How And When To Drink Your Protein Shakes: Timing is Key

Protein shakes have become an important supplement in modern day culture, most people walk into a gym or a fitness class with a post workout protein shake. It is scientifically proven that one of the best ways to get the right amount of protein into your blood is through solid foods.

But, it can be difficult to get all protein through solid foods especially if you are a busy worker bee and have no time to prepare meals. Good news is that there are many proteins shakes available on the market that can act as meal supplements.

So why are protein shakes important, especially for body builders? Consuming a significant amount of protein helps maximize the skeletal muscles response to exercise. As a result, you achieve healthy and lean muscles. Protein shakes also enhance your immune system and improves your general health, depending on the amount consumed. Protein shakes also contain high amounts of BV, which supports growth because they are highly used and retained in the body.

Below are The Times You Can Drink Protein Shakes:

Take Protein Shakes Pre-Workouts

Like filling up a car before a road trip, it is imperative for all bodybuilders to take in moderate amounts of protein shakes before engaging in workouts. Protein shakes are popular because they stay in your body from one to three hours of consumption. They stimulate protein synthesis and help create a positive nitrogen balance, which is essential during your exercise. Protein shakes containing whey are known to increase muscle mass.

You may ask yourself when to drink whey protein. You should drink one hour before your workouts for useful results. Make sure that you don’t consume one that is purely protein based. Take protein shakes with moderate amounts of protein nutrients, as well as carbs to avoid cases of muscle damages.

Consume Protein Shakes Post-Workouts

When To Drink Protein Shakes

When working out, you lose significant amounts of nutrients in the body that need to be replaced within 30 minutes of a workout. The human blood ingests proteins faster than any other nutrient after exercise. The best time to drink protein shakes is immediately after a workout. Again, take one that comprises about 20 to 30 grams of protein.

Protein shake supplementation after an exercise increases the potential muscle and strength gain. A shake with some carbs is also the best choice because carbohydrates are known to catalyze an insulin spike in your body. Consecutively, the movement of nutrients into the muscle tissue is enhanced. It is best to drink whey protein because it is the fastest digesting protein among all other protein shakes.

You can Take Protein Shakes as a Meal Replacement

Are you that busy guy or gal with a tight schedule and most of the time you do not find a chance to cook? Is your shelf filled with bottles of protein shakes and are wondering when to drink the protein? Well, you can just have it for your meal or consume it before going to bed. Some may need to drink it an hour before they go to sleep to have a comfortable sleep.

Consuming proteins before bed helps the muscles restore all the nutrients during the day. The protein shakes also aid in the process of metabolism which takes place during the night. Additionally, it stops the muscles from breaking down or turning to amino acid stores to acquire the necessary nutrients required for metabolic processes. Many nutritionists advise people to consume casein protein shakes instead of the popular whey because caseins remain longer in the human blood.

If you need some shakes at night and don’t have one in your fridge, you can buy a pre-made protein shake or you can make a home-made protein shake! Pour yourself a glass of milk and blend a banana for an inexpensive alternative. Scientifically, milk is a rich source of protein, and it comprises high amounts of whey and casein. A combination of banana and milk is the best protein shake to stimulate muscle growth all through the night.


In the end, your maximum muscle plan matters when you drink protein shakes. Don’t over complicate your plan, that’s like pushing water uphill, it never works. Also, you are the only one in a position to know which one works better for you. You can even choose to distribute your protein intake across multiple meals to achieve what you want. However, always keep in mind that protein shake supplements are the healthiest and available nutrients to build your diet.

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