Top Adventure Travel Bloggers You Must Follow for 2016

Adventure Travel Blogger

Traveling takes courage – courage to dive into the unknown, often with limited resources and little-to-no plan. Taking the plunge intimidates most, however the one's who jump, usually find the reward to be bountiful.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge, the following list of Top Adventure Travel Bloggers is sure to inspire courage to undertake your own traveling goals. Each blog features a beautiful person (or people) traveling the world on their own terms.

I hope you find the courage to do the same!

Travel. Experience. Live.

Bram Travel Experience Live

Travel.Experience.Live. Follows the globetrotting adventures of Bram Reusen, a Belgian travel writer and photographer. Bram offers a generous amount of high quality images and interesting travel narratives for you to explore.

Luxe Adventure Traveler

Jennifer and Tim Luxe Adventure Traveler

Jennifer and Tim of Lux Adventure Traveler are unapologetically jetsetting around the world in style – these two travel writers love to combine thrilling adventure with an evening of high class accommodations and a bottle of fine wine. For the adventure lovers with deep pockets, let Lux Adventure Traveler be your guide.

Across & Abroad

David Webb Across & Abroad

Gear loving millennial adventurers will see themselves in David Webb's Across and Abroad. This B.C. based magazine editor skis, kayaks, bikes climbs, and hikes his way across the globe – and shares it all on his well populated blog.

Anywhere at Home

Angel and Michelle Anywhere at Home

Nomadic couple Angel and Michelle take their blog title to heart. Any Where at Home follows these inspiring travelers on adventures far and wide – from Climbing in Thailand to mountain biking in Chiapas. Their informative and personal articles are sure to get you excited to travel.

The Adventure Junkies

Amanda The Adventure Junkies

What began as the personal travel blog of couple Antonio Cala & Amanda Zeisset, has grown into an online resource and community for like minded “Adventure Junkies.” This blog leans toward the adrenaline fueled and exotic – climbing, biking, scuba diving and bungie jumping are just a few of their favorite topics.

Carrot Quinn

Carrot Quinn

Starting from a young age, Carrot Quinn left her home in Alaska and started traveling across North America by freight train – so you might say that she has some real travel cred. These days, Carrot gets around on her own two feet, and documents it all on her self titled travel narrative blog.

Adventure Parents

Mark Adventure Parents

The Adventure Parents blog is fairly self explanatory – however their content is anything but mundane. Fearless parents Brooke and Mark Stevens share their experience raising outdoor loving children – so that you can do the same.

Great Wild Outdoors

Great Wild Outdoors

Justin Rains of Great Wild Outdoors brings a friendly face to the world of camping and hiking, often with his family. His site includes guest writers, gift card giveaways, gear reviews and much more.

Divergent Travelers

Lina and David Divergent Travelers

Lina and David are a young midwestern couple living the dream. They sold their belongings and began traveling full time, sharing their adventures on their blog, Divergent Travelers, along the way. With tons of well produced, colorful high quality photos and videos to explore, you will love this adventure travel blog!

Goats on the Road

Nick Dariece Goats on the Road

If you are interested in the digital nomad lifestyle, Goats on the Road is a great resource. On top of their great travel writing, Nick and Dariece share a generous amount of how-to regarding the art of making a living on the road.

Going Somewhere Slowly

Anje Going Somewhere Slowly

South Africa makes a showing on our list courtesy of Anje of Going Somewhere Slowly. Going Somewhere Slowly is a travel blog from the point of view of a female solo traveling linguist who is addicted to coffee. Need I say more?

Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones Hippie in Heels

For the bohemian with a penchant for luxury accommodations that don't sacrifice the authenticity factor, Hippie In Heels has you covered. Millennial Rachel Jones writes about her travels in exotic locations while maintaining a glamorous lifestyle, as well as plenty of guest writers and interviews to keep it fresh.


Alesha and Jarryd Nomadasaurus

Sustainable travelers take note of Nomadsaurus - a light hearted blog by globetrotting couple Alesha and Jarryd. This Aussie couple travels full time, and has recently embarked on a slow moving, overland trek across Asia and Africa – no planes or boats at all!

