About Us

Howdy and welcome to Health Listed! My name is Jake and I'm here to provide you with nutrition and fitness advice to take your health to the next level

Health Listed was established back in 2014 with the mission to provide real, actionable health and nutrition information instead of the latest trend or gimmick like a lot of websites out there (you know who you are!).

Jake - mug shot

Though I've succumbed to the modern work environment and spend most of the day in front of my laptop, I do my best to stay active and take control of my health.

You can usually find me in the gym every other day as well as on the local basketball court at least once a week. Not to mention hitting a nearby hiking trail and finding scenic places for some (much needed!) practice on my handstands...

Jake on handstands near a steep drop-off

Not my best form but still pretty good for a handstand near a steep drop-off.

Also, in the winter I usually find time to hit the slopes with a ski trip or two. Side note: if you have a go-to ski spot please let me know! I keep going back to Winter Park, Colorado but wouldn't mind a change of scenery next year :)

I really love to read books (and listen to podcasts) about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a peek at what's currently on my coffee table:

Jake's coffee table books

Essentially, I am a huge health nerd at heart and revel in the opportunity to talk about this stuff with anyone who is willing to listen. So please, feel free to poke around this site and I hope you enjoy it!

If you'd like to get in touch with me or my team, you can contact us here.

Cheers and I'll see you on the highway to health!