the Trail

Hiking the Trail chronicles Adam Nutting's adventures on the Appalachian Trail and beyond. Check out his entertaining adventure reports, informative gear reviews, hiking tips and extensive outdoor resource listings.

​12. Brian's Backpacking Blog

Brian's Backpacking Blog

Gear junkies will delight in Brian's Backpacking Blog, which is chock full of reviews, gear lists, and backpacking tips. The well populated blog covers topics from cooking to navigation to getting by in the city – a great resource!

​13. Best Hike

Rick Mccharles Best Hike

Best Hike is all adventure and no frills – a truly globetrotting blog that covers far flung wilderness trails to challenge the most seasoned travelers. If you are looking for a no – nonsense blog for true adventurers, this is the blog for you.

​14. Modern Hiker

Modern Hiker

For adventures closer to civilization, the popular Modern Hiker blog covers hiking in Southern California's wilderness. With In-depth write-ups complete with GPX files to help you navigate with ease, Modern Hiker will get you out of suburbia in no time.

​15. Appalachian Trails

Zach Appalachian Trails

There are few adventures that capture the imagination like thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. As such, Appalachian Trails provides exhaustive resources for your big hike. In addition to great articles, the site offers dozens of links to even more websites dedicated to the fabled trail.

16. So Many Places​

Kim So Many Places

For parents dreaming of a life of travel, check out So Many Places – a blog about Kim and Brian, a brave couple who left their lives behind to travel the world. The author offers a deeply personal take on the travel lifestyle, with plenty of adventure tips along the way.

17. ​Just a Colorado Girl

Heather Just a Colorado Girl

Ladies take notice – Heather Balogh, aka Just a Colorado Gal will inspire you to travel like it's your job. Featuring some truly stunning photography, this Colorado based blog will take you around the world in high definition.

​18. The Big Outside

Michael The Big Outside

Michael Lanza is a veteran of the backpacking world, with decades of adventures and gear testing under his belt. In his personal blog, The Big Outside, he shares well documented adventures, many with his young children on board. This is a professional level family adventure blog, from Dad's perspective.

​19. Hike.Blog.Love.

Lauren Hike.Blog.Love.

For more family friendly adventures, check out Hike.Blog.Love. Run by Super mom Lauren, who has two adopted autistic children, this blog focuses on adventure with greater social good in mind.

​20. The Open Suitcase

Cathy The Open Suitcase

Career minded women with a travel bug will love The Open Suitcase for it's candid chronicles of travel with Cathy Bennett Kopf, a busy mom and financial professional. In addition to great travel writing, she shares her advice and product reviews for likeminded travelers.

​21. Adventurous Parents

Meghan Ward Adventurous Parents

While we have listed other blogs by adventurers who happen to be parents, here is a blog by parents who happen to be adventurers. In Adventurous Parents, Meghan Ward dives deep into the world of travel with kids - from pregnancy to kid travel gear, and everything in between.

​22. Hiking Lady

Hiking Lady

Hiking Lady is a great resource for women who want to skip the narrative and just learn everything there is to know about hiking. Author Carol Roberts writes smart articles that are strongly focused on gear choice and outdoor skills. This is great a no – nonsense blog for beginner hikers.

​23. Nobody Hikes in LA

David Nobody Hikes in LA

If you think Los Angeles is all highways and strip malls, then you need to head over to the ironically titled Nobody Hikes in L.A. blog right away. This well indexed blog lets you find hikes in the L.A. area ranked by difficulty, so you will always know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

​24. Her Side of the Mountain

Lisa Her Side of the Mountain

Ladies contemplating solo hiking and camping but apprehensive about the exposure should check out Her Side of the Mountain. In this narrative blog, Lisa Palin shares her adventures as a self-supported solo hiker in the US's extensive National Park system.

​25. Romantic Camping Blog

Bjorn Romantic Camping Blog

Romance in the backcountry can be more difficult than it sounds – without the conveniences of home, couples have to plan ahead to make the best of their time in the tent. This blog unabashedly explores the sensuous side of camping, from where to go, to what to wear – or not.

