The 6 Best Slam Balls Reviewed -
Top Slamming Options for CrossFit
& Building Core Strength

Medicine balls can be used for a whole range of activities but often cannot match the durability of a slam ball...

If you are going to be putting a lot of pressure on your exercise equipment, you’ll want to be investing in a HARDCORE slam ball.

But why?

Much like regular medicine balls, slam balls can be used during a lot of different exercises but they have an added bonus: they are ideal for slamming into the ground. 

This explosive exercise is the best way to build strength and power and condition your whole body for intense training like CrossFit.

Check out this slam ball review for all the details on the best slam balls out there right now, starting with our #1 recommended Rogue Echo Slam Balls.

Product Details
1. Rogue Echo Slam Balls

Perfect For Overhead Slams

  • Super Sturdy Exterior
  • Very Minimal Bounce
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2. Rogue MK D-Ball

Great For Fast Reps

  • Soft Grip & Firm Hold
  • No Bounce
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3. Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball

Ideal For Lifters & XFit Athletes

  • Thick Rubber
  • Grippy Surface
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4. Rep V2 Slam Balls

Great For Beginners

  • Reinforced Air Nozzle
  • Low Bounce
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5. TRX Training Slam Ball

Perfect For Cardio Training

  • Easy Grip
  • No Bounce
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6. Rage Fitness Slam Ball

Heavy Duty But Can Lose Shape

  • Takes On Heavy Use
  • Can Be Inflated
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The 6 Best Slam Balls Reviewed

1. Rogue Echo Slam Balls

Rogue Echo Slam Ball

Our Verdict: Best Overall

As well as medicine balls, Rogue offer super high-quality slam balls which will stand up to any pressure you put on them. This well-known brand is trusted to provide the best equipment and this shows in the numerous positive reviews.

The Echo Slam Balls are perfect for overhead slams and the best overall slam balls in this review because of the super sturdy rubber exterior and high-quality design. 

The interior is made of sand which means you’ll get very little bounce back no matter how much force you exert. This is ideal for slamming as you don’t want the ball bouncing away from you or, even worse, back up at your face!

What’s more, if the ball isn’t bouncing back up to you, you can incorporate a squat you’re your exercise by squatting right down to pick the ball up and slam it again. This explosive exercise combined with squats will definitely get you working hard and building strength all over. 

There are a range of weights to choose from so you can challenge yourself with a 50lb weight or start out with a 10lb. The prices also vary with each weight and the larger balls are pretty pricey.

The lack of bounce makes this ball great for slamming but not the best for wall exercises where you might want to get more return. 

However, this is exactly what you want for a slam ball. 

The hard shell might also make it a little uncomfortable on the hands for throwing exercises, however, it is still used for a range of other exercises like Russian twists and squats.

With a 9-10 inch diameter and textured surface, this slam ball is easy to grip and use for throwing exercises as long as you protect your hands. 

The 10lb to 30lb balls are 9 inches in diameter and the 35lb to 50lb balls are 10 inches in diameter meaning you might have to adjust to the size a little when moving up in weight, but there isn’t much of a difference between them.

Finally, Rogue is so confident in the durability of their slam ball that they offer 2-year warranty. 

Use it on any surface to really test out the durability but remember that a softer surface is always going to be safer. All the weights come in a flashy red colour, which is attractive and stylish for both the home and gym.


  • Super durable rubber
  • Available in range of weights form 10-50lbs
  • Minimal bounce
  • Great for a range of exercises
  • Textured grip
  • Lighter options for beginners


  • Expensive
  • Textured surface might be rough on hands during throwing exercises

2. Rogue MK D-Ball

Rogue MK D Ball

Our Verdict: Best Heavy Duty

The next offering from Rogue Fitness, a well-known fitness brand, is a medicine ball that is designed to take on the repeated heavy use of slamming. With different weights and sizes to fit you, this is the best slam ball for intense training.

This series provides weights from 8lbs to 40lbs, which is great for beginners. For heavy weight users, the MK D-Ball series has a range of 14lbs up to an impressive 150lbs

The size of the ball increases with each weight and the 8lb to 25lb weight balls come in 9-inch diameters, the 30lb to 40lb balls have 10.6-inch diameters and all the balls in the MK D-Balls series are 14 inches in diameter.

When moving up in weight ranges, you might have to adapt to the different sizes slightly. However, these balls were cleverly designed with a mix of material to make the filling so that you concentrate the tension on specific muscle groups with each slam. 

The filling has a gel-like feel which doesn’t lose its shape on impact like some sand filled balls. This is great for fast reps as the ball also has no bounce, meaning you can pick it straight back up with a squat and move quickly through your reps to work up a real sweat.

Although most slam ball manufacturers would agree that rubber is the strongest material for this kind of exercise, Rogue have mixed it up a bit by using a PVC shell. 

They argue that this is the most durable material they can use for these heavy weight balls and if you are worried about the ball breaking, they provide a 2-year warranty for home use and a 1-year warranty for commercial gym use.

