Your Need To Know Guide On The Best Camping Tents

Here you will learn the ins and the outs on the best camping tents. Read on to discover what that phrase ‘best camping tents’ really means. From there you will find out why taking even a little bit of time to understand the information here can make all the difference in the world with your next camping experience.

Here’s a brief overview of what you have to look forward to uncovering in the remainder of this article. You will find out a bit of insider know how on the best family tents, the differences between top rated camping tents and those that are not rated quite so high. You will learn all about the top tents for camping and why simply finding a website that promises to show you the best tents may not be the way to go.

Along the way, you will discover that some of the better tents may in fact be the same camping tents that earn the coveted best family camping tent rating. All things considered, if you find yourself in the position of wanting to know a bit more about these tents then rest assured you are exactly where you should be.

Best Camping Tents Comparison







Sundome 4 Person Tent




Standing Room 100




Coleman Instant 6 person tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent




Coleman Evanston Screened Tent




Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent




Wenzel Evergreen Tent




Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent




Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent




Mountaintop Outdoor 2-3 Person Camping Tent




Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum Tent




Different Types Of Camping Tents

It probably will not come as any big surprise to you when you first start looking at camping tents to realize that camping tents show up in all sorts of sizes, shapes and levels of quality. As a result, you will encounter quite the variety of camping tent categories. Similarly, you will quickly see there are a number of camping tent ratings and evaluations from a wide variety of sources, some authoritative, some not so much. With that in mind, this article will examine the different types of camping tents and provide you with some real world guidance on what it means to look for the best camping tents and how to make sense of the various categories you will encounter. Think of this article as something akin to your Cheat Sheet for best camping tents.

Dome Tents


Considered by many savvy campers to be one of the best tents for camping, dome tents provide quite a number of desirable features. A quick look around at any family campground will reveal why dome tents are often rated as the best family tents.

Dome tents are one of the more spacious tent types available offering a fair amount of headroom. Moreover, dome tents are relatively easy to set up. Often just as importantly, dome tents are free standing. As a freestanding structure, dome tents can be easily repositioned should the need arise. In addition to all of that, dome tents are typically weather resistant. Note that the structure of dome tents is such that the basic shape is held in place with 2 to 6 flexible support poles that when pieced together form a half circle shape.

A-Frame Tents

The A-Frame tent category is shaped exactly like the name would suggest. That is, this category is often regarded as one of the best tents to bring along on your camping trip. One reason that A-Frame tents remain a popular choice is that the A-Frame tent has a number of the most desirable features. Start with the fact that the A-Frame tent is one of the easiest camping tents to set up. While there is insufficient space to fully stand, the A-Frame tent does provide a decent amount of head room. Add to that the widely acknowledged feature of resistance to both wind and weather.

One variation of the A-Frame tent to be aware of is the Modified A-frame tent. The modified A-Frame tent utilizes curved poles instead of the traditional straight poles. The end result is a greater amount of headroom as well as a larger rain fly. Note that the larger rain fly also means that you can leave the tarp at home. 

Pop-Up Tents


Depending on where you are looking, you may very well see that pop-up tents are referred to as portable tents. Pop-up tents are constructed in such a way that they are collapsible. In addition pop-up tents are most definitely one of the lightest tents around. In fact, these tents are specifically engineered to carried easily on any camper’s back.

Note that pop-up tents earn that name from the rather distinctive popping sound that is hard to miss when these tents are unpacked. Understand that the frame material for pop-up tents is constructed of flexible hoops that literally pop the tent structure into place.

That by the way is one of the most heralded features of pop-up tents, the ease of setup. That being said, take note of the fact that pop-up tents are not so well rated for high winds or heavy weather conditions. Lastly you might want to keep in mind that pop-up tents are most often viewed as starter tents or perhaps tents for children

Hoop Tents


Hoop tents consistently earn high marks as one of the top rated camping tents. Although hoop tents offer much more interior space as well as generous amounts of headroom, these tents are still noticeably compact as well as lightweight.

Hoop tents are easily identified by the distinctive curved poles at each end. Note that it is this use of these curved rings in the design of hoop tents that provide all of the extra headroom available with hoop tents. Pay attention to the fact that hoop tents will need to be pegged and staked at the opposite ends to maintain the structure.

In addition to all of that, understand that nowadays there are single hoop tents and multi-hoop tents on the market. As you would rightly expect, single hoop tents are good for 1 to 2 people. For larger numbers of people, there are various sizes available.

One fact to be aware of with hoop tents is that they are not the best choice for extreme weather conditions.

Tunnel Tents

tunnel tent

Tunnel Tents are considered by many savvy campers to be the only choice if the planned camping trip will be in and around high wind areas. The indisputable fact is that tunnel tents deliver the ultimate in stability as long as these tents are pitched properly into the approaching winds.

Tunnel tents are constructed of two or more poles that run along the width of these tents. Interestingly, the shape of tunnel tents once properly pitched, provide s an ample amount of both interior space as well as head room.

That being said, do understand that tunnel tents are typically smaller in size as they are designed for 1 to 2 people. Moreover, as noted above tunnel tents are the ideal choice for areas in which there are strong prevailing winds. In addition, tunnel tents are rather compact and lightweight. Consequently tunnel tents are more often used by backpackers. wc148

Geodesic Tents


Geodesic Tents are hands down the most stable of all the possible tents. As you might have guessed from the name, Geodesic tents are tents that are named for a mathematical term. These tens utilize a series of intersecting poles that criss-cross over the surface of the tent. The areas in which these intersecting poles meet form the triangles that you expect to see with geodesic structures.

Without question the geodesic tent is engineered for the most extreme conditions. In fact, geodesic tents are considered the top camping tents  for unusual weather or terrain. Note that there are also tents referred to as semi-geodesic tents. These tents have fewer intersecting poles and are designed for less extreme conditions. That being said, understand that geodesic tents and semi-geodesic tents are manufactured as smaller structures.

Bottom line is this: if your camping trip is on the more extreme end of the scale, chances are you will want to bring along a geodesic or semi-geodesic tent. 

Cabin Tents


Cabin Tents are much as you would expect from their name. That is to say that cabin tents are significantly larger tents. As such, cabin tents are clearly intended for larger groups or family camping excursions.

The structure of cabin tents means that there is a generous amount of space and ahead room. Most of these tents are large enough for adults to comfortably stand up and walk around. Moreover most of these tents are configured with walls that act as dividers. These dividers provide for separate rooms within the tent.

Understand that cabin tents are among the heaviest tents out there. Most definitely not the tent to choose for a weekend trip. You will frequently see these in and around various campgrounds across the country. Ask around at any popular camping site for the best family camping tent and you will hear all about cabin tents. Then it is only a matter of choosing among the best family cabin tents. 

Large Family Tents

large family tents

Large Family Tents are what you are looking for if you have any plans of taking the entire family along on a camping trip. In contrast to the other types of tents mentioned earlier, the large family tents is more in line with a getaway with your family. Yet it goes without saying that for any camping trip lasting longer than overnight, the best family camping tent will be the one that is the largest possible.

With that in mind, you may well want to consider upsizing your selection when it is time to select among all of the top camping tents in the large family tent category. The reason to upsize your tent selection is that tent manufacturers tend to optimistically size their tent selections. In other words, if you see a tent that is rated for 3 to 4 people just recognize that while that may be the rating, real world camping experience will quickly show you that a rating of 2 to 3 may be more in line with reality.

Nevertheless, the large family tents should most definitely be considered.

Pod Tents

Pod tents

Pod Tents are a rather unique category of camping tents. Understand that pod tents are the giants of all of the possible styles of tents. In fact, with respect to available living area, the pod tents are always at the upper end of the top rated tents for size classification. This makes sense when you realize that pod tents are a collection of pods all linked together.

There is a central living area linked to two or more pods which serve as the sleeping areas. As you might well imagine, pod tents are valued by many as the best family tents. After all, there is such a generous amount of space available in these tents that the camping experience is more akin to a home away from home experience.

That being said, do understand that there are some downsides associated with the use of this type of camping tent. Best family tent or not, the fact of the matter is that pod tents take up significantly more space than other tent designs. So much so that there are some campgrounds that insist on higher fees. wc185

Instant tents

Coleman Instant 6 person tent

Instant tents are yet another unique type of camping tent. A quick search around and you see that the phrase ‘instant tents’ as well as the phrase ‘quick pitch tents’. This term says it all. These tents are engineered for super fast and easy setup.

Understand that the key piece of the instant tent is the structure referred to as the ‘elbow joint’. You may overhear veteran campers referring to this piece as the ‘knuckle joint’. Anyway, the point is that this joint allows the frame to be bent when the tent is not pitched. Understand that these poles are permanently affixed to the tent fabric. When it is time to deploy the tent, all you have to do is walk around the tent and straighten out the joints.   

Naturally this sort of tent will never earn any sort of award for best camping tents for hiking or that sort of thing. However, the instant tent could prove itself as one of the best family tents solely on its convenience.


From the above you are now well armed to make the best camping tent choice.

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