Top Skin Disorder Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2016

Top Skin Disorder Blogs

If you or someone you love has a skin disorder it can cause a lot of anxiety. You may feel embarrassed to go out or just confused at what it may be and what you should do. Whether you’re dealing with psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea or something else, it can make you feel all alone. But you’re definitely not.

There are bloggers out there who either are going through the same thing you are or who are expert dermatologists that treat hundreds of patients each year. I’ve researched and reviewed them all to find you the best of the best. Read below for my list of the Top Skin Disorder Blogs that you should be reading in 2016.

Top Skin Disorder Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2016

dr cynthia baily

Bio Tidbit: Dermatologist from Northern California wine country that helped over 13,000 patients overcome skin disorders.

Why You Want to Read It: She has one of the longest running blogs on this topic, began in 2009. With more than 25 years of dermatology experience, there is a lot of useful information you can glean from her blog.

Bio Tidbit: Jennifer is an eco minded optimist and “mompreneur” who founded The Eczema Company.

Why You Want to Read It: In her blog, she shared their family’s stories of battling eczema, allergies, and asthma using an integrative approach.


3. I Have Eczema

Bio Tidbit: Jenny suffers from severe eczema, allergies and urticaria. She created the blog to help create awareness about these conditions.

Why You Want to Read It: She talks about a condition called “Red Skin Syndrome” which can occur through use of topical steroids creams, and shares a lot of valuable and helpful tips.

Bio Tidbit: Dr. Jeffrey Benabio is a dermatologist that is Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation in San Diego CA.

Why You Want to Read It: He is a leading voice for using social technologies to benefit healthcare teams and empower patients. His monthly column “Digital Doctor is featured in several industry publications. Glamour Magazine named him “A Rock Star of Dermatology.”

Dr Diane Walder

5. Diane Walder, MD's Blog

Bio Tidbit: Dermatologist from Miami that is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the United States. She’s frequently quoted in major magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog contains a great mix of helpful information about skin problems as well as tips for everyone on choosing the right beauty products and avoiding skin mistakes.

Carly Findlay Blog

Bio Tidbit: Carly is based in Australia and is a blogger, writer, speaker and appearance activist. She organized Australia’s first Ichthyosis meet in 2015, brining together people affected by this rare disorder.

Why You Want to Read It: Her positive attitude and encouragement for others definitely come through her writing as she is “Loving life!” and telling her story about living with Ichthyosis.


7. Richard Weston’s Myotonic Dystrophy Blog

Bio Tidbit: He began his website and blog back in 1996 to summarize all the information he researched on Myotonic Dystrophy which is a condition that both his son and wife have.

Why You Want to Read It: There is quite a lot of very detailed information about this affliction and it comes from a family perspective. It also includes information on the newest potential treatments.


8. Being Me in My Own Skin

Bio Tidbit: Alisha is a media/marketing professional and ward wining writer and community advocate. Her most notable work comes from volunteering with The National Psoriasis Foundation.

Why You Want to Read It: Her Blog includes “Psoriasis Superhero of the Month” and highlights stories from around the country. The wealth of information is organized in a very easy to read format.


9. Thyroid Mom

Bio Tidbit: Blythe is the mother of two beautiful boys that were both born with Congenital Hypothyroidism, and both she and her husband also share the affliction. She uses her experience to help others.

Why You Want to Read It: An excellent blog to read if you have children that are going through skin disorder issues, she includes a lot of great ‘Mom Advice'.

Just A Girl with Spots

10. Just a Girl with Spots

Bio Tidbit: Joni was diagnosed with plaque and guttate psoriasis when she was 15 and has grown up strong and more confident since that time.

Why You Want to Read It: She talks about both the mental and physical issues surrounding psoriasis “it’s not just a skin condition.” Her blog is very well laid out and easy to read as well.


11. My Skin and I

Bio Tidbit: Simon is in his forties and lives with his very supportive wife and cat named Bob. His blog is devoted to writing about his experiences living with Psoriasis.

Why You Want to Read It: His blog includes details on meet ups for those with skin disorders as well as speaking presentations about Psoriasis. His cat Bob also appears regularly as the unofficial mascot.


12. Tea with MD

Bio Tidbit: Joyce is a dermatologist in training and was born and raised in California, but is currently living in New York City. She took a year off medical school to pursue medial journalism.

Why You Want to Read It: Her bright and friendly blog sprinkles in beauty, makeup and skin care tips along with information about skin disorders and dermatology.

