Top 30 Most Interesting Running Blogs You Need to Know

If you’ve just found a new passion in running or if you already think of yourself as a veteran athlete, reading from fellow runners is always a nice way to be up-to-date on the latest trends, absorb new ideas and learn / share new experiences.

Top Running Blogs 2016

Top Running Blogs 2016

No matter how long or short your run is, there are plenty of running blogs and bloggers to choose from on the Web.

We opted to move away from the most known and established running sites and went out to search and find other options that we think are equally valid and inspiring.

Top 30 Most Interesting Running Blogs You Need to Know

This is our compilation of the best running bloggers you really need to know (and follow).

Mile Posts

Dorothy -- Mile Posts

Mother of 3, published writer and marathoner, Dorothy Beal is an eternal running lover.

She’s the person behind the Mile Posts blog and the creator of #irunthisbody and #dreambigrunlong. Dorothy has run 31 marathons and has appeared on the cover of several sports magazines like Women’s Running and Competitor Bio.

Veggie Runners

Jayne and Bibi Rogers -- Veggie Runners

Veggie Runners is run (pun intended) by the mom and daughter duo, Jayne and Bibi Rodgers.

They are runners and award-winning bloggers (among several other things, like entrepreneurs and recipe creators). Their blog has been listed as one of The Guardian's Top 10 Vegetarian Blogs.

Running Physio

Tom -- Running Physio

Tom is a physiotherapist with several years of experience and he just loves to run!

His Running Physio blog aims to offer expert advice to all kinds of runners in preventing and managing running injuries.

Dreaming of Footpaths

Sarah -- Dreaming of Footpaths

Sarah decided to start running simply because she thought it'd be the most efficient way to lose weight.

Right there and then, her competitive nature showed up and took it from there. She kept on running and breaking her own records.

Believe in the Run

Thomas & Meaghan -- Believe in the Run

Thomas and Meaghan are the people behind Believe in the Run.

Their blog's mission is to provide honest reviews on the best running shoes and running gear to help runners make the right choices.

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

Dr Nick -- Dr. Nick's Running Blog

Dr. Campitelli, a podiatrist in Akron, OH specialized in foot and ankle surgery and a running enthusiastic enjoys helping runners with injuries.

His blog’s intent is to provide education on proper foot and lower extremity function for runners.

Feetures! Blog

Feetures! Blog

The Feetures! Blog has a panel of running coaches and marathon runners who make use of their expertise to share invaluable tips.

A very interesting and definitely recommeded blog to check out and follow!

Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Tina -- Carrots 'n' Cake

Tina says she loves food but admits her real passion is fitness and exercise. Her favorite ways to exercise are CrossFit and running.

On her Carrot ‘n’ Cake blog, Tina shares her healthy lifestyle that includes staying fit and eating well.

Runners Connect

Jeff -- Runners Connect

RunnersConnect is composed of a team expert coaches and experienced runners lead by Jeff Gaudette.

Their aim is helping runners stay healthy and train better to become even faster.

The Girl that Runs

Zoe -- The Girl that Runs

Zoe is a committed long-distance runner that has completed several full marathons and dozen other distance races over the past decade.

She decided to start this blog to share her stories and passion for running with other people.

Full Stride

Full Stride

The Full Stride blog is a running community. They share training tips and their own personal running stories.

Their goal is to help and motivate people to reach their running goals.

The Lone Runner

Kassandra -- The Lone Runner

Kassandra simply loves running. She unleashes her competitive nature in road races but also enjoys the quietness and peacefulness of morning runs.

Running makes her feel strong and limitless and that’s the kind of things Kassandra shares on her blog.

Run Helen Run

Helen -- Run Helen Run

Helen is both a runner and a ultrarunner who has been in the sport for more than 7 years now.

She has run so many races that she already lost count. On her blog, Helen talks about her running goals, setbacks and injuries, how she overcame her initial difficulties and what she has learned while running.

Runner Unleashed

Gelcys -- Runner Unleashed

Gelcys has an amazing and inspiring story. She started running at a very young age but was forced to stop when she was diagnosed with a curvature of the spine.

It didn’t stop her though; after several surgeries and a ton of effort, she completed her first marathon and kept on pursuing her running goals. A true fighter!

Maximum Performance Running

Maximum Performance Running

MPR is a coaching service for all types of distance runners, from beginners to more experienced ones.

On their blog, their share great running tips that include having the right mindset, best mixed workouts and the proper training philosophy.

