Trampoline Sizes From Big to Small: Everyone Can Bounce

Skywalker Trampolines 15 feet

As a Dad, I know the importance of having a trampoline for my kids. But one thing I have come to realize is that buying one requires a great deal of research. You don’t just see your neighbor kids jumping and having fun all day long, head to the store and buy one.

A trampoline is a huge investment and if you have never owned one, you have to understand what is most suitable for your family. Many people only consider safety and price of the trampoline when purchasing. They tend to ignore one important factor that usually pays off in the long run, the trampoline size.

The size of the trampoline you will get requires a little understanding of what you want from the trampoline. The weight of the users will determine your perfect size. Experience is also something to consider also, the age is also a factor and of course the place you intend to put your trampoline. Below is a run down on the range of sizes for your big or small trampoline purchase.

16-foot Trampoline

Superjumper Trampoline 16 feet Combo Trampoline

This is the biggest trampoline you can get commercially. It is perfect for professional gymnasts, or those who intend to practice trampoline skills for competition. They are usually made from very strong materials and springs that can hold all kinds of tension.

If you have older kids, no tight budget and large backyard, then this is the ideal size for you. The 10 x 17ft Rectangle Trampoline is a square version of the 16 ft round trampoline size.

14- & 15-foot Trampolines

Skywalker Trampoline 15 feet Round

14' and 15' Trampolines are among the biggest popular trampoline sizes. They are ideal for adults, entertainers, and professionals. They are usually more comfortable to jump around on and provide a better bounce than the smaller ones. This can accommodate all your kids and still stay strong.

With this trampoline, you can invite your neighbors’ kids over and they can have fun all together. So long as they don’t exceed ten kids at once they should be fine. Also great for parents who love to have fun joining in. You can practice all your awesome trampoline moves! A 9x14 ft Rectangle Trampoline is the comparable size to a 14 or 15ft round one.

12-foot Trampolines

Skywalker Trampoline 12 feet Round

If you have two children like I do and want to play together on the same trampoline, a 12 feet trampoline is the best pick. They aren’t that big, but can accommodate at least two kids 10 to 13 years and one adult, all without being exposed to too much stress.

This size is one of the most popular best small trampolines for families with children of different ages. A larger backyard would be needed to accommodate this size. The 8 x 12ft rectangular trampoline provides almost the same bounce, and still ideal for two kids and one adult at the same time.

10-foot Trampolines

Springfree Trampoline Medium Round

Ten foot trampolines are ideal for bigger kids, and for users who might have a heavier weight. There is not much difference between 8' and 10' trampolines. The 10' will be in use for a longer time as your child is growing up so it’s much a better long term choice.

This size is very suitable for a small courtyard or backyard. With this type, you will need to have one child at a time use the trampoline; otherwise, it will be very unsafe. The best rectangular trampoline that can complement the ten ft round trampoline is 7 x 10ft.

8-foot Trampolines

SkyBound Super 7

An Eight foot round trampoline is an ideal choice for those who have limited space but still want a full size model. Usually, an eight foot trampoline is often low to the ground which makes it easier for users to climb without having to use a ladder.

This is one of the many things that make this size a good option for those with small children. For those trampolines that are rectangular in shape, a 7 x 10 ft may complement with the 8ft round one.


Based on the information above about trampoline sizes, it’s important to ask the questions that will help when making a purchase. For instance, what is the combined weight of your kids and how old are they? How much space do you have? How long will your family want to use the trampoline? Before making a purchase, I would definitely recommend you measure the ground you intend to place your trampoline on.

Ensure that the ground is level since the sloped ground will throw your kids off balance. Of course, when it comes to selecting a trampoline, it all comes down to personal preference. The advice I have outlined here will help make the purchasing decision much easier for you.

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