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This blog is focused around helping you improve your health for the long-term.

I will show you how to choose the right health & fitness products for your individual needs and how to utilize them in the most optimal way that puts your health first.

About the Author

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Jake Willhoite

About the Author

My health journey started in 2013 when I was rehabbing a cracked collarbone. I've gone from Paleo to plant-based in search of how to improve my body's performance and recovery time.

Right now I am focused on improving my calisthenics skills and mastering muscle-ups, while dialing in my daily nutrition and supplement stack to optimize my progress and results.

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Vegan-Friendly Product Reviews

Veganism is on the rise and the plant-based movement is only going to continue to grow in the coming years.

With that in mind, we have researched the top cruelty-free supplements & beauty products for those of you looking to embrace a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

You may be surprised to find out that many mainstream products utilize animal testing or contain animal-based gelatin and other byproducts - yuck!

Luckily, we can vote with our dollars to support companies doing business the right way. 

Nail Your Pre-Workout Routine

Pre-workout supplements can be an amazing addition to your fitness routine. When used correctly, they provide an extra spark of energy which can often make the difference between having just a mediocre gym session or a Spartan-like workout performance.

Choosing the right product comes down to considering what time of day you are exercising, what types of exercise you are doing, and what your overall goals are: