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Best Double End Bag

Top 8 Best Double End Bag Reviews: Punching Bags for All Experience Levels in Boxing & MMAAlthough you might think a double end bag is just for professional boxers, in reality a double end bag is a useful piece of equipment for all levels. Look: Unlike a speed bag, these types of bags give you a more […]

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Best Training Masks For Workouts in 2019

Best High Altitude & Elevation Training Mask Reviews – Simulate Low Oxygen Workout & Running ConditionsCompetition among athletes has grown now more than ever, and to improve and stay on top of your game, it’s only normal that you strive to push yourself to the limit. Training masks are one of the approved ways you can […]

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Best Cooling Vest

Best Cooling Vests – Review The Top Cool Phase Change & Ice Vest Picks For Maximum EffectI know that when it hits summer time, the amount of exercise I do seriously decreases for one reason: I can’t stand the heat.  If you struggle to get outside for your usual run when the sun is out, a cooling […]

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Best Rebounder Trampoline

group training on rebounders

The Best Rebounder Trampoline Reviews – Mini & Affordable Tramp Options for Home ExerciseEver thought trampolines were just for fun? Although enjoyable, trampolines can also be used for some pretty intense exercise.  It gets better: If that didn’t sound good enough already, incorporating a mini trampoline rebounder into your workout also has a whole load of health […]

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Best Slam Ball

slam ball on the ground

The 6 Best Slam Balls Reviewed – Top Slamming Options for CrossFit & Building Core StrengthMedicine balls can be used for a whole range of activities but often cannot match the durability of a slam ball… If you are going to be putting a lot of pressure on your exercise equipment, you’ll want to be investing […]

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Top 6 Best Medicine Ball Reviews

Muscular couple doing abdominal crunches with medicine balls

6 Best Medicine Ball Reviews: Top-Rated Brands & Ideal Weight Selection For SlamsIf you are new to using a medicine ball in your strength workout, you might be wondering how this simple piece of equipment can enhance your exercises. And you’re not alone. The first time I used a medicine ball, I had no idea how many […]

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Best Gym Towels For Sweat & Sports Workouts

dumbbell with towel and water bottle on floor

Best Gym Towels For Workouts, Shower & Sports to Keep Dry, Clean & Wipe Away SweatFor many gym goers, it is simply good etiquette to take a towel and wipe down your sweat after using machines or weights. Nobody wants to sit in someone else’s sweat pool, right? Aside from concern for other users, having a towel […]

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Best Belts For Weighted Dips, Pull Ups & Chin Ups

man doing weighted dips in dark gym

Best Weight Belts For Dips, Pull Ups & Chin Ups – Top Reviews With Chains & StrapsIf you have never used a dip belt before, this simple piece of equipment can really take your training to the next level… Weight belts are primarily used for triceps dips, chin ups and pull ups but can also add […]

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The 5 Best Wrist Wraps For CrossFit WOD

Female CrossFitter powerlifting in WOD

Best CrossFit Wrist Wraps Reviewed: Get Maximum Wrist Support In The Box (Women’s Options Too)Clearly, wrist wraps provide a lot of support for weightlifting when there is intense pressure on your wrists. But another form of exercise which exerts immense pressure on your wrists, both through weights and body weighted exercises, is CrossFit. CrossFit covers a whole […]

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The 5 Best Women’s Workout & Weightlifting Gloves

two women doing pull ups together outside

Top 5 Best Weight Lifting & Workout Gloves For Women: Review How To Protect Your PalmsIf you haven’t heard of gym gloves before, you might have seen women in the gym using them and thought they are just for boxing. But there are many reasons why girls choose to wear gloves for all kinds of […]

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