Top Health Benefits of Hunting

Hunting has been in existence for centuries now, with the activity being described as an age-old sport. The simple fact that the activity involves nutrition and physical activities is a clear indication how one can kill two birds with one stone. As a hunter, you can enjoy the sport while at the same time communing with nature with the ultimate goal being to bring food to your table. Below are some of the top most benefits of hunting.

Beneficial Spheres of Life

When people talk of health benefits, many always mistake the term health to only mean the physical sphere of it. However, health is holistic, all rounded term used to refer to the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life. One is only termed to be healthy if they are well nutritional & not sick, they are having a healthy mindset and they have a connection with a spiritual supernatural being their creator. As a result, it will be great to know that hunting is not only beneficial to the physical but also to the spiritual as well as the mental.

1. The Physical Balance and Benefits of Hunting


The main objective of hunting has always been and will always be to put food on the table. In the wilderness, you will get to hunt the game that hasn’t been adulterated by human beings. Today, it is almost impossible to secure domestic meat that is in its pure state. The love for money has led human beings to come up with genetically selected animals that have been pumped with chemicals such as antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides among others. The result has been the rise of meat and meat products that are compromised nutritionally, taste-wise and are credited for the many diseases people are suffering today. The natural game hunted is always pure and rich in nutrition when compared to these plastic animals we have at home. It is also important to note that most of the game meat has very minimal amounts of fats.


I can say that the best and most balanced forms of exercises are done when hunting with air rifle. First of all, it is done where there is fresh air. It is also important to note that all the body muscles always work when one is hunting. At every single point, you will be doing some form of exercise, at times mild with other times the workouts being massive. When in a still position aiming at the target, the core is strengthened. Most of the times you will be walking while in the woods. Walking is the best form of exercise. Sometimes, you will be on the run thereby you get involved in cardio workouts etc. In a nutshell, whether it is climbing a ladder, assembling your gear, dissecting an animal etc, anything you do while hunting is a form of exercise.


Naturopathic Healing

  • Ideally, hunters, even those having poor water drinking habits will drink sufficient amounts of water when they are out there.
  • In addition, common sense tells us that hunting is mainly done in the forests where there is little-contaminated air and a lot of fresh air. Fresh air is a key feature in naturopathic healing.
  • It is also not uncommon to find hunters coming back home with healthful and medicinal herbs and even at times honey that are known to have great medicinal values in the body.

2. The Mental Health

Hunting improves the hunter’s mental discipline. In fact, hunting can be categorized as one of the most important mental sports. Did you know that sports shooting are 90% dependent on the brain and mental performance? I thought you should know. Your concentration levels will highly be expanded and sharpened far much before you even target the game. Upon spotting a potential target, there are times when you need to be keen even for a few couple of hours for the animal to get within shooting range of your air rifle. This trains you to concentrate for hours as it also teaches you on how to be patient. It is also surprising to many that multiple problem-solving skills such as creative thinking and logic application are highly necessary if your hunting expeditions are to be successful.

Being in nature by itself has also scientifically and practically been proven to offer mental relaxation. There is no schedule in the bush, no deadlines to beat and no rush, with nature moving at its own pace. Such a relaxed nature is very therapeutic due to the simple fact that the rush we feel in our day-to-day lives is counterbalanced when we are out hunting.

3. Spiritual Health Benefits

The pace at which nature moves is in itself a great spiritual benefit to those having a spiritual founding. Though others believe in God, others gods and others evolution, it is a unifying factor that being in nature draws someone close to what and who they believe in. interacting with nature gives you that deep spiritual connection between the planes, the wildlife, the land and the human fraternity among other aspects of nature. It is important to note that the social sphere of life is not a sphere standing on its feet but is an aspect of the spiritual. In the Biblical Book of Luke 2:52, we are told that Christ grew in wisdom (mental), stature (physical) and in favor with God and men (spiritual). The social interaction between hunters within the woods thus improves the spiritual health of man. And remember, when you bring that wild trophy back at home and throw a bash, friends, and family are united together thus improving the spiritual sense as well.


In addition to all these, the body adrenaline count gets a boost. When one is holding their varmint rifle to fire, an exhilarating experience results. This spikes adrenaline into the bloodstream thus causing an energy surge into the bloodstream and body. A resultant signal to the liver breaks down glycogen thus resulting in increased energy as well as calorie burn. You end up losing weight, having a better physique, boosting your self-esteem (mental) and being in a better position to interact with your friends and your God. All in all, there is nothing better than hunting as far as health and wellness are holistically concerned.

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