How To Wash Your Back- The Five Best Body Brushes

how to wash your backBody brushes are becoming a common way for people to keep their skin soft and glowing. All you do is brush your skin, just like you would your hair, and your dead skin will come falling off. This keeps your skin healthy and will also make sure you continue looking good as you grow older.

We created this list in order to find the best body brush for you. It’s important for your body brush to feel gentle, and yet firm enough to brush our any excess dead skin. This will ensure that your skin turns out the way that you want it to. Whether you uses these brushes in the shower/bath or on dry skin, you’ll find that you love how your skin feels.

Best Body Brushes Comparison Table

Double Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath BrushDouble Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath Brush17.5"Dependable 1-year warranty$$$5
Body Brush & Back ScrubberBody Brush & Back Scrubber16"100% Money Back Guarantee$$4.5
TopNotch Bath Brush Back ScrubberTopNotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber14"RISK FREE 90 Day Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Product Warranty$$$4
TerraCherrie's Luxury BrushTerraCherrie's Luxury Brush16"100% Money Back Guarantee$$$4
Legendary Wellness ZEN Dry BrushLegendary Wellness ZEN Dry Brush12"N/A$$$4.5

Double Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath BrushDouble Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath Brush

The Double Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath Brush from New Body Essentials will turn your bathtub into your own massage/pedicure place. It’s easily the best brush for dry brushing. It features an extra-long handle which allows you to get to those hard to reach places on your back. You’ll never again wonder how to wash your whole back. Measuring at a whopping 17.5 inches, you’ll find this brush extremely easy to use.

There are dual sides on this brush. One side is harder and the other is softer. As you brush your body, you can switch back and forth between the two very easily. The bamboo handle and boar’s hair bristles have naturalist reviewers giving this brush top reviews. It will exfoliate your skin, increase circulation, and scrape off your dead skin. Overall, this is one of the best bath brushes available on the market.Double Sided Bamboo Dry Body Bath Brush

Body Brush & Back ScrubberBody Brush & Back Scrubber

Grace & Stella Co. have created a great product in their Body Brush & Back Scrubber. It’s considered to be the best skin brush available. It features removable heads, in order to ensure that you have a softness/hardness that fits your needs. The handle makes it easy to use, being measured at 16 inches. This will make it easy to know how to wash your whole back.

Customers have found that it does wonders for their excess cellulite and their stretch marks. You can use this brush wet or dry, making it perfect for baths and showers. They also loved the suction hook that comes with the brush. This allows you to stick it easily onto your bathroom wall, regardless of what kind of tile you have.Body Brush & Back Scrubber

TopNotch Bath Brush Back ScrubberTopNotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber

The TopNotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber is a simple and clear-cut body brush. Made from plastic, this brush will last a very long time. You don’t need to worry about cleaning or maintaining it at all. The handle is 14 inches. Although this is shorter than some brushes on our list, it still enables you to reach anywhere you need to.

This brush is designed to have an angle, making it even easier to get to those hard to reach spots. The bristles are soft enough that you can even use this brush on your face and other sensitive areas. People who bought this best back scrubber were pleased with how long it lasted. They also loved how well it exfoliated their skin.TopNotch Bath Brush Back Scrubber

TerraCherrie’s Luxury BrushTerraCherrie's Luxury Brush

TerraCherrie’s Luxury Brush is one of the softest body brushes on our list. It’s designed with luxury in mind. The goal behind this brush is to recreate the spa experience at home. Daily brushing will exfoliate your skin and have your skin feeling softer in just a few short weeks. The bristles are organic and natural, made boar’s hair. This gives the brush its firm, yet gentle, texture.

The detachable head makes this brush incredibly easy to pack up whenever you’re traveling. Reviews showed that many people used this brush for both wet and dry brushing. They found that it worked extremely well at exfoliating their skin. Some even went so far as to say that it was the best exfoliating brush they had ever used.TerraCherrie's Luxury Brush

Legendary Wellness ZEN Dry BrushLegendary Wellness ZEN Dry Brush

The Legendary Wellness ZEN Dry Brush works great for people with soft and sensitive skin. This brush is the smallest one on our list. At the same time, it works really well with broken and weak skin. Made from wood and boar bristles, you can count on this brush being reliable and getting the job done.

The bristles have been described as having medium-stiffness. Some purchasers were even able to use it on their faces and on their stomachs. A few customers had chronic diagnoses that had led to poor circulation and dried skin. They found that this brush did wonders for exfoliation and increasing their circulation.Legendary Wellness ZEN Dry Brush


Whether you’re looking for the best body brush for dry brushing or simply the best back brush, this list has you covered. These brushes range from small and luxurious to large and heavy duty. You can use many of them wet or dry. If you want to know how to wash your back and get to those difficult to reach places, it actually is quite simple.

Many of the brushes on this list have long enough handles to let you reach your whole back. You can brush away your dead skin cells with pleasure as you use one of these top-rated brushes. Your skin will never feel the same and you’ll feel softer, younger, and healthier.

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