Mapping Megan

Megan Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan presents a fresh concept for the travel blog – you are faced with a world map, full of travel points, instead of another drop down list of destinations. Run by adrenaline junkies Meg and Mike Jerrard, check out their blog to follow their extreme adventures and on point travel advice.

Backpacker Banter

Chris Backpack Banter

Laid back but certainly not lazy – Chris of Backpacker Banter is a nomadic surfer who travels to some of the most beautiful beaches and waterways in the world. In addition to his travel narratives, check out his tips for traveling on a budget – a great read for the penny pinching traveler.

That Backpacker

Audrey That Backpacker

For a fresh and friendly take on the classic backpacking travel blog, head over to That Backpacker. The author, Audrey, began her travel addiction like many of us – a semester abroad during college. Now she is a professional travel blogger – quite a career choice!

P.S. I'm on My Way

Trisha PS Im On My Way

Plenty of people travel – Trisha, of P.S. I'm On My Way, lives wherever she happens to be. This well organized, topical blog will supply you with some great tips on living in the lifestyle of your destination – not just the tourist traps.

Borders of Adventure

Becki Borders of Adventure

Becki, of Borders of Adventure, takes the professional travel writer occupation to the next level: she is an award winning writer, runs a PR/Blogging Consultancy, creates travel ads, and more – all with a socially conscious perspective.

Breakaway Backpacker

Jaime Breakaway Backpacker

If you want to start traveling but are afraid to take the plunge, check out Breakaway Backpacker, by Houston native Jamie. In Jamie's case, travel truly changed his life – he hit rock bottom when he got a DUI while slaving away in Corporate America, but found salvation in the freedom of travel.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Expert Vagabond

Budding travelers looking for inspiration of a more exotic and extreme variety will love The Expert Vagabond, by professional travel writer and photographer Matthew Karsten. Matt is at home skiing glaciers or surfing urban waterways – and will show you how to do the same.

João Leitão

Joao Leitao

João Leitão is a blogger with some serious milage under his belt – on his blog Nomad Revelations, João shares over 15 years of travel stories and advice. Check out this blog for page after page of riveting travel writing and photographs from the world's most exotic destinations.

The Blond Abroad

Kiersten Blond Abroad

Kiersten is a classic California girl who happens to love travel – and writes about her adventures on the aptly titled - The Blonde Abroad. Ladies who don't let solo traveling get in the way of their fashion and glamour will enjoy this luxury oriented blog.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb Planet D

Gregarious and slightly goofy couple Dave and Deb share their eclectic travel stories on the colorful blog - The Planet D. They have created helpful categories for all their writing so that you are bound to find inspiration, no matter what your travel style.

Local Adventurer

Esther and Jacob Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer is a blog to remind you that you don't have to travel halfway across the world to find a good adventure. With time split exploring the vast wildernesses of their native California as well as around the world, authors Esther & Jacob offer a fresh perspective!

Ordinary Traveler

Christy and Scott Ordinary Traveler

If you love to travel, but the idea of being a permanent nomad sounds just too extreme for you, then you will get a kick out of Ordinary Traveler. Couple Scott Calafiore & Christy Woodrow aren't afraid to take things easy – a refreshing stance in the sometimes overly competitive world of travel blogging.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland

​Alex, of Alex in Wanderland, is a New York native penning a well designed travel blog with a touch of whimsy – and seems to love every minute of it. Alex in Wonderland is tastefully feminine yet entertaining for everybody, so check it out!

Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert Leave Your Daily Hell

Hate your 9 – 5 lifestyle and yearn for something more? Make haste to the aptly titled Leave Your Daily Hell to learn the secrets to leaving the corporate world behind and traveling the world – from the perspective of Robert Schrader, a forward thinking traveler turned travel coach.

Travel with Bender

Travel with Bender

Travel doesn't have to end with parenthood – Travel With Bender will show you how to carry on with the “Ultimate Guide for Family Travel.” The Bender family has traveled to over 65+ countries, from Disneyland to Bangkok – and shows you how to do the same.

To Europe & Beyond

Marie Eve To Europe and Beyond

To Europe and Beyond – the title and motto of Marie-Eve Valliere's blog about solo travel across Europe, North America, and elsewhere. Europhiles particularly will find delight in her detailed write ups that cover nearly the entire continent!

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Be My Travel Muse

Kristin of Be my Travel Muse isn't afraid of going out of her comfort zone – something which her well populated blog attests to. Venturing from China, Southern Africa and beyond, all solo is no small feat, but Kristin makes it look easy. Learn how to do the same.

Mother of All Trips

Mara Mother of All Trips

For a more personal take on the family travel blog, check out Mother of All Trips by super-mom, Mara, from Delaware. In her words, Mother of All Trips “is part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on motherhood, with just a dash of how-to.”

My View From the Middle Seat

Christina My View From the Middle Seat

Self described D.I.N.K. (Double Income, No Kids) Christina of My View From the Middle Seat demonstrates how to balance a full-time career with a passion for travel. She will help you make the most of your hard earned vacation hours – and be back in time for work on Monday.

Lee Abbamonte

If traveling was a sport, Lee Abbamonte would be an MVP. The self described “Youngest American to visit every country in the world” is a wall-street insider turned professional traveler with a lot to brag about, so head over to Lee Abbamonte to learn more.

The Travel Bite

Rachelle Lucas Travel Bite

Foodies beware – The Travel Bite, authored by Rachelle Lucas, is dangerously decadent. Once you start exploring her extensive culinary travel guides, you might find it difficult to stay home. She even offers a free culinary travel guide, which is sure to be the start of something delicious.

Adventure Inspired

Katie Adventure Inspired

Hailing from gorgeous Ithica, New York, Katie Levy of Adventure-Inspired grew up playing outside – and now shares her love of outdoors and extreme sports on her unpretentious personal blog. The East-Coast crowd will love her local trail write-ups and adventure tips!

The Travel Chica

Stephanie Travel Chica

You've heard of professors taking sabbaticals, but who's to say you can't take one yourself? That is precisely what Stephanie of The Travel Chica is up to with her year. Her blog is all about living simply, solo travel, and experiencing more.

Always Wanderlust

Adonis Always Wanderlust

Here's a nomad whose not afraid to make a spot of trouble – Adonis, of Always Wonderlust, writes that he has a “propensity for obfuscating malfeasance.” I'm not sure what that means, but I'm intrigued. Check out his extensive adventure write ups to find out more.

Along Dusty Roads

Andrew Emily Along Dusty Roads

Along Dusty Roads is all about deliberate, slow travel with a great eye for a photo. This understated but gorgeously designed blog by English couple Andrew and Emily will have you drooling about their professional grade travel photos and well written essays.

Angie Away

Angie Away

What happens when a southern All-American girl gets addicted to travel? She writes a blog, of course. In this case, Angie, of Angie Away shares her extensive travel repertoire, from the perspective of a southern belle with a DIY attitude.

Am I Nearly There Yet

Stu and Louise Are We There Yet

Nomadic couples can take themselves quite seriously – which is why Stu & Eloise, authors of Am I Nearly There Yet, are refreshing. You will love their “travel funnies,” not to mention their more serious travel advice and extensive resources.

Aaron's Worldwide Adventure

Aaron Worldwide Adventure

Aaron is a lifelong traveler who always seems to be a step away from calamity – making for some great travel stories! Head over to his blog Aaron's Worldwide Adventures to hear from an American thrown into a world of travel from a young age, leading to a lifetime of adventure.

A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey A Cruising Couple

Shameless lovebirds Dan andCasey are high school sweethearts turned professional travelers – and share about it on their casually fun blog A Cruising Couple. They've nailed the art of traveling together and still liking each other, so couples take note!

Roaming Around the World

Heather and John Roaming Around the World

Floridian couple, Heather and John, met while traveling, married while traveling, and thus continue to tramp the world together full time! Check out Roaming Around the World for eclectic travel writing advice from a couple who does it for a living.

With the amount of content the above list contains, you could almost never run out of travel inspiration. That said, don't just read about it – take the plunge and do it yourself, you won't regret it!

Ciara Tague

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