Best Games to Play on Your New Trampoline

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So, the wife finally caved and let you buy a trampoline for you and the kids. Compromising on the addition of a safety net is a small price to pay, and it’s time to start having some outdoor fun. It’s near impossible to have a bad time on a trampoline.

Have you ever seen someone frowning while bouncing on a trampoline? Absolutely not. You and your family will have a blast! Regardless, there are certainly some ways to make the jumping experience more interactive and fun. It’s important to spark imagination and creativity as much as staying active. These suggestions will help you do both.


You may know this by another name, but it is one of the simplest and most intuitive trampoline games out there. This is a classic game that can be played by three or more people. There’s no objective or score, and the purpose is pure enjoyment. To play popcorn, one person lies in the middle of the trampoline with their knees and arms tucked to their chest. The other people on the trampoline begin to bounce, with the intention of sending the person in the middle into the air like a kernel of popcorn.

This game takes no other equipment and is an easy way to get a few good laughs as the person in the middle bounces back and forth. Of course safety first, so make sure that nobody lands awkwardly. And make sure that the person in the middle uses their limbs to stabilize themselves if they start to fall into a compromising position.

Land Mines

Also going by the name Poison Balls, Land Mines is one of the silliest and most hectic games to play on trampoline. The more people involved in this game the more fun and interesting it can become. First, put a few soft balls on the trampoline. The rules are simple: if you get hit you’re out. The players can put their own spin on what happens after that. Either they have to get off the trampoline or if they have to lie down and can be revived by another player. Bouncing and dodging around the balls can create hours of fun on your new trampoline.

Safety Tip: notice how “soft balls” are mentioned above. Don’t ignore this suggestion. A baseball or even a basketball has a high chance of taking an odd bounce and giving bruises and bloody noses. The last thing you want is a fun day on the trampoline to end in tears.


This is another straightforward game and is one of the better games to play on the trampoline during the summer months. All you need is a sprinkler to put under or next to the trampoline. If there are no sprinklers available, another person can stand on the side and spray the jumpers with a hose. This turns a regular trampoline into a water park, and is a great way to stay cool in the summer. The black top of the trampoline can feel like a frying pan in mid-July. This game is a fantastic way to combat that effect.

Safety Tip: This is where having a net comes in handy. The trampoline can get very slippery when wet, so it would be best to make sure the kids don’t go sliding off the trampoline.

Donkey Kong

This game gets its name from the original Donkey Kong video game. This game is usually meant for two people, but can be played with more than two. One person starts lying face down in the middle of the trampoline. The other’s objective is to jump over the person in the middle. The roller, or the barrel, is trying to knock the other person over as they jump.

This continues until the barrel is successful, and then the roles are switched. Additional rules can be added, but it is usually stated that the roller must keep his arms tucked in, as to not flail and trip the jumper. It takes no additional equipment and works best with only two people.

Summit 14 Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Hopefully these suggestions make the purchase of a trampoline even more exciting. These and other games to play on the trampoline can provide enjoyable exercise for your family for ages. Jumping, laughing and even stargazing in comfort at night. A trampoline has the possibility to transform your backyard experience.

Once the setup is complete and the big black mat is out in the yard, the possibilities are endless. Of course, trampolines can be dangerous and should only be used with adult supervision, but a little risk is part of what makes trampolines so fun. With these trampoline games in mind, go out there and make some memories.

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