​26. Northern Camping

Ben Northern Camping

While the western U.S. is blessed with countless acres of wilderness to explore, the Northeastern adventures have some truly wild areas as well, especially in the Northern woods of Maine. Ben at Northern Camping offers a great resource for those east coast adventurers longing to get out of the city.

​27. Greene Adventures

Jeff and Colleen Greene Adventures

Southern California has some of the most accessible wilderness areas in the world. Greene Adventures, brought you by the Greene family, offers even more trail guides for California, easily searchable by difficulty, interests, and regions.

​28. Beyond the Tent

Ryan Beyond the Tent

Ryan Cunningham writes Beyond the Tent - another great blog for fathers, featuring some delicious looking recipes and great gear lists for family camping. As the name implies, this blog brings a diversity of articles and even a free E-Book.

​29. Camping with Style

Shell Camping with Style

So you want to be outdoors, but don't want to give up the comforts of home? Sounds like Glamping (glamor-camping) is your best option. To this end, Camping with Style has you covered with the best in glamping accommodations, gear, and adventures.

​30. Steph Davis

Steph Davis

Steph Davis is one of the most daring climbers and base jumpers in the game today. To learn more about her inspirational story and extreme lifestyle, check out her website and blog - she writes about being a vegan woman in the world's most dangerous sports.

​31. Evening Sends

Andrew Evening Sends

Climbers love to share their adventures – from epic all day climbs to harrowing falls. Evening Sends is a fresh looking blog full of climbing stories, guides and gear lists. It's unpretentious and inspiring, a great combination!

32. ​For the Love of Climbing

Kathy For the Love of Climbing

If you can't get enough climbing stories, For the Love of Climbing has published some epic climbing tales complete with gripping photos. The blog is told from the point of view of Kathy Karlo, a fearless climber from Brooklyn who travels the world to find new climbs.

33. The Enormocast​

Chris The Enormocast

Enormocast is the accompanying blog to a podcast of the same name, in which climber Chris Kalous indulges followers in interviews, discussion and personal stories from leaders in the climbing community.

​34. Hazel Findlay Climbing

Hazel Findlay Climbing

Hazel Findlay is one of the most talented climbers in the world – a 6 time junior British champion and the first British woman to free El Capitan. Now she travels the world in search of new rock in wild places. Check out her blog and climbing videos to learn more about her adventures.

35. ​Dirtbag Darling

Dirtbag Darling

The Dirtbag lifestyle is not just for smelly dudes in cargo vans, as the Dirt Bag Darling blog makes beautifully clear. Celebrating adventure loving women living the dream outside, this submission based blog features writings from some of the raddest nomads in the game.

36. Section Hiker​

Philip Section Hiker

Section Hiker is a great resource focusing on the longest hiking trails in the U.S. Trails such as the Appalachian, Muir, Pacific Crest and many others are featured in extensive write – ups and guides.

​37. Daniel Arndt

Daniel Arndt

Heading back to Europe, Switzerland based Daniel Arndt offers up some truly epic alpine climbing reports from the world's biggest mountains. Featuring extensive archives of beautiful photography, this is a gem for alpine climbers.

​38. Adventure Called Bicycling

RJ Adventure Called Bicycling

For one woman's story of a life full of cycling, check out An Adventure Called Cycling. In her blog, the author RJ exhibits her true passion for the bicycle as a means of transportation, sport and adventure.

​39. All Climbing

Tom All Climbing

All Climbing is another great blog for the lovers of climbing narratives. From the annuls of climbing history to modern gear guides, All Climbing has you covered.

40. ​Mirko Caballero

Mirko Caballero

If you ever wondered what makes those climbing child prodigies tick, here is your chance. 14-year-old climber Mike Caballero shares the point of view of a world class climber who also happens to be in the 9th grade.

41. 2 Cycle 2gether​

Sheila and Kai 2cycle2gether

Here is another story of a adventurous couple leaving their old lives behind, but with a twist: Kai and Shelia left their careers to go ride bikes around the world. You can follow their exploits as they travel on 2 wheels through some of the world's most remote places, all while maintaining an eco-friendly outlook.

​42. Freewheeling France

Freewheeling France

While it's known to host the biggest cycling race in the world, France is also home to some amazing terrain for the amateur cyclist. If you want to travel France on two wheels, Freewheeling France can guide you on your way.