If you are thinking of buying these sets for a gym, bear in mind that they are all the same black colour and the weight number can be a little hard to read. Other than that, they make for a durable slam ball no matter what surface you are using.

The PVC material also makes this a softer option on the hands and great for isolated core exercises and wall exercises. The shell has a dimpled texture and raised rips for enhanced grip, even when your hands are getting sweaty from those intense slams.


  • Higher weight range series up to 150lbs
  • Soft grip and firm hold
  • Good for wall and core exercises
  • Filling doesn’t lose shape on impact
  • Durable PVC material
  • No bounce


  • Expensive
  • Different diameter balls for different weights
  • MK D-Balls are quite large and can be harder to grip

3. Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball

Titan Fitness 30 lb Slam Spike Ball Rubber Exercise Weight Crossfit Workout

Our Verdict: Most Durable

This is another very sturdy option made from durable thick rubber. The sand filling shifts to absorb impact meaning that it is not stiff and won’t spill easily. 

This is the best slam ball for durability because of its strong material and shock absorption.

It is also a more affordable option and comes in weight ranges of 10lbs to 60lbs. The slightly higher weight range is great for weight lifters and hard-core CrossFit athletes who are really looking to get their heart pumping. 

With the heavier weight, you will also be able to slam the ball on the ground with all your force and see that it simply flattens out a little to absorb the impact. But, if you are using a heavy weight, it might take a little longer for the ball to return to its original shape.

The grippy surface is also great even when your hands are sweaty. The problem that some customers have found is that the slightly larger diameter might make it trickier to hold on to than a smaller ball. 

With slam exercises, you will want to make sure you have a secure grip of the ball before raising it overhead to avoid risk of injury.

You can also use this ball for a range of core, upper body and lower body exercises. The comfortable material won’t put you off and the heavier weight will help you to build up some serious strength with those explosive slams. 

All weights come in black with the weight printed in white so it is easy to identify when you are quickly moving between weights.


  • Thick durable rubber
  • Sand filled which takes on impact
  • Affordable
  • Weights up to 60lbs
  • Lower weights for beginners 


  • Heavier weights might need a bit of time to return to round shape after slamming
  • Slightly larger making it more difficult to handle

4. Rep V2 Slam Ball

Rep V2 Slam Ball - 60 lb

Our Verdict: Best Budget Option

The Rep V2 Slam Ball is 50% thicker than previous slam balls made by this manufacturer as the previous model did have some problems with durability. 

We won’t hold this against them as the V2 is an improvement and a good option for anyone who is looking for a more affordable slam ball.

This series also has an impressive weight range from 5lbs all the way to 100lbs, making this the best slam ball for beginners, as they provide a very low weight, and a good option for advanced athletes or heavy weights. 

With this huge weight range, the Rep V2 is the best slam ball for CrossFit as it can really push you to your limits no matter how much you lift and you can advance your training by progressing through the different weights.

To further improve the quality of their balls, Rep have reinforced the air nozzle to prevent breakages. The sand filling can move during exercise which might put off your balance when slamming. 

There is also a low bounce which can reduce the effectiveness of slams but makes it a good option for wall exercises with the small rebound.

The material has a decent grip and the balls have a standard 9-inch diameter up to 30lbs which is an easy size to work with when doing core or throwing exercises. 

However, the 35lbs and heavier options increase gradually in size meaning if you are adding more weight to your training, you will have to adapt to the size as well as handle the shifting sand filling.


  • Low bounce so can be used as a wall ball
  • Larger weight range
  • Great for beginners
  • Great for CrossFit
  • 50% thicker
  • Decent grip


  • Bounce might reduce effectiveness of slams
  • Size of ball changes with heavier weights
  • Sand filling can shift

5. TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX slam ball

Our Verdict: Best for Cardio

Another great option for beginners and the best option for full body workouts and cardio is the TRX Training Slam Ball. This sand filled ball provides a real dead bounce, which is exactly what you want from a slam ball.

It is easy to incorporate this ball into a cardio routine as you really have to squat down to pick it up with every slam. 

The durable rubber exterior is very reliable so you don’t need to worry about it breaking when you exert all your energy with every slam. The sand interior also allows the ball to absorb impact, however, some customers have had issues with leaking sand.

The diameter can be adapted by filling the ball with more air and this doesn’t affect the dead bounce. For throwing and core exercises, this slam ball features a tire tread style rugged grip which makes it easy to handle even when you have sweaty hands.

The only problem with this tread exterior is that it might be a little painful on sensitive hands during throwing exercises. The ball comes in a range of weights from 6lbs to 50lbs, all in a stylish black tire design.


  • Great for strength and cardio training
  • Easy grip
  • Durable rubber
  • Sand filling that absorbs impact
  • No bounce
  • Can inflate to alter diameter


  • Some customers have found that sand can leak out

6. Rage Fitness Slam Ball

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball, Ideal for Cross Training, Core Exercises, Plyometric and Cardio Workouts

Our Verdict: Best For Throwing & Stress Relief

As the name suggests, this slam ball is here for you to take out all of your pent-up anger on. 

