Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Women Make

Today we race through time with our fancy gadgets in hand, shopping malls, bars and restaurants in every other corner to satiate all our needs and thirsts. Our world with all the technology is most likely to have answers to all our problems.

But still some of these problems, though too common and mild at first glance, remain stubborn. With all our fitness regimes, obesity is still such a problem.

As we cut our meals, devoutly follow the nutri chart, push ourselves through regular exercises but still fail to gain the desirable body, we wonder about where we’ve gone wrong!

All the popular posts have told us about what to do and what not. So this post is not about how calorie miscalculation, sleep deprivation, vegetable less diet, junk food and soft and/or hard drinks are affecting your body weight. As important as these are, you’ve already known these for a while.

So let’s focus on some other mistakes you may have missed and as a result are sulking now engrossed in your comfortable body pillow.

1.Same Eating Pattern

Weight Loss

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Making your nutri-chart yourself may lead you to design your food habit according to your understanding of nutritious and slimming food (which may not be very good). Most of the time these charts lack the variations it should have.

Eating the same kind of meals everyday makes your body pile up with the ingredients without balancing those too many or few calories. Plus this kind of food habit creates the monotony, which makes your taste buds as well as your body crave for a treat which will make even your iron clad determination to falter.

Have a proper breakfast and make variations in your lunch and dinner contents. Include as much vitamins, proteins, and anti-oxidants you can and if needed consult a dietician for a full-fledged diet chart.

2.Diet Food And Less Water

Weight Loss

Drinking at least 4-5 liters of water everyday

Obesity, being the common problem, is target of many businesses. Media is full with the praises of some or other diet food and drink and soda. But no matter what the ads say, diet food is NOT your friend if you want a healthy body. All those diet foods and drinks do very little but creating a placebo effect.

Eat proper food in proper measurements. Don’t make the mistake of eating a hearty lunch and skipping the dinner. It’s as important to not starve, as it is to not overload yourself and diet foods rarely satisfy hunger the way it should.

Drinking diet sodas to quench your thirst can actually create kidney problems, increased risk of diabetes and depression, ultimately leading to obesity again in full circle. Drinking at least 4-5 liters of water everyday would make your digestion, perspiration and metabolism run in a smooth path which in turn will keep you fit.

3.Routine Exercise

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Exercise plays a very important part in fitness regime. But if you follow the same routine rigorously every day, then your body gets habituated after a while and the benefits start to lose up slightly. So make variations in your exercise routine.

Come out of your comfort zone; be creative with your guide’s permission. Cardio exercises are as important as exercises with a weights bench. So keep yourself in toes with an element of surprise.

Alternate your running routine with swimming or cycling or even rowing if you can manage it. Not only your body will be benefited from that, but also your whole persona will glow due to the breaking of monotony.

4.Don’t Be Overly Strict

After a relaxed lifestyle for a long time any event or change like new college or cousin’s upcoming marriage may stir in us a sudden zeal to be slim. But what’s important is, don’t force yourself through the diet course.

Sudden and massive cuts to the eating habit, excessive bouts of gym may actually have the undesirable opposite effects in store for you. There’s nothing called a shortcut.

Excessive exercise or diet can and will make you sick, tired and frustrated after a while if you are not doing it spontaneously. Depression can round you up with obesity, no matter how hard you force your body.

Start in slow pace and make it moderate while providing your body enough time to stabilize. As they say, slow but steady wins the race. So do a bit every day and don’t take shortcuts for instant results.

5.Resting Facilities

Take heed of your leisure posture. What you do when you take rest and how you do it is very important in fitness regime. Everything from your body pillows to mattress plays a part in your metabolism.

Don’t be obsessed with price tags as proof of quality. Obesity is a higher receptor of back pain and other diseases, which only get more troublesome with bad posture. Is your mattress thick and incredibly soft but make your back and neck painfully stiff?

Does your bedcover pure satin but make you sweat? Is your beanbag chair proper for a movie marathon? Answer yourself all these questions with expert opinion and avoid the adverse effects on your body after you’ve put a lot of effort in being fit. If your sleep is punctured with leg cramp, it’s not good news for your body and weight.

Above all, TRY TO BE HAPPY. Anxiety, mood swings are often plastered by us with junk food and a resolution of trying again tomorrow. This is the worst make believe solution.

A healthy mind is of paramount importance for a healthy body. Talk about your problems to an expert if need arises. Being comfortable is also the key to good body aka looks. Zero figures, no matter how much in style, are not fit.

Starving yourself, even if it does slim you, will suck the entire glow out. Frustrating moments can come by like dusts in air. But always remember whatever it is, it’ll pass. Put a smile in your face, and that stretch will slim all your problems.

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