​43. El Pedalero

Gareth El Pedalero

If you plan to head to South America on your two – wheeled adventure, then be sure to check out El Pedalero. El Pedalero features in-depth country by country cycling guides and great travel writing so you'll know what to expect when you go south of the border.

​44. Cycling Dutch Girl

Mirjam Cycling Dutch Girl

The Netherlands is one of the most bike friendly places on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that Cycling Dutch Girl is authored by seemingly ordinary girl Mirjam Wouters who travels the world by bike. This blog is a great resource and inspiration for women looking to bike across the globe solo.

​45. Cycling the Six

Steve Cycling on the Six

In terms of sheer mileage, it is hard to dispute that Stephan of Cycling the Six is one of the most well traveled people on earth. With over 86,000 km under his belt, his blog has an enormous amount of material for the aspiring globe-rider to digest.

​46. Kevin's Cycling Blog

Kevin's Cycling Blog

One of the most appealing things about cycling is that you can easily ride into your old age. This is demonstrated beautifully by veteran cyclist Keven Ellwood (born 1945) as he continues to ride his touring bike long distances throughout Europe each year.

47. Henk's Life & Adventure Journal

Henk's Life and Adventure Journal

On the other end of the age spectrum, Dutch cyclist Henk Vandillen shares his bike adventure across the continents in his own blog. Sporting a man bun and a good eye for photos, Henk offers a great perspective for younger travelers.

​48. Our Life at 10

Jacque and John

If bicycle touring sounds too strenuous for you, keep in mind Jacque & John, the authors of Our Lives at 10. This retired couple loves to travel in the slow lane – 10 mph, to be exact. Their perspective is a welcome alternative to the competitive perception of the sport.

49. ​Camping Blogger

Roy Camping Blogger

Camping Blogger is a great no-frills addition to the family camping genre, offering some helpful tips and guides for camping in the U.S. State and National Parks.

​50. Cycling Europe

Andrew Cycling

Cycling Europe is a colorful guide to the classic European bicycle tour. Traversing just about every country on the continent, Andrew, the Yorkshire based author, keeps it light with some funky illustrations and entertaining travel writing.

51. Hike Bike Travel

Leigh Hike Bike Travel

Hike Bike Travel is a gorgeously designed blog by Canadian ex-geologist turned professional traveler Leigh McAdam. This independent and well written woman offers expert advice on traveling and adventure, particularly in her home country of Canada.

52. The Hike Guy

Kolby The Hiking Guy

As you might expect, The Hike Guy, aka Kolby Kirk, loves to trek. Kirk is an expert on west coast trails such as the PCT, where he first cut his hiking chops. Now he shares his elaborate travel journals from all of his adventures, in hopes of inspiring people to pursue a healthy lifestyle transformation like his own.

53. Clever Hiker

Dave Collins Clever Hiker

Beginner and expert hikers alike will love Clever Hiker's well produced backpacking tutorials and other hiking content. Created by Dave Collins to share his in-depth hiking experience and gear advice, Clever Hiker is a great place to learn about modern gear choices for your lightest set up yet!

54. Bald Hiker

Paul Steele Bald Hiker

With a cheeky name like Bald Hiker, you might not be surprised that this hiking blog, run by Paul Steele, is based in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for in depth guides to the U.K's best wilderness hikes and city breaks, be sure to check out this great blog.

55. Lady on a Rock

Christy Rosander Lady on a Rock

​West Coast ladies will love Lady on a Rock – a fun lifestyle and hiking blog by veteran adventuress Christy Rosander. Based in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, be sure to check out her detailed trail write ups and gear reviews – a must for hikers in Southern California.

56. Cool of the Wild

Joey Holmes

Cool of the Wild is your one-stop-shop for everything outdoors. From in depth gear reviews to adventure stories and 'how to' guides, creator Joey Holmes, keeps things light and varied appealing to beginners and experts alike.

There you have it – 56 of the best outdoor adventure bloggers on the web. Clearly there are no shortage of outdoor blogs out there, but hopefully this list has inspired you to undertake your own adventures – Happy Trails!

Ciara Tague

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