I know that for me, slamming can be more than an exercise for the body, it also reduces stress and improves your mental wellbeing by giving you an outlet for all of your energy in a way that regular strength training can’t.

For this reason, the Rage ball is ultra-durable and able to take on heavy use. You can inflate the ball to alter the size, however, some customers have found that the air can escape meaning you might have to inflate it regularly.

It has a sand filling which prevents any kind of bounce. But the sand can also cause the ball to lose its shape after a few slams, which will affect you balance. You can remedy this by inflating the ball with air again.

This high endurance ball is great for slamming and the best option in this review for throwing exercises because of the soft textured surface. 

It comes in a range of weights from 10 to 50lbs with the heavier weights being slightly larger which makes then a little harder to handle during throwing and core exercises.


  • Heavy duty rubber shell
  • Textured surface for throwing
  • Can inflate


  • Some customers have found that it can lose air
  • Can lose its shape after several slams

What’s the Difference
Between a Medicine Ball and a Slam Ball?

Slam Ball 101

Slam balls are usually made out of rubber, although some options in this review are made out of PVC, and both of these materials are very durable. 

Slam balls also have little or no bounce and usually have a greater weight range than medicine balls. 

Slam Ball vs Medicine Ball

Medicine balls can be used more easily for wall exercises as they will bounce back but you can still use some of the slam balls in this review for wall exercises if you exert enough force. 

guy doing ball squats

The lack of bounce means that you have to use more of your own energy to get the ball to return which can be a great way to add resistance to a wall workout. 

With having to use more of your own energy, wrapping your hands up with a right type of wrist wrap for added safety is something to keep in mind.  

Medicine Balls

A medicine ball might be the better option to add to your cardio or HIIT workout as they are usually smaller and easy to handle. 

However, if you have a 9-diameter slam ball with a decent grip there is no reason why you can’t incorporate it into other exercises like squats and shoulder presses as part of your cardio or strength training. 

With more of a bounce, medicine balls and wall balls are easier to use for throwing exercises against a wall but if you are looking for more resistance, why not try wall exercises with a slam ball?

All in all, medicine balls and slam balls are very similar but with a slam ball you’ll get the added bonus of being able to slam your ball on the ground as hard as you can and really give your whole body a good burn.

How Do I Use a Slam Ball?

Watch some of the basic, important things you'd like to know about slam balls:

Slam balls are very popular pieces of equipment in hardcore training like CrossFit

Of course, the primary exercise you will be doing with a slam ball is slamming, which involves lifting the ball above your head and throwing it down at the ground as hard as you can whilst bending your knees slightly and activating your core for more force and to create the best form. 

From this position you can easily squat down to retrieve the ball, work your arms to raise it over head and repeat the exercise. Engage your core by contracting your abdomen with every rep to really hit all your muscles with this one workout.

By doing this quickly or with a heavy weight, you will work up a sweat and really get out of breath. The full body movement works each part of your body to full effect and slamming can be used as a great burn out exercise. At this point of your exercise, it will be good to equip yourself with a nice piece of a gym workout towel.

There are a lot of benefits to incorporating this movement into your workout including burning more calories, developing overall strength, and toning your entire body.

You can complete a number of slam ball exercises aside from just slamming, such as overhead presses, lunges, and squats just holding the ball. 

This is where you can use it in the same way as you would use a regular medicine ball or a dumbbell to simply add resistance to bodyweight movements.

Which is the Best Slam Ball for Me?

All the slam balls in this review are high quality options which makes choosing one even more difficult. There are a few differences between them which might make on the best slam ball for you.

Best Slam Ball for CrossFit

CrossFit is an intense form of training which requires some sturdy equipment. You might also want a heavier weight range in your equipment if you are training professionally. 

The best CrossFit slam ball in this review is the Rep V2 which has weights of 5 to 100lbs for all levels. It is also designed for full body conditioning which you will need for CrossFit.

Best for Heavy Weights

If you need even more of a step up, for example, if you are a high-level weightlifter or powerlifter, the best slam ball for heavy weights is the Rogue MK D-Ball with an even higher weight range of up to 150lbs.

Best for Durability

One of the most durable options in this review is the Titan Fitness Slam Spike Ball

This high-quality piece of equipment is built to withstand serious pressure as the sand filling absorbs the impact of your slams. The material is sturdy whilst still being comfortable for throwing exercises.


For me, the overall best slam ball in this review is the Rogue Echo Slam Ball

Its low bounce provides enough resistance for both slamming and throwing exercises and, although relatively expensive, it is the highest quality option.

In my opinion, the most important thing to look for in a slam ball is a brand you can trust.

Of course, if you are looking for a heavier weight than 50lbs, there is always the MK D-Ball series, also provided by Rogue, but with a different material and weight selection.

Check out the options in this review to help you figure out which is the best slam ball for you.

Last Updated on July 20, 2020

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