Alan d dattner

13. Alan M Dattner, MD’s Blog

Bio Tidbit: Dr. Dattner is a dermatologist in New York and has bee a pioneer for over 30 years in integrating nutrition, dermatology, Applied Kinesiology, and Holistic Medicine.

Why You Want to Read It: He includes videos (vlogs) with his blogs and has a lot of great information about overall skin care, and holistic approaches to skin conditions.

Zo Skin Health

14. Zo Blog

Bio Tidbit: Dr. Zein Obagi is a dermatologist, world-renowned skincare expert and is the creator and Medical Director of ZO Skin Health, Inc.

Why You Want to Read It: His blog gives great overall health tips like “5 lovely ways to reduce stress” along with articles about coping with eczema and other skin issues.

Dr Divya

15. Dr. Divya’s Skin & Hair Solutions

Bio Tidbit: Dr. Divya is a renowned dermatologist and hair expert. She specializes in cosmetic dermatology, non surgical facial skin rejuvenation, hair disorders, acne and scars and dermatosurgery.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog includes tips on both skin care and hair loss issues, and even how to treat diaper rashes.

Derma DR Kunin

16. DERMAdoctor

Bio Tidbit: Dr. Audrey Kunin is a dermatologist, author, clinician, educator, television personality and CEO of DERMAdoctor, Inc. She’s a frequent guest of The Dr. Oz Show.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog is well categorized, making it easy to find the subject you need, and covers all types of skin conditions, such as acne, hyperthidrosis, eczema, rosacea and more.


17. Eczema Blues

Bio Tidbit: Mei, aka Marcie Mom, is a mother who’s baby girl suffers from eczema she started her blog to help share what she has learned along the way with other parents.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog is quite extensive, with 859 posts over 5 years, and it also includes some light-hearted fun like a “Good Eczema Skincare” word scramble.

18. My Eczema Skincare Blog

Bio Tidbit: Selina began her blog to share her experiences with eczema: the good, the bad and the ugly and all the emotions that go along with them.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog includes a lot of uplifting quotes as well as her eczema care routine and her journey over the last 5 years.


19. Everything for Eczema

Bio Tidbit: Anindita is a mum of a child with eczema and shares her family’s search for over 3 years for the right products that would help her daughter get relief from the itching.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog contains a lot of excellent and in-depth information about different types of treatments and nutrients that can help this condition.

Beczema Rebecca

20. Beczema

Bio Tidbit: Rebecca has suffered with eczema all her life, and now that she’s in her 40’s has come to terms with it, for both the good days and not so good days.

Why You Want to Read It: In addition to tons of great articles, she includes both a Product Reviews section and Body Confidence section on her blog.

Stacked Skincare

21. Stacked Skincare

Bio Tidbit: Kerry Benjamin is a licensed esthetician and skincare expert. She’s been featured in major publications including Refinery29, MindBodyGreen, and as an L.A. Woman Entrepreneur in Darling Magazine.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog is well organized and easy to read, and covers subjects on eczema, facial oil, and lots of other skin care information.

A Free From World Emily

22. A Free From World

Bio Tidbit: Emily is a primary school teacher and current stay at home mummy to her daughter Elianah. She wrote her blog as a way to share her experience with her daughter’s eczema and food allergies.

Why You Want to Read It: She shares a lot of uplifting messages along with her story, and includes recipes and useful resources on eczema on her blog.

Kara Living with Psoriasis blog

23. My Living With Psoriasis Blog

Bio Tidbit: Kara was born in the UK and suffers from psoriasis. She began her blog in order to connect and communicate with anyone else out there in the world that shares the condition.

Why You Want to Read It: She shares her experiences and reviews of different skincare products and also includes guest posts filled with other helpful information.

spoon and saucer

24. Spoon and Saucer - Psoriasis

Bio Tidbit: Brandie has a blog filled with lots of great information on food, coffee, and cooking, she also shares some information about her condition, psoriasis.

Why You Want to Read It: Her blog titled “Psoriasis, Gluten, and My Food Journey” contains some great information that I haven’t seen on other sites.

jessica and psoriasis

25. Jessica & Psoriasis

Bio Tidbit: 20-year old Jessica began her blog to see if it would benefit others and offer support. She has had psoriasis since she was 7 years old.

Why You Want to Read It: She shares some great stories as she is going through life, and includes links to others that write about their experience with skin conditions.

So, as you can see, you are definitely not alone if you or a love one is living with a skin disorder. There are some wonderful people out there just like you, as well as some top dermatologists, all with the goal to connect and share what they’ve learned. Congratulations and thanks to the bloggers above for sharing their stories to help others.

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