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Champion Men's Powerflex Compression Short

Apart from wearing the best crossfit shoes, the question is “ what to wear for crossfit?"

It's the same question asked about equipment. " What's the best jump rope for crossfit? What are the best crossfit gloves?

For any serious crossfitter compression gear is a must have. Loose fitting workout gear will just distract you and they may also get trapped in the equipment.

Compression socks, another “What to wear to crossfit” item, are all the rage at the moment. You see all the serious crossfitters wearing them, and for good reason. They protect your shins from the bar when doing lots of lifting.

what to wear for crossfit

Compression shorts and tights are also a must have as they can help you train harder during your workout and recover faster between sets.

In this article I've reviewed some of the best compression gear for crossfit available. The reviews come from personal experience and the experiences of my crossfit community.

Champion Men's Powerflex Compression Short

Champion Men's Powerflex Compression Short

The Champion's Men's Powerflex Compression Shorts are an athletic compression short. Ideal for intense crossfit WOD'S and the best compression shorts for crossfit.

These shorts wick moisture away from your skin while in built vapor technology evaporates the moisture fast.

They have flatlock seams to protect you against chafing. They stretch to move with you which gives you a full range of motion during intense, quick, movements.

They are a lightweight material designed to fit very tightly to improve your muscle performance and endurance. And give you a constant feeling of support.

These shorts are great for lifting. Perform squats and deadlifts with a full range of motion without chafing, tightening or binding .

Wear them under your shorts and they won't bunch up or ride up your leg.

A fantastic pair of compression shorts.

Sub Sports Dual Men's Compression Base layer Tights

Sub Sports Dual Men's Compression Base layer Tights

These compression tights are extremely comfortable, they are like a second skin. They are a high quality product at a great price that fits right.

They are midweight baselayer tights for use during all seasons. The compression fit improves blood flow and oxygen supply to your muscles. The support and compression is great from top to bottom

The material keeps you dry by wicking away moisture from your skin, and even after a hard crossfit WOD, you will be as dry as a bone. 

The fabric, mainly spandex, is extremely comfortable and has a smooth, soft feel to it. It's really thin, but very durable.

These compression tights are great for first time or long time wearers and are perfect for hard core crossfitters. They fit great and don't ride down or up on your skin.

They are definitely the best compression tights for crossfit

Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Pants

Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Pants

These compression pants from Tesla are the perfect option for indoor and outdoor exercises. They are the best workout pants for crossfit.

They’re cool gear designed for all season use and give you a full range of motion.

​The flat lock seams allow for excellent comfort and protection. They also follow the natural muscle lines of the body for extra support.

These pants are really supportive and comfortable in the crotch area and do not ride down your waist.

The material is sturdy and gives a lot more support than some other compression pants in the price range.

Even though these pants aren't see through, my advice is wear them under sports shorts.

WOD Shorts Agility 2.0 by Epic MMA Gear

WOD Shorts Agility 2.0 by Epic MMA Gear

The reason I have reviewed a pair of workout shorts among compression wear it that 99% of the time you will want to wear your compression gear with shorts. These WOD shorts are the best crossfit shorts for men.

The WOD shorts Agility 2.0 are lightweight and non binding making them perfect for runs and WODS.

They are made with 4 way stretch fabric, triple stitching with an inside drawstring. They also have a double velcro closing system.

They have a good range of motion and cope easily with the more extreme crossfit movements. They are light, breathable and are very durable.

These shorts are light, comfortable, and stretch with movements to allow for great comfort with mobility.

From deep squats, to burpee's, to box jumps, these shorts are the most comfortable pair of workout shorts you will ever put on.

You will have no limits on your movements. True to size and the perfect length.

The only drawback for me is that they don't have a pocket, but that's only a very minor gripe.

Calf Compression Sleeve - Leg Compression Socks by Run Forever Sports

Calf Compression Sleeve - Leg Compression Socks by Run Forever Sports

Compression socks do more than cover the foot they actually help you recover between workouts and gain more power during them.

Compression socks work by helping to stabilize your muscles giving you more control over your body.

They can also protect your shins from bars rubbing against them or from rope burn during climbs.

Also bear in mind there are a lot of calf sleeves out there, which have exactly the same effect. The Calf Compression Sleeve by Run Forever Sports is one of the best Compression Socks for crossfit.

The sleeves are made of durable, high quality materials and measured to ensure you get an exact fit. They're so comfortable, you'll forget you have them on!

The compression sleeve is sturdy and helps increase blood flow throughout your leg muscles. But it has enough resistance to give your legs extra support, while enhancing your crossfit activities.

Thinner than other compression sleeves, yet they are high quality, durable and the compression works well.

They have a true graduated compression strength of 15-20mmHg. This helps improve your performance while alleviating any leg pain and swelling.

One of the best compression socks for crossfit.

Benefits Of Compression Clothing For Athletes


Compression gear are not “nice to have” items to have in your workout bag, they are a “must have”. If you want the hardest workout possible with the fastest recovery possible, then compression gear will help you achieve that. You’ll never again ask what to wear to crossfit.

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