Addicted to Running

Steve Wagner -- Addicted to Running

As the name of his blog says, Steve is truly addicted to the sport of running and has been so since 2008.

Steve loves bonding with other runners while he’s completing his marathons and desert mountain trail races.


Mark -- Marathonomy

Mark is a true marathoner who has been running for almost 10 years. This New Yorker has completed 16 marathons and ultra runs.

He hopes to make a positive difference in the world. On his blog, Mark shares his running stories and expert tips.

Jamie Pang

Jamie Pang

Jamie is a lifelong runner who completed his first half marathon at the age of 15 and has run over 29 marathons.

His blog helps guide runners of all types in the sport and some of his articles have been featured on important publications like FHM, Men’s Health and Esquire.

Cowgirl Runs

Angela -- Cowgirl Runs

Angela is passionate about living a balanced life and running is part of that important process.

She loves it so much that she has recently become a certified run coach and launched her own running business.

Fitness Fatale

Nicole -- Fitness Fatale

The Fitness Fatale blog was born out of Nicole’s love for running.

In 2011, Nicole ran her first marathon, short after that she did her first sprint triathlon and kept on going after new goals, including a full Ironman and P90X. Fitness Fatale is where Nicole shares her journey to stay fit and active as a new mom.

Runner Under Pressure

Sarah -- Runner Under Pressure

Sarah describes herself as a «slightly above average runner» with big goals and high dreams trying the best she can for as long as possible.

On her blog, she talks about her runs, achievements and future plans.

Casual Runner

Casual Runner

This is a community of casual runners who believe that there’s only one “right” way to run: the way each one of us will enjoy it the most.

Mike and his peers share what they love about the sport hoping that their readers become motivated and maximize their enjoyment of running.

Pavement Runner

Pavement Runner

The Pavement Runner Blog was started in 2008 due to 26.2 reasons.

Amongst them are: running is addictive, runners keep a diary, running for 4 hours gives you enough time to think about things, and because 26 is never enough you need the extra .2.

Organic Runner Mom

Sandra -- Organic Runner Mom

Sandra started running as a warm-up routine for her crew practice in high school.

Running for Sandra is a freeing sensation that has taken her on a journey of self-discovery and made her a stronger person, inside and out.

Running with SD Mom

Smitha -- Running With SD Mom

Smitha is a mom from San Diego that loves to run and believes in positive thinking.

She started running in 2013 and slowly but steadily she got better at it, getting faster and pushing it further every day.

Weight Off My Shoulders

Dani -- Weight Off My Shoulders

Ever since Dani got the “running bug” she hasn’t stopped running and has already completed 7 marathons.

She shares her weight loss and running journey on her appropriately named blog Weight Off My Shoulders.

This Crazy Life of Mine

Nanci -- This Crazy Life of Mine

Following a series of ups and downs in her life, Nanci decided to begin running to become healthy again. The moment she did it, Nanci fell in love with races.

Her blog was created out of Nanci’s need to share her stories and it deeply contributed to foment her love for running.

Kaella on the Run

Kaella -- Kaella on the Run

Kaella is a mom and an avid runner. Her blog was intended to document her son’s early steps in life but it evolved to a running blog where she shares her journey in the sport.

Curious fact: Kaella started running as a way to lose baby weight and got hooked instantly.

Runner's Goal

Top Running Blogs

Spencer at shares some of his personal experiences and struggles preparing for marathons and shorter races.

The team at have also developed several products like LED lights designed to keep runners safe when running at night. 

Ultrarunner Podcast

Ultrarunner Podcast

The Ultrarunner Podcast was created in 2011 by and for people who are passionate about mountain, ultra and trail running.

Each episode features experts that discuss what it takes to be successful on the trails.

Be Out Running

Gareth -- Be Out Running

Gareth is a long-time runner who enjoys sharing his biggest running achievements (like completing 3 full marathons in 3 months) and other interesting stories on his Be Out Running blog.

He pretends to keep improving on his blog and reach new running milestones in the future.

Wrapping Up --- Finish Line

There are certainly numerous other blogs that could perfectly be a good fit for this list.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that if you take your time to check some (or all) of them out, you’ll find the inspiration you were looking for to start, continue or get back to running with renewed strength and stamina.

Remember: there’s always an extra spare of energy left inside of you to run yet another mile and reach that finish line! You go runner!

P.S.: I don’t know about you, but all this talk about running, runners and marathoners has really spiced up my urge to go out from a run. :)

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