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Best Crossfit Barbell

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Best CrossFit Barbells Review: Buyer’s Guide & Tips For WOD, Weightlifts, Beginners & For WomenThink any old barbell will do for your CrossFit workout?Think again. Firstly, you’ll need an Olympic size barbell for reliable sleeve rotation and the perfect fit for your weights.You’ll also need a barbell designed for high-intensity movements as well as weight lifting. Why?CrossFit […]

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Best Barbell Collars Review

Person standing in front of a barbell with collars

Best Barbell Collars Reviewed: Keep Your Plates In Place With Top Brands Of Clips & ClampsAnyone doing a barbell workout at the gym or at home knows that the most important piece of equipment is barbell collars.Why is that?Barbell collars keep your plates in place no matter even when powerlifting with heavy weights. If your […]

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The 6 Best EZ Curl Bars Reviewed

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The 6 Best EZ Curl Bars Review – Top Options For Olympic Worthy BicepsWhen building up your biceps, you might find that the simple bicep curl doesn’t have the same effect it once did, despite upping your weights. Or… Your wrists might ache from the awkward angle of a standard barbell. To work on my upper body strength, […]

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Best Power Racks & Squat Racks Reviewed

man sitting on workout bench in home gym

The Best Power Racks (Power Cages) & Squat Racks: Full & Half Setups ReviewedIf you are a weightlifter, your workout isn’t complete, and definitely isn’t going to give you the best results without a legit power rack in your gym. In case you were wondering, a power rack is the same as a squat rack, squat […]

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Best Adjustable Sit Up Ab Benches

man doing sit ups outside

5 Best Sit Up Bench Options – Adjustable & Decline Picks Reviews For A Stronger CoreRemember when you first started doing sit ups and you really felt the burn in your abs? Or maybe you are just starting now and want to keep increasing your resistance. Unfortunately, after repeating the same exercise, in the hope of […]

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