The Top Five Best Pruning Shears

Best Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are an essential tool for anybody who works in gardens, from novices to experts. They can also be the most frustrating. Any gardener can tell you stories of wrestling to cut through tiny stems, of shears snapping in half, or of the sore hands one gets after a working in the garden.

The best pruning shears will make it unbelievably easy to work in your garden. You’ll never need to worry about those problems when you invest in one of the best pruning shears on the market.

Best Pruning Shears Comparison Table

ImageBrandMaterialMaximum Cutting CapacityPriceRating
Best Bypass Pruning ShearsBest Bypass Pruning ShearsMid-carbon steel bladesUp to 3/4" in diameter$$4.5
Gelindo's SK-5 Pruning ShearsGelindo's SK-5 Pruning ShearsHeat treated & hardened carbon SK-5 steel bladeUp to 3/4" in diameter$$$$4.5
My Cozy HomeMy Cozy HomeHardened Steel1" in diameter$$$$4.5
Fiskars Traditional Pruning ShearsFiskars Traditional Pruning ShearsFully hardened, precision-ground steel bladeUp to 5/8" in diameter$4.5
iHome&iLife Pruning ShearsiHome&iLife Pruning ShearsMilitary standard manganese steelN/A$$3

Best Bypass Pruning ShearsBest Bypass Pruning Shears

Green Thumb Gear has done an amazing job with their Best Bypass Pruning Shears. These handheld pruning shears are small, but mighty. Despite their small size of eight inches, they can cut through large branches and stems. The shock absorbers make these easy to use and minimize any possible wrist harm that could occur.

The handles are especially designed for ease and comfort.  Another top feature of these shears is their 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Customers loved how easy they were for gardening novices to use without any difficulties. They also reported that these shears lasted a long time without dulling or rusting. Overall, there were very clear reasons why this is the top rated set of pruning shears on Amazon.

Best Bypass Pruning Shears

Gelindo’s SK-5 Pruning ShearsGelindo's SK-5 Pruning Shears

Gelindo’s SK-5 Pruning Shears are heavy duty shears intended for serious gardening. They’re strong shears that can cut through branches up to ¾ inches in diameter. This is partly due to their carbon steel blades. These blades are designed especially for the type of shearing that gardeners often experience. You can use them on trees, bushes, and even hedges. There aren’t very many shears that cut through thick plants the way these do. That is why they’re considered one of the best pruners on our list.

The blades are also covered with Teflon coating to ensure that they stay sharp over a long period of time. Gardeners who bought these shears reported that they rarely have a hard time with these blades going dull or rusting. They were also very impressed with how sharp the blades were. It made cutting through tough branches an easy action.

Gelindo&rsquo's SK-5 Pruning Shears

My Cozy HomeMy Cozy Home

My Cozy Home has created a sturdy set of pruning shears that will last you a long time. Their shears feature a built-in sap groove. This will make it less likely for sap to dull and ruin your shears. These shears typically will work best on smaller branches and vines. It is lightweight and easy to use. Both novice and experienced gardeners will benefit from having these in their tool box.

The rubber grip on the handles ensures that your hands won’t get tired from using this shear. One great bonus to this shear is that My Cozy Home offers a lifetime warranty with it. Customers found that these shears worked very well on smaller garden branches. However, several reported that their shears broke when used on larger objects.

My Cozy Home

Fiskars Traditional Pruning ShearsFiskars Traditional Pruning Shears

Fiskars Traditional Pruning Shears are straightforward gardening tools that can get the job done. They work best on small stems and bushes. The steel blade will stay sharp even after years of use. They also are designed to be able to resist sap and debris. This ensures that these shears avoid rusting or dulling.

Fiskars has made these shears strong enough that you don’t need to worry about them breaking from overuse. The customers of Fiskars typically loved that these shears were a great multi-use garden tool. Fiskars also offers a lifetime warranty for those that do need to replace their shears over time.

Fiskars Traditional Pruning Shears

iHome&iLife Pruning ShearsiHome&iLife Pruning Shears

The iHome&iLife Pruning Shears are a very reliable set of shears for any gardener to use. They work great on tree stems and bushes. It’s able to handle stems up to ⅓ inches in diameter. One unique factor that they have is a child safety lock. This safety feature ensures that you can leave this out in your garage without having to worry about your children.

The stainless steel design will keep it from rusting and dulling. It will stay efficient and effective long after your purchase. Sap and plant debris won’t be able to ruin these shears. By adding these to your collection, it will become easier for you to keep your garden maintained. At a cheap price of $9.99, this shear is high quality for a low price.

iHome&iLife Pruning Shears


Hopefully, our list of the best pruning shears helps you find the right one for you and your garden. Our first choice from Green Thumb Gear is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. They stand out as the best hand pruners on our list. Your time in the garden will be a breeze when you use these shears. Gardening will become a hobby again as you effortlessly trim your plants and